Hearts Across Space

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Chapter Seven: Justice is Served Part Two!


Barbara and Patrick arrived at the Hotel Andromeda in her husband’s aircar still flying D’avid’s flags and pennants. The valets quickly jumped to attention as the three other aircars flanked the aircar carrying Patrick and Barbara; before the valets could approach the aircar and offer assistance they were hustled out of the way by the combined security teams. Neither Michael nor A’ndreas were taking any chances. Unknown to Barbara, Patrick’s subvocal mic was keyed open, the GSF, Arconate and Castellano security teams were all business and completely ignored the protestations of the valets and bellhops.

As Patrick entered the Hotel leading Barbara and followed by a four-man Castellano Security Team, the Manager who for some reason was working the front desk began to sneer when he saw this kid playing dress-up soldier, or so he thought.

Hearing Patrick’s low-voiced suggestions; Barbara stepped up to the counter and stated her requests for more rooms. Everything until they got to the adjoining room requests for S’ean, A’lexii, L’ogen and C’obi and the fact that Barbara wanted individual keys for L’ogen and C’obi.

“I am sorry Mistress, but those requests are completely absurd and out of the question! This is a HIGH-CLASS HOTEL and we do not allow children of any age to have the full reign of our fine establishment unchaperoned! AND we certainly do not allow children playing dress-up soldiers carrying fake weapons here either!…” The supercilious Manager’s tirade was cut short by Barbara’s quietly spoken interruption.

“Excuse me Citizen Huxabé, you are obviously under some sort of misconception of what I was requesting. I was mainly trying to be polite and solicitous and not pulling rank on you, but since you have decided to act in this disdainful manner, I will remind you that my name is Barbara Castellano, wife of D’avid Castellano Grand Marshal of the GSF and Senior Archon of Gemini and mother of S’ean Castellano Archon of Gemini and a Strike Force Commando. I was going to handle this myself but since you insulted my good friend Patrick here who is here in place of my son with all of S’ean’s authority I am going to let him handle this and I am just going to watch.” Barbara kept her voice very calm and controlled the whole time she was speaking but her eyes and facial expressions were those of an enraged Lioness protecting her cubs.

Barbara then turned to Patrick and in a commanding voice befitting her husband ordered,


Before the ‘w’ had finished leaving Barbara’s lips Patrick had drawn his growler and blasted the chair that the Manager was standing next to. At the same time, a four-man GSF and a four-man Archonate Security Team rushed into the lobby and took up positions. The Captains of each team then approached Patrick and inquired.

“Orders, Sir?”

“For now, just seal the lobby and let no one in or out until I have finished my arrangements here,” Patrick replied while staring directly at the Manager who by now was ashen-faced and very wobbly on his feet. Patrick had to restrain a smirk as the odor of brown adrenaline and the accompanying ammoniac odor wafted through the air.

“Now that I have your attention, this is what is going to happen. We are taking over the entire Penthouse floor and the floor beneath it. Access to those floors will be controlled by MY Security Forces! Is that understood, Manager Huxabé?” Patrick asked in a no-nonsense tone of voice.

“You CAN’T DO that you don’t…” Huxabé’s protestations were quickly cut off by Patrick’s and the two Captains’ growlers pointed directly at his head. Those actions proved to be too much for the idiot Huxabé who promptly fainted and collapsed into his own filth. Two members of the combined security forces quickly removed the unconscious Huxabé while another one went looking for a member of the housekeeping crew to clean up his mess.

“Captain Baker would you please bring me the youngest of the Valets and invite him nicely to come in and speak with me?” Patrick asked the Archonate Security Captain.

“I will do better than that, Patrick, I will send my cousin as he is only a year or two older than the valets and won’t scare them as much as I would. Plus, he only looks like he is fourteen and that will allay their fears even more.” Captain Baker replied to Patrick.

Smiling, Patrick replied, “That would be perfect; are you sure you aren’t psychic Captain?”

“Corporal Fisher front and center.”

A very young and friendly looking corporal approached.

“Corporal Fisher reporting for duty, Sirs.”

“Corporal, did you hear Companion Patrick’s request?” Asked Captain Baker of his cousin.

“Yes Sir, he would like to speak with the youngest valet.” Corporal Fisher replied and then continued; “And I am supposed to make him feel at ease, I will approach him and talk to him Big Brother to Little Brother. Will, that work, Sirs?”

“That will work admirably Corporal and my thanks for your quick thinking and understanding; please go bring him in now,” Patrick replied to the young Corporal.

“At once Sirs and Mam.” The Corporal quickly saluted the three males and bowed politely to Barbara and then headed out of the lobby.

Patrick then turned towards Captain Baker and said, “There is more to your cousin than he shows, and I believe I have seen him someplace before. Am I correct in that assumption, Captain?”

“Yes, Patrick you are entirely correct Corporal Fisher is TAD from The Strike Force Commando’s in fact from the ‘Death Squadron’. He was in the training class that started the week after yours did. He also received specialized training at the Castellano Estate from both Michael and A’ndreas and…”

“Now I know why he looks so familiar; he was the only person during those training sessions to throw both Michael and Me to the mat. He is very, very good.”

