1- The strong, patriotic, sound clip of an American Eagle that you hear all the time…is NOT an American Eagle at all. In fact, it’s a Red Tailed Hawk…which is another bird entirely. American Eagle screeches are actually pretty weak in comparison.

2- Earth is the only known planet in the entire galaxy where fire can burn. No other planet has sufficient enough oxygen in its atmosphere. So…no fireworks on Mars, I guess?

3- Technically, Idaho is the only state in the USA where cannibalism is clearly stated to be illegal! (Good to know!)

4- Even though everyone in the US celebrates Independence Day on the 4th of July…the actual date of our independence was on July the 2nd. And with the slow rate that news traveled way back in 1776…some didn’t even know about it until mid to late August.

5- President Abraham Lincoln is in the wrestling Hall Of Fame! It was reported that, out of three hundred matches when he was 22 years old…he only lost ONE!

6- If you’re ever shopping for breakfast cereal in the grocery store…take a look at the eyes of the cartoon mascots on the front of the box. Most of them are looking downward instead of straight ahead. This is not by accident. The boxes are designed to have the mascot (Tony The Tiger, Cap’n Crunch, Toucan Sam, etc) connect eyes with your children. A study at Cornell University concluded that making eye contact with children fosters deep interpersonal feelings of trust and a connection to the brand of cereal. So just remember that the next time you take your kids down the cereal isle! Hehehe, those super happy pervs are watching!

7- The world famous Mall Of America in Minnesota…was created, designed, and is still owned, by Canada! Thanks, Canada!

8- The very first comic book debut of Captain America featured a drawing of him punching Adolf Hitler right in the face! Hitler, at the time, was not pleased, and made public comments bashing the comic and its creators. This legendary ‘punch’ cover was referenced in the first Captain America movie in the MCU.

9- Fireworks were invented by the Chinese…but fireworks as we know them today, were created in Italy. They invented the first air-to-sky shells, and were the first ones to add color to the festive explosions! (The hardest color to add to fireworks? The color blue!)

10- The highly revered ‘founding fathers’ of America…did NOT think that the common people should be allowed to vote in any election at any time. No poor people, no minorities, no women…only rich land owners. The reason for this was because they felt the commoners were too uneducated to make decent decisions in government. Because…you know…God forbid they were to make a HUGE mistake.

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