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Hi Everyone!

First I want to wish everyone reading this a Happy and Safe Pride! I hope everyone had an experience that was as amazing as mine this year. It was cool, I talked my mother into letting me go to the Pride Celebration in Boston, MA. There were so many amazing people there, so many businesses involved in making it happen, so many CUTE BOYS EVERYWHERE!!! Yeah, like everywhere. the coolest thing is if you get caught openly staring at another guy, they may just wink back or nod in appreciation instead of getting upset. Every day should be pride day. That’s how we all should be all the time! At the end, they did this river of pride thing. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. There’s no plan and it could totally fail, but it doesn’t. After the parade, they started pulling this enormous pride flag out of the back of a truck. The sucker was 900 feet long. Seriously:

They just yelled, “This is for everyone, who’ll help us carry it?” and people just started stepping up. With no plan at all, I don’t know how many people walked this thing almost a mile and a half to where the parade finished up. On the way, the meaning of it kinda hit home. The whole community pulled together and carried our river of pride to where it needed to go without even thinking twice. Along the way, we got cheered and high fived and had our pictures taken. It was just so incredible to be a part of. I’m glad we didn’t just take off when the parade ended. The river of pride may just be my favorite part of the day.

Before that, I got to spend some time with Pres after a photo shoot at one of the beaches nearby. Look what we got to play with:

We had sooooooo much fun! Pres was so exhausted at the end of the day that he passed out on the ride home and had to be carried into the house. In case you are wondering, we didn’t get to keep the dune buggy. I was amazed they let me rip up the beach with it. Hehehe! You probably noticed on the cover that I got pretty tanned really quick. No, I didn’t go tanning. For the shoot I needed a mid-summer look so, it’s a spray tan. Models use it all the time. July is coming though, I’ll get more than enough sun soon and shouldn’t need the fake stuff. I hope it takes a while to wear off. Last time after like 3 or 4 showers it was pretty much gone. Did you see my shirt on the cover? ACFan got it for me:

My mother wasn’t happy about me bringing it to Boston 😉

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

First Time Writer Writes: I’m just wondering…do you get to talk to Comicality often? I mean, do you guys get to hang out and stuff? Or does he just stay in the shadows, like he usually does?

Matt’s Reply: Funny story actually. I was supposed to go and spend a couple days at his place so we could get to know each other and stuff. I was so nervous cause he’s been one of my favorite authors like, forever! Anyway, everytime we planned for me to go there, something would come up and we’d have to put it off. There have been like five plans now and every one got messed up by his work, my schedule or because the plan wasn’t clear. So if that means he’s staying in the shadows then I’ll have to just keep at it. (Why is Jeff laughing? What!?!)


Alex Writes: Matt, Who decides which articles, and what order they are posted in?

Can anybody write for IM or do they have to be established authors?

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

Coke or Pepsi?

Soccer or Football?

Sharks, Bruins, or ???

Matt’s Reply: Well, interesting group of questions. Let me see: Comicality has the final say what article goes where. Jeff and I actually put them in the order added and then he gives us the final order so we can rearrange it before the final launch.  Milk Chocolate totally. Coke or Pepsi? Mountain Dew! Soccer, totally. Bruins, because Jeff would disown me. Although to be honest, the Red Wings are my overall favorite. They have always been an amazing team and you have to respect them.


Mac Attack 21 Writes: I have noticed that you have been putting one not so serious question in each issue so far. Is there a reason for that?

Matt’s Reply: Yup, I’m lazy and they take less typing 😉

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