“Thank you, Companion.” Captain Baker replied with a slight bow of his head to acknowledge Patrick’s very high compliment.

Captain Baker then turned towards the perplexed Archonate Captain who was confused. Captain Hammer knew that throwing Michael to the mat was a very big accomplishment as Michael was still the reigning GSF Unarmed Combat Champion and was well known for that fact.

“Michael taught the Intermediate Gemanji Classes and Patrick taught the Advanced Classes.”

Captain Hammer’s eyebrows rose at that last comment and his impression of Patrick rose quite a few notches as a result. ‘I guess this ‘kid’ does belong in command of this operation after all.’ Little did Captain Hammer know how often those same thoughts were going to occur in the future.

Corporal Fisher returned with a very young and shy looking valet and before he could do the introductions he was interrupted by Patrick’s joyful shouted questions.

“Brandon, long time no see when did you start working here, and why are you here, why didn’t you tell us where you were?” The questions came flying out of Patrick’s mouth so fast that Brandon never had a chance to answer before Patrick explained some of why he was asking them.

“Brandon went to our high school and played Frissoc with us at school and at the estate. I forgot he was spending the break with his relatives here. “Patrick then turned to Brandon and asked him a question.

“Why and how are you working here, Brandon?”

“My Uncle is on the Board of Directors here and he decided I needed to round out my schooling. In spite of ‘The Companion’s’ awards and honors that they received from their learning at our high school he still insisted I learn some real-world Economics and Business Management. When he told me where I would be working, I decided not to tell him about the College and University Degree’s that I had already received due to my ‘Lowly High School Education’. Remembering some of the comments from your ‘Mother’ and A’ndreas I convinced my uncle to let me start as a Bellboy and not as an Assistant Manager like he wanted me to. I am very glad he did, as the Management here is completely out of date and corrupt…” Brandon was interrupted by Patrick.

“Brandon, if you had to choose from the Hotel Management who would you choose to manage this hotel.”

Without a moment’s hesitation Brandon replied;

“Absolutely no one, they are all insufferable boors and they are all corrupt. But…” Brandon paused for a second unsure as to how to proceed.

“Go ahead Brandon, I asked for your honest opinion and I still want it. I know you will tell me the truth.” Patrick told his friend sincerely.

Once Barbara saw that Patrick had things well under control, she stepped over into a small alcove shadowed by her assigned protector and began using her wristcomm on a secure House Castellano frequency. Barbara had decided that her new grandsons needed proper clothing befitting their new status and the fact that they were Castellanos and knowing her son as she did, she knew that S’ean wouldn’t think about clothing for A’lexii either. Barbara quickly contacted her seamstress and her husband’s tailor back at the estate and told them they were needed at the hotel as soon as possible that evening. Barbara quickly keyed in a different frequency and ordered a personal wristcomm keyed to the Estate for Jared. Once that had been completed Barbara then looked back over to where Patrick was now conversing. When she saw that he had everything under control, she then turned to her protector and said, “come with me, we have work to do and bring some help; we are going to need it.”

While Barbara was in the shops terrorizing the clerks trying to find clothes suitable for her new son and her new grandsons, Patrick was doing his best imitation of her in the lobby with Brandon. Brandon had just gotten over his stutter attack and was ready to tell Patrick who he would pick for Hotel Manager.

“The only person here who knows the hospitality business well and knows how to treat employees properly is my Boss the Bell Captain. However, he lacks knowledge of the Comm,,, and Computational Systems and is a little weak on the economics side.” Was Brandon’s somewhat sheepish reply.

“Brandon, that’s perfect; please go and bring him to see me behind the Front Desk and when you return I will introduce you to the new Assistant Manager as well,” Patrick replied to Brandon and then went behind the desk and found the hotel’s public WallComm.

At a nod from Captain Baker, Corporal Fisher accompanied Brandon to bring back his boss. While that was going on Captain Hammer was using his wristcomm to learn more about this young man who was now running things as if he was born to command. Captain Hammer was very surprised at what he was able to find out about Patrick especially the number of University Degrees that he had received at such a young age. When the Captain tried to access more information on ‘The Companion’s’ he hit “Access Denied” when he tried to query Patrick’s Military Training, he hit the same thing. Captain Hammer then proceeded to enter his Archonate Security Access and received the same message. Not being one to be defeated so easily, the Captain then entered his Reserve GSF Security Code and this time he received a very different message that told him he had asked more than enough questions. The message he received asked for a Security Clearance that was so high above his that he didn’t even know it existed. It also informed him that his request was being reported to Commodore A’ndreas and Archonate Security. His pale expression caught Captain Baker’s eye, and he moved over to Captain Hammer and whispered.

“I will clear it with Patrick, and he can cancel the reports and later over a drink I will inform you of everything you need to know that I can tell you.” They were interrupted by Patrick’s announcement.

“All Employees and Management are to report to the Main Lobby for a Mandatory Meeting by order of the Archonate,” Patrick announced in a calm but commanding voice.

Brandon caught the tail end of the announcement as he was returning to the lobby with the Bell Captain.

