A Review of Sequoyah Pendor’s A Special Place

By The Story Lover, © 2019 All Rights Reserved

Many years ago before I had ever thought of writing and hosting my own site, I came across a wonderful story on that ‘N’ place of all places. That story was A Special Place by Sequoyah Pendor, I fell in love with the story the first time I read it. I am still in love with the story to this day, and I re-read the story every year. As time went on I found out that this story is also one of ACFan’s favourite stories as well.

What may you ask makes this story so special, there are many reasons, however, it was the first real story that I had read on that ‘N’ place that actually had a real storyline to it. It was just a wham bam thank you man story, it didn’t start out with an overblown description of someone’s penis, and the characters didn’t fall into bed fifteen minutes after they met. While there is sex in the story and sometimes it can be fairly graphic, that isn’t what the story is about. Yes, it is a gay love story, however, it is much more than that, it is a life story.

It is a story about life, love, family, hope; and yes despair, and despondence as well. While the two main characters may be Gay, the story isn’t completely about them. It is a true life story and it contains all the trials and tribulations of real-life. One of the main tenets in the story is that of communication, and how important it is. You will also learn how important it is to actually hear, instead of just listen. While this story was written back in 2001 it is just as relevant now as it was then.

This story also explores the differences among us all, and how while we may look different on the outside we are all the same on the inside. No matter what race, creed, or national origin we are, we all have the same problems to deal with in life.

Some of the issues in this story aren’t pretty, however, they are important; I strongly believe that this is a story that everyone should read.

The Story Lover.

The Plateau, by Comicality©

A Review by The Story Lover © 2019, All Rights Reserved.

You might ask why am I reviewing this story by Comicality, when there are so many other of his stories that could be reviewed? The answer is very simple, this is Comicality’s first foray into writing Fantasy. He has stepped outside of his comfort zone for this story; and as of the first chapter, I have to ask what took him so long? For a first entry into this genre it is an excellent job, he has pushed all of the necessary buttons in my opinion.

“There is no greater building block towards the need for adventure than the existence of endless questions. They inspire us. They drive us. They may even haunt us, from time to time. But it is the question that pushes us to find the answers. And the answers always lead to more questions. It may be the greatest spark that life has to offer when it comes to true fulfillment. And the only true knowledge of this realm is the realization that our knowledge is greatly limited. There is nothing else.”

The previous is an excerpt from the chapter, and it sets the tone for the story so far. As of now this seems to be a coming of age story, however, that isn’t all it is. It is also a look into the psyche of the characters in the story as well. The characters are realistic, and make you want to come along with them on their journey of exploration.

I am eagerly looking forward to Chapter Two.

The Story Lover.

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