It’s hard to believe that Trevor Moran started seeking his fame and status when he was only ten years old. And his life story arc has been one of drama, tragedy, confusion, and eventual success. To be honest, he’s an excellent example of how being true to yourself can take you to levels that other people may never reach. With everything that he’s done, and everything that he’s been through…Trevor has been able to navigate his way around every obstacle and become the star that he is today!

I think he’s definitely someone who deserves to be recognized for Pride month! So, if you haven’t heard of him before…consider this your official introduction!

This California born boy has always had a flair for being seen and noticed as something a cut above your average kid. It wasn’t hard to tell, and he built on that. Starting out on Youtube and creating an audience that was willing to support his efforts to rise to the ambitious heights that he was reaching for.

Trevor said, “I loved the feeling of performing, and it was very exhilarating…” Adding favorable memories where he stated, “I made these things called ‘Trevor Concerts’ where I’d make my friends line up and watch me sing and dance, and I just…I don’t know, there was just something that I loved about it so much!” By the time he was thirteen, he was fully dedicated to making his dream come true. But it definitely took some patience and effort on his part.

“I would make videos every single day! I would never get bored of it! But…they would get zero views and zero comments on my hard working videos, and that made me sad. At 11:11 each night I would wish for TONS of subscribers!” It can be truly disheartening for any artist to pour their heart and soul into something they’re passionate about, only to have it ignored by the very people he’s trying to entertain. But Trevor stuck with it. He persevered, and little by little, his fanbase began to grow and give him the attention that he had been searching for.

And THIS led to his first few public performances at the Apple store!

Trevor Moran actually went viral almost immediately, known to most as the ‘Apple Store Kid’…dancing and performing in an open store full of people on an internet camera. Many of you may even remember seeing some of these a few years ago. “I would dance like a crazy person and everyone was like, ‘This kid is SO weird’!” But who cares, right? Trevor was dancing his ass off and having the time of his life!

So…I say, let him dance!

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Not one to be satisfied with just a few internet vids, Trevor kept moving forward. Now singing instead of just lip sync covers of popular songs, he began to perform live, even taking his flair to the stage for the X-Factor TV show for a short while. Soon after that, he became one-sixth of a boyband group by the name of O2L (Which stands for ‘Our 2nd Life’), where he went on tour to perform for an ever increasing audience. Along with his band mates Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Kian Lawley, Sam Pottorff, and Justin ‘JC’ Caylen, Trevor had gained enough popularity to try doing a few more songs on his own. His dance/pop electronic songs made it up to #25 of the Billboard charts, and everything seemed to be headed in the right direction for Trevor at last.

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Then…the rumors began.

They always do. But, while Trevor used to deny any whispers about his sexuality, or refused to talk about it, now that he looks back on it, he admits that it was really obvious who he was. And then came the “I Wanna Fly” video!

Talk about a bold move! Basically, Trevor Moran came out to the world via music video…without warning. And not a Youtube video either. But a fully produced, professional, music video for his newest single. Bravo, dude!

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Definitely a risky, but ultimately career defining, moment…Trevor’s fanbase stood by him and embraced and supported him with an even bigger fever than ever before. Even after the O2L group broke up in 2015 after just two and a half years of being together, they’ve remained good friends, and can still be found doing Youtube videos together from time to time.

However, Trevor’s new found status brought some troubles of its own…and it was clear that his struggles weren’t quite over yet.

Now out of the closet and ‘living out loud’, Trevor began having some tearful conflicts within himself, not just about his sexuality, but also his gender identity. A confusing time where he wasn’t sure what to call himself anymore. A touching video emerged on his channel where he tearfully discussed his thoughts about whether he was gay, transgender, or any other number of labels that people think they need to adhere to for whatever reason.

Not to mention his admission of a terrible experience that he was forced to suffer through when he was only 16 years old during his O2L tour. ((Hugz))


But, bad times and all…Trevor Moran has continued to remain true to himself, and NOW? Well, Trevor is about as ‘true’ as he’s ever going to get! Hehehe!

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With the release of his single, “Sinner”, in 2017…it’s become clear that there are no more hints, clues, or secrets, to be had. He’s worked through every issue that he’s faced so far, and he just keeps trucking along. And that’s really all you can do sometimes. Push your way to where you want to be and don’t let anybody stop you. Don’t let the bad times discourage you, and don’t let the good times pacify you. Keep going!

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So cheers to Trevor Moran this month! (Or, as he was originally known when he was just a young kid with a camera…’KaptainKoolKid’! Hehehe, look him up!) We love you…the bad bitch that you are! 😛

Keep doing what you do! We’ve all only got one life, so we’ve got to live it to it’s fullest! Be proud! Be fierce! Be fabulous! And make no apologies for who you are inside! More times than not, the people who object to it are the people who WISH they could do the same, but are too scared to make the leap of faith. Make sure you let them know that it’s their problem…not yours.


ALSO…a big round of applause to ALL of the gay artists who are now able to be free with their music and their images in a way that I’ve never seen before. Growing up, I remember that we MIGHT get an occasional Boy George, Elton John, George Michael, or Ru Paul…but it was nothing like what we have today. Especially with gay teen popstars! That’s remarkable to me! Not only can you be openly gay, but you can write, sing, and make videos ABOUT being gay! Don’t take that for granted, because there was a time not long ago when this wasn’t possible. Like…at ALL! So thanks to all of the new queer pioneers in music for being an inspiration and for setting the very best of examples for those that need heroes!

::Kisses From Comsie::

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