“I didn’t know he could do that,” Brandon muttered out loud.

Corporal Fisher answered Brandon’s question offhandedly; “Yes, he can and a lot more if he wants to. He and Mrs. Castellano are acting as the direct representatives of Archon S’ean Castellano and Grand Marshal Castellano. While we are here, your friend S’ean is turning the Archonate of Gemini and the Bondling Collegiums upside down with the full backing of the Archonate and the Archon in charge of Education. Additionally, he has the support of Michael and all of Castellano Security in addition to the local GSF Security. And since Mrs. Castellano let him destroy that chair with his growler and then left him alone, I guess he can do pretty much what he wants or needs to. Does that help?”

“Ah yes…”

“Brandon what have you gotten me into?” Marty the Bell Captain asked, rather nervously.

“I can answer that for you Marty, he has gotten you into probably the best position of your life. He has brought you to the notice of one of the most powerful families on Gemini and also to the attention of the Archonate. Just to let you know, Patrick is one of Archon S’ean Castellano’s Personal Bodyguards and he is also well thought of throughout the GSF. If he has a position, he wants to give you, I would accept it and then do the best job I possibly could.” Corporal Fisher paused and then saluted Patrick.

“Corporal Fisher reporting as ordered, Sir, with Bell Captain Marty and your friend Brandon.”

“At ease Corporal. Marty, I am very glad to meet you; my name is Patrick and I am here acting for Archon S’ean Castellano and his family. Along to help me is Captain Baker of the GSF and Captain Hammer of Archonate Security. I have taken over this hotel for the foreseeable future in the name of S’ean Castellano and the Archonate. Do you have any questions before we begin, Marty?… Good, I see the staff has assembled, and it is time to begin. Now you stand on my right and Brandon you stand on my left.”

Since there had never been a mandatory meeting before, the management and staff of the Hotel Andromeda were confused and very curious. When they entered the lobby and saw all the armed men and smelt smoke, they become even more confused and concerned. When they looked behind the front desk and saw a teenager in a semi-military uniform with Marty and Brandon to either side of them, they were dumbfounded. The majority of the management were looking around for the Hotel Manager Huxabé who was nowhere in sight. Before they could answer any questions, Barbara came back into the lobby trailed by her guard and a slew of clerks loaded down with packages.

“Corporal, please stay with these clerks until I return.” Barbara then went and joined Patrick behind the front desk. When the hotel employees saw this very imperious-looking woman, enter the lobby and then go and stand directly behind the teenager, they became even more concerned and confused. Once the woman had taken her place behind the teenager, his demeanour became very commanding.

“I will make this short and sweet; this Hotel is now under the control of Archon S’ean Castellano and the Archonate of Gemini. The new Hotel Manager is Marty Obama and the New Assistant Manager is Brandon Dell. Furthermore, the top two floors are now off-limits to everyone unless they have been cleared by my security team…” Patrick was interrupted by a bunch of questions until Captains Baker and Hammer along with both security teams drew their weapons and pointed them menacingly at the employees. Captain Baker then yelled;

SILENCE!“, in a voice that nearly shook the building.

Patrick’s voice cut across the ensuing silence like a knife;

“My name is Patrick and my authority comes directly from Archon S’ean Castellano himself and is absolute! The lady standing behind me is Barbara Castellano, representing her husband, Grand Marshal Castellano. To my left is Captain Baker of GSF Security and to my right is Captain Hammer of Archonate Security. In case you are unaware of the law, disobeying any of my orders or orders of my designated representative’s carries the same penalty as disobeying an Archon. Citizen Huxabé has been arrested for several very severe crimes against Gemini including Lèse-majeste, disrespect and slander of an Archon and members of his family…” Patrick paused for a moment and a look of severe concentration took over his face.

Barbara, thinking she knew what was happening, stepped forward and placing a hand on Patrick’s shoulder to support him began speaking.

“I can assure you that cooperating with Patrick, Manager Obama and Assistant Manager Dell is definitely in your best interests. In case Patrick wasn’t clear enough, he has my full support and that of my husband as well. In case you haven’t realized Captains, Baker and Hammer are under Patrick’s command, as are those of Castellano Security.”

“Thank you, Barbara, I can continue now. Captain Hammer, Citizen Huxabé is to be cleaned up and held for interrogation and further Mind Scan by Archon Castellano and his Bond A’lexii. A’lexii has informed me that Citizen Huxabé and others here were involved with the issues that S’ean is investigating. I have also been instructed to detain all of the Management Staff for questioning and before you attempt to flee, let me tell you that will be considered an admission of guilt and the punishment will be carried out immediately. By the way, the punishment is DEATH.” Patrick’s last words caused several Supervisors and Management Personnel to turn deathly white which made the segregation and arrests very simple.

“Everyone may now return to their assigned duties if you don’t have any, assist someone else until you receive further instructions for Manager Obama or Assistant Manager Dell,” Patrick announced to the crowd and then turned towards Barbara.

“Mom, can you please take care of our room situation while Brandon and I tear these systems apart to find out exactly what was going on here? A’lexii couldn’t give me all the details but from what he sent it is bad. Marty, I think you should start putting together a plan of action and reassigning your staff as needed if you have any questions just ask my Mom. Barbara can help you far more than I can. Captain Hammer, you and your men are in charge of securing the Penthouse Floor and the one below it. Please make sure that no one except us has access to the Penthouse Floor. When the Archons’ Castellano arrive, they are going to be exhausted and will not want to be disturbed for any reason.”

“No Problem, Patrick, I have already requested some more help as has Captain Baker, and Michael has just informed me that more Castellano Security and Estate Staff are on their way. I asked if I needed to request a Forensic Team to assist you and Brandon and he started laughing; and told me that Brandon could probably teach the Archonate Forensics People a thing or two, and that you Patrick were at home inside Data Xtals and Comm Devices. I will get busy now.” Captain Hammer then saluted Patrick and began issuing orders to his team and the ones on their way.

When Patrick turned around to give Captain Baker his orders he was stunned; it seems Captain Baker was more psychic than he let on. Captain Baker had ordered his team and the remaining Castellano Security Members to change from their uniforms into some Hotel Employee Uniforms. In fact, they had already insinuated themselves in with the Bell Hops and were assisting arriving guests. Several Comm Clerks were manning the Front Desk with the assistance of several employees who were scheduled for that job. Captain Baker was on the WallComm with several other hotels arranging places for the displaced Penthouse guests.

Within twenty ‘mics’ everything in the hotel was running as smoothly as if nothing had ever happened. Barbara had found a few bellhops and housekeeping staff that weren’t afraid of her and had the rooms pretty much ready for her family to occupy. Barbara had found the perfect suite for S’ean and A’lexii, it was the Ambassadorial Suite and it had a huge Master Bedroom, two very nice sized bedrooms with a living room between them. There was also a small conference room and dining area. Barbara figured S’ean and A’lexii would take the Master Bedroom, L’ogen and C’obi would take one of the smaller ones and Kevin and one other of ‘The Companion’s’ would take the other, she would drop a hint into Kevin’s ear that maybe he and the other ‘Companion’s’ should each sleep with one of the ‘imps’ or they could all sleep in the same jumbo bed. That way ‘the imps’ wouldn’t be lonely and S’ean and A’lexii would get time to bond further and get to know each other a little better. Once the room assignments were accomplished, Barbara went down to the floor below and helped Manager Obama explain to the guests who were being displaced the reasons they were moving. Barbara’s genuinely charming nature and her generous smile made quick work of an otherwise onerous task.

Deep in Fortian Space near their border with the Dead Zone was a small Scientific Outpost tasked with studying the Dead Zone and attempting to determine its true dimensions. Their monthly Supply Ship had just left and brought them a whole new set of scanning gear and the crew was in the process of replacing all their Deep Space Scanning Gear. Since the new gear was all interrelated and interconnected; all of the existing gear needed to be disabled, and removed before the new gear was installed. As far as they were from civilized space, they couldn’t see any reason not to proceed. The engineering staff had powered down the last of the Dish Arrays and the scooters with the EVA Teams were approaching their assignments when disaster struck. Hundreds of virtually invisible black ovoid-shaped Spaceships suddenly appeared, and began firing weapons at the outpost within a heartbeat or two there was nothing left of the Outpost Buildings. Once the buildings were destroyed, the fighters then went to work on the Dish Arrays and their outlying satellites.

In one of the repair scooters that was heavily shielded for working around all types of power plants and beam arrays, the technician, an ex GSF Fighter Pilot quickly went into no emissions mode. The tech also did one other thing first, and that was what kept him alive; he programmed a short random pattern of steering engine bursts which caused his scooter to tumble in space as if it was out of control. Through some stroke of luck, or was it ‘The Keeper’, his scooter wasn’t spotted by the hostiles.

Since he had programmed such short bursts, the scooter didn’t tumble too far and being an experienced Fighter Pilot, the tumbling did not affect his performance. The technician quickly turned on every passive detection device that he had, to maximum sensitivity and set the system to full auto record. Since the scooter was designed to work around power plants, its sensor suite was more advanced than the standard repair scooters. The technician kept scanning his sensors trying to determine what kind of weapons and propulsion systems were being used. He was seeing nothing that he could recognize, and the sensors were picking up very little of use.

Several hours of tediously watching his sensors passed with not much activity other than what looked like cleanup operations. The small unknown fighter craft went about methodically destroying everything in their vicinity. This was something that the technician had never seen during his military career; usually, the enemies’ technology was retained for analysis. This wanton destruction made absolutely no sense to the tech’s military mind. ‘I would have recovered every piece of hardware I could get my hands on and gave it a thorough going over to see if it was better than ours.’ Was the thought going through the tech’s brain?

Suddenly a very eerie feeling overtook the technician and the hairs on his neck began to stand on end. Without thinking, or hesitating, he quickly switched to his suit’s environmental controls and hit the emergency shutdown switch. His scooter was now completely without power and incapable of leaking any detectable emissions. The non-metallic external shielding would prevent his environmental suit’s very minimal emissions from even reaching external skin of the scooter let alone be detectable at any range.

The technician looked back towards the outpost and saw the reason the fighters had so methodically destroyed everything in their path. For approaching at the extreme range of his vision was what he thought at first was a mobile planet. As the ‘planet’ came closer and closer, it steadily began filling his viewscreen until he realized that it wasn’t a ‘planet’ at all! At least in the standard sense; it was a Planet-Sized Spaceship, bigger than any Spaceship he had ever seen or even heard of. Just as the technician thought the humongous ship was going to totally obscure his view of the outpost, the ship came to a dead stop in space. Suddenly there were small flashes of yellowish-white light appearing on the ship; and all of the fighters swiftly headed towards the flashes and then disappeared into the bowels of the gargantuan ship. Soon all that was left in that sector of space was the Planet Space Ship the asteroid that the outpost had been built on and in his forlorn scooter. For the first time since he had agreed to be loaned out to the Scientific Arm of The Fortian Plutarchy, the technician was becoming sorry that he had left Gemini. At least he was still receiving his retirement and a small active-duty stipend that went directly to his family. And since he was still carried on the Active Duty Roster, if anything happened to him, his family would be well taken care of.

The Technician was jerked out of his musings by the extraordinary scene now playing out before his eyes. Suddenly from multiple points on the Planet Ship sprang a web of brilliant blue lances of light which quickly reached the asteroid/outpost at multiple points on its surface. But the sequence in which they attached themselves was very, very interesting and definitely interconnected. When the first four beams of what had to be a very advanced Tractor Beam System hit the planet, they attached themselves in a semicircle almost immediately the asteroid’s rotation began to slow. Less than a minute later, four more beams performed the same operation; by now the rotation of the asteroid had slowed considerably. Within a very short period of time, eight more beams had performed the same operation and the asteroid was virtually dead in space held there by the unbelievable power shown by the Planet Ship. The technician could only sit and wonder and the impossible scene that had just occurred. He had never imagined that such power could exist in a single ship.

The technician quickly entered what he had just seen into his wristcomm and downloaded it into the ship’s memory xtals as well. Once that was done, he reached into the utility pouch and withdrew a Secure Data Xtal and downloaded the information to that as well. He had just finished verifying that all the information had been accurately downloaded when things went absolutely visually haywire. From a previously blank section of the Planet Ship, came multiple beams of a brilliant coruscating orange light. The technician had never seen anything resembling what he was now looking at; as he could have sworn that the orange beams were surrounding a square portal when they first appeared. The beams hit the asteroid simultaneously, causing clouds of dust to erupt from where they impacted the surface. The technician then silently watched as the beams began to take on darker shades of orange slowly making their way to the Planet Ship. When the darker line of color reached the approximate height of his scooter, the technician thought he saw objects moving inside the beams of light. What he thought he was seeing was physically impossible according to the laws of physics as he knew them. If what he thought was happening, was happening, then the web of Tractor Beams made perfect sense.

The technician just sat back and watched the frightening display in front of him for a few more minutes. ‘If this is just used as a tool, what kind of weapons does that ship pack? And why has no one reported this before?’ These were just a few of his thoughts as he watched the light show in front of him. Without any notice, the orange beams winked out and then he could see matter being pulled into the Planet Ship by a maze of the ubiquitous blue tractor beams. As soon as the matter was within Battle Cruisers length of the Planet Ship the larger web of blue Tractor Beams winked out and then quickly sprang into view again only this time, they were attached to different points on the asteroid’s surface; causing the planet to rotate a few degrees. The asteroid’s rotation brought a square shaft into view that was filled with nothing but stars.

Back at the Hotel Andromeda:

Patrick and Brandon were having a field day inside the Computer and Communication Network of the Hotel. They didn’t even break a sweat finding what they were after and cracking the encryption used was such ‘child’s play’ that even S’ean could have done it. Of course, it would have taken him twice as long. Manager Huxabé hadn’t even bothered to hide his tracks in hidden folders, he just stuck them in a folder named ‘Personal’ and encrypted and password protected it. Sounds semi-smart right? Well, the idiot just used a combination of his first and last name as the password; FOR BOTH OF THEM! He didn’t reverse them or anything even slightly tricky. Once Patrick and Brandon had cracked the encryption password, they looked at each other and started grinning like hyenas.

“Brandon, this was too easy; certainly, he wouldn’t use the same password twice? Would he?” Patrick asked his grinning friend.

“Well considering he was stupid enough to defy you with Mrs. Castellano and both Captains standing with you. Do I really have to answer that question?” Brandon returned Patrick’s query with one of his own.


Alexander had finally settled into his new classes and was very surprised at how easily he was adjusting to the different curriculum. He was having a far more difficult time adjusting to his new relationship with Chris and his changing relationship with Jane. Alex thought he was still in love with Jane or that at least he still had deep feelings for her. But what he was having the biggest problem with was the fact that he was in love with two guys, he had never met. Alex had finally succumbed to Chris’s threats to be dragged by his hair or feet to see a therapist; and he was totally shocked when his female therapist completely ignored Alex’s protestations that it was wrong to be in love with a guy. When it came to being in love with the ‘boy’ the therapist just made Alex ask himself a bunch of questions. Basically, she made him realize that yes Alex loved him, but that there would never be a sexual component to their love until the ‘boy’ was completely legal under the laws of the state in which Alex was living now. The therapist did stumble a bit on the triad part but quickly caught on to the fact that it made Alex ‘whole’.

It took several weeks before Alex could believe her statement that he needed to drop the labels that were messing him up, and not surprisingly it was Chris who finally got through to him. One morning when Alex tried to escape from Chris’s arms around him, Chris refused to let him go.

“Alex you aren’t getting out of my arms and out of this bed until you get your head on completely straight. And don’t give me any backtalk that you aren’t straight as that has absolutely no bearing on what I am talking about!” Chris paused a few moments while he stared directly into his best friend’s eyes and when Alex finally relaxed, he continued.

“Okay, Alex you know that I love you and that I would do anything to help you, right?”


“No buts just yes or no?” Chris cut Alex’s protest off quickly.

“Then yes?” Alex answered again but questioningly as he didn’t know where this conversation was going.

“I know that in spite of your protestations that you love me as much and in the same way that I love you. I also know that if, and I say if, we ever had sex it would be very loving and beautiful because of that love and who you are. I also know that while you still love Jane, you aren’t in love with her and more importantly she knows that too. But what you don’t seem to understand is that in the big picture, none of that is important!!! What is important is that you love yourself enough to let go of society’s and your stupid rules and just love the persons who will make you happy. What you need to realize and really understand is that it is the love that is important not the gender of the person you love. The person is more important than their gender. Don’t shake your head like a big lummox; stop and listen to what I am saying. You know deep down inside you that I am right; Dr. Lisa has been telling you the same thing, now hasn’t she?” Chris stopped his lecture to let Alex respond as Chris thought he might finally be getting through to Alex as Alex’s body had finally begun to completely relax except for one portion and Alex didn’t even notice.

“Yes, she has and how did you know that she swore that nothing of our sessions would ever become public knowledge, unless I wanted it to?” Alex questioned his best friend but surprisingly remained very calm, a sign that Dr. Lisa had done her job very well.

“You’re very right about Dr. Lisa’s promise and I can tell you she will never break that unless it is to save someone’s life! You want to know how I know that; haven’t you wondered why I suggested so strongly that you see her and only her?” Chris knew that he now had Alex’s complete attention, so he continued.

“It is because I am seeing her also and for some of the same reasons as you are. Thanks to those idiots who called themselves my parents, but who were only Egg and Sperm Donors, I had some really mixed up ideas about sex, love and relationships just as you do. In fact, the only one who really has their head on correctly is your girlfriend Jane. In fact, it was Jane who suggested that I see Dr. Lisa in the first place and if I couldn’t convince you to see her, Jane was going to help me physically drag you to her office; naked if we had to.” Chris paused as Alex started laughing at the mental picture he had just painted.

“I know you two would have done that wouldn’t you?”

“In a heartbeat!” Chris responded; “now; let me continue.”

“Okay, Okay I surrender; I am all ears.” Was Alex’s grinning response.

“Let me start at the beginning, I have been seeing Dr. Lisa on and off since my second month here, to help me adjust to the dichotomy of what I was learning and seeing here and what my parental units and their church had brainwashed me with. You see, I was taught that any kind of physical intimacy was a mortal sin and I do mean any kind of physical intimacy. I was also taught that unmarried females were unclean and should never be in public without a Male Chaperon and even then, with very little of their body showing. So, you can imagine the shock I had when I started attending here and saw all the girls in shorts and halter tops running around by themselves. But that isn’t all I had to deal with; up until I came here, I had never seen another nude male other than myself and I would never be nude outside of a shower. I was very lucky that I had a very understanding RA, my first quarter here before I met you. Uncle Reg as I call him just happened to see me nearly pass out as I was shocked by several of my floormates heading to the shower dressed in nothing, but a towel tossed over their shoulder. He quickly pulled me back into my room sat me down and then got me a paper bag and a glass of water. Once I had stopped hyperventilating thanks to the bag, he calmly began drawing my life story out of me. Once I had finished, he pulled out his cell phone something I had never seen before and made two quick phone calls. I need to stop here and get rid of all of that beer we drank last night.” Chris then untangled himself from Alex got out of bed and then pulled Alex after him.

Once they both had finished recycling their bodily fluid and had quickly rinsed their mouths out with mouthwash, they headed back into the bedroom. Back in Alex’s bedroom, Alex spoke up;

“Chris, you really don’t need to tell me all this…”

“Alex, yes I do, please trust me on this it will all make sense very shortly and don’t worry it isn’t hurting me to tell you this; so just relax and listen. In fact, let’s go grab some Mocha’s and a few Breakfast Bagels and eat them at your lake overlook and I will continue my story as we watch the morning sailors on the lake. Okay?” Chris looked at Alex who now had a big grin on his face, and waited for an answer.

“Only if you shower first, you Pong!” Alex was off like a rocket and had locked himself in his bathroom before Chris could respond.

Chris just shook his head and laughed and then headed back to his room to shower himself.

When Chris and Alex met about fifteen minutes later, they, as usual, were dressed like twins Black Levi 501s with the bottom button unbuttoned for air and a Royal Blue University Polo. They quickly agreed to head for the main reason they had picked this dorm. It seems several years ago the University had run into some serious financial problems and had partially solved them by leasing space in several of the dorms to small Mom & Pop Businesses. Their dorm had a little Delicatessen that occupied the space of several rooms on the first floor. The owners were a Greek and Italian couple who had the best coffee and pastries in a hundred-mile radius or more. The Italian Coffees topped off with Greek Pastries were to die for and there was usually a long line at the entrance. However, the couple who ran the Deli had wised up many years ago and now had two lines, one for the Dorm Residents and One for Non-Residents, and Townies. Neither Chris nor Alex minded the good-natured teasing they always got daily when they got their orders. Today was no different as they picked up their Mochas and their Breakfast Bagels.

About twenty minutes later when they reached Alex’s favourite thinking spot, they both sat down and then leaned their backs up against the large rock that had been soaking up the morning sun. Once they were both comfortable, Chris continued his abbreviated life story as he and Alex watched the morning sailors in their Sunfishes and other small Sailing Craft.

“Uncle Reg had called the Registrar and had her notify all of my classes that I would not be there and then he called Dr. Lisa and told her he had another ‘live one’ and they were on their way over. Uncle Reg helped me dress, or should I say he forced me into some sweats and a T-shirt. He then dragged me out of my room and walked me halfway across the campus to Dr. Lisa’s Office; he then stayed with me for the first hour of the session until I was relaxed enough to listen to what Dr. Lisa had to say. Just before he left, Reg said he would be back to pick me up as soon as Dr. Lisa called him. Dr. Lisa then explained to me how lucky I was that Uncle Reg had found me and knew what to do; she then informed me that Uncle Reg had gone through something similar and he would be able to help me. I only saw Dr. Lisa for about two weeks with three sessions a week, and I spent a lot of time with Uncle Reg and several of the guys from the dorm. Eventually, they brought in some female friends for our get-togethers’ and I slowly adjusted to life in the real world. I had several telephone sessions with Dr. Lisa whenever I needed them. The cool thing is all of her charges are covered by our Tuition and Dorm Fees and get this, she is a respected and published author as well.” Chris stopped his story to take a few bites of his Bagel and several large sips of his Mocha.

“I am sure you are wondering what this all has to do you, Alex, well I am just getting there. Now before I got here the only thing, I knew about sex was that it was for a man and women to procreate. Yes, my father and our preacher used that word and only that word. To ask questions about it was to earn many hours of prayers being said over you, and hours and hours of lectures and reading of religious texts. One of the first things that Dr. Lisa did was to get me transferred into Human Sexuality 101; it really should have been titled Human Sexuality for Kindergarteners. That class assumed that you knew absolutely nothing and what little you did know was wrong. I learned an awful lot in that class and it really helped me adjust to living and going to school here. I know, I know, how is this supposed to help you? Well shortly after you arrived here, I began having what is called a crisis of conscience and it was all because of you and the way you treated me…” Chris was interrupted by Alex’s protests.

“But all I did was be nice to you, treat you as a friend and then grow to love you as a brother,” Alex interjected.

“Exactly, you love me and that was the crux of the problem; don’t forget where I came from affection is never shown in public, if at all, and only rarely at home. Additionally, males where I come from never and I do mean NEVER hugged or kissed another male upon the penalty of excommunication or shunning or worse. And the only males in society that we were told that did that were flaming ‘Queers’! Yes, I know that is a very bad word and you hate it; but that is what I was taught, and it was all I knew growing up. My problem occurred because of my feelings that developed towards you and I didn’t know what to do! I liked girls and I mean really liked girls and I wanted to fall in love with one and marry her and have oodles of kids and a large house with a white picket fence. But then there were my feelings for you and that meant I was ‘Queer’, ‘Gay’ a ‘Homosexual’ or worse. I went for about three weeks tearing myself apart until one day Uncle Reg saw me turn away from the Shower Room because you had just gone in there. He tossed me his Cell Phone and said “Speed Dial Number One”.” Chris took a few more bites of his Bagel and a few more sips of his Mocha. While he was doing that, he noticed that Alex was about to lose his breakfast as a chipmunk was about to steal it.

“Alex your Bagel” Chris broke out laughing as Alex was now wearing a good portion of his Mocha. Alex recovered his dignity and grabbed his Bagel from the jaws of the cute little chipmunk.

Chris took advantage of the fact that Alex was trying to wipe up his Mocha that he had splashed all over himself and continued his story.

“When Dr. Lisa answered, and I told her what I needed, she started laughing at me and said ‘That is wonderful, that is the best news I have heard in a long time. I can see you now so hurry over.’ When I got there, she explained that since I was having feelings for you that I was healing and growing. She told me that since I loved you that it meant that I was finally breaking free of the emotional prison my upbringing had put me in. After several hours of discussions and questions, I finally realized what she was trying to tell me, and it all makes sense. The biggest problem most people have is that they place labels on other people and on their sexuality and by doing that they reduce their chance of happiness greatly. Lisa then explained to me that although I loved you, I wasn’t in love with you. She also helped me to understand that there are many, different types of love and that it is possible to love more than one person and even to be in love with more than one person at the same time. Homo Sapiens are a herd creature and not a solitary one and they are happier around others. She helped me to understand that my love for you was familial or fraternal and not of a sexual nature. She and I believe that my sexual interests lie down a different path; now that isn’t to say that I will never experience sex with a male but that it will be just to expand my horizons.” Chris stopped speaking and reached over and closed Alex’s mouth as his jaw had almost hit the ground.

“Okay Chris, I understand some of what you are trying to tell me, but I still don’t understand why you are okay with sleeping with me and the fact that I love a ‘BOY’?”

“Alex, you can be really dumb sometimes; you have always been there for me when I needed you and now, I am here for you. When I was dumped by my first girlfriend, who slept with me and held me in his arms so I felt warm and safe so I could sleep? Yes, Alex, it was you and when I asked you why, you told me it is because that is what a friend or a brother does. Alex, how come you never asked me the important questions like how come I believe you about S’ean and A’lexii?” Chris’s last questions had turned his best friend speechless.

Chris then turned speechless himself ,when he glanced over at Alex and saw the chipmunk perched on Alex’s leg begging for food. He had never seen a wild animal act like a pet that way; little did he know that chipmunks were the chimpanzees of the rodent world very, smart, quick and clever. Unmolested, chipmunks can be very bold creatures indeed as Alex and Chris were experiencing. Alas, the mood was broken by the arrival of Alex’s girlfriend Jane.

“Have you told him yet?” Jane asked Chris.

“No, I am still trying to get through his thick skull.” Was Alex’s sarcastic reply.

“Well, maybe this will help;” Jane sat down next to Alex reached over and pulled him into a toe-curling kiss.

When she broke off the kiss, Jane grabbed Alex’s face in her hands and looking directly into his eyes, began speaking.

“Alex, I still love you and I am still in love with you, as for your love of S’ean and A’lexii we will deal with that at the right time. Now shut up and listen to Chris.”

Not giving Alex a chance to recover, Chris began his attack.

“I am going to begin by answering the questions you haven’t asked; first both Jane and I believe you completely for several reasons. First of all, we are all slightly empathic; remember that ESP Test we took several months ago? But even without that, we would still believe you because you couldn’t tell a lie to save your life…” Chris’s explanation was cut off by Jane as she shushed her boyfriend.

“Alex, you know it’s true you stammer and start blushing whenever you try to tell even a white lie; and the fact that you won’t look us in the eye then, is a very big giveaway.”

Alex just sat there stunned as his best friend and girlfriend proceeded to turn his life upside down. ‘Jane made it very plain where she stood which only caused more inner turmoil and Chris, well he still didn’t know what to do or think about Chris.’ Alex’s thinking was interrupted by Chris’s speaking and Jane pulling Alex down into her chest and cuddling him.

“Okay, now the next part I don’t understand, but I have felt someone else’s arms around you at night sometimes. However, I do have a few questions for you to answer about A’lexii that should help clear things up and straighten out your screwed-up thinking. I want only ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers. Got that?” Chris looked over at Alex who nodded his head hesitantly.

Jane, however, took care of that, answering, “He will answer yes or no, or I will close his mouth for him.” Smiling at Alex as she said that and Alex not being a total fool just grinned in reply.

“Okay let’s get this thing rolling; Alex, do you love A’lexii?”

“Yes,” stuttered Alex slightly.

“Would you hurt him?”

“NO,” this time very forcibly and Alex was beginning to get a little angry. Jane placed a finger across his lips and whispered.

“Shush baby, he is only trying to help you.”

“Does A’lexii love you?” Chris was grinning widely as he asked this question.

“Yes…,” Alex’s further response was cut off by Jane’s judicious application of a finger to Alex’s lips.

“Will you wait until he is of Legal Age here, to have sex with him?” Chris prepared to jump out of harms reach but didn’t need to worry as Jane was ready and had hugged Alex tightly forestalling any physical attack.

“Yes…!” Alex started to say something else but thought better of it.

“Isn’t S’ean waiting also?” Chris grinned very widely, as he knew that he was making his point now.

“Yes,” was Alex’s very weak reply.

“See honey, that wasn’t so bad was it?” Jane asked Alex as she ruffled his hair slightly in a calming manner.

Jane decided it was up to her to finish this so they could get on with the rest of what they needed to discuss.

“Alex, you see there is absolutely nothing wrong with you loving A’lexii and being in love with him. You aren’t going to do anything with him until the time is right, and both Chris and I already knew that. The only person who didn’t know that was you; now did Chris tell you anything different than Dr. Lisa has told you?” Jane paused and looked deep into Alex’s eyes, and smiled when he shook his head no.

“Now there is one more thing I need to tell you before we get on to more serious matters. I love you more than I have loved anyone else and I would love to bear your children whatever happens between us. I also want you to believe me when I say this…” Jane looked deep into Alex’s eyes while Chris got up and moved to where he could hug both of them.

“When you meet S’ean and A’lexii, I am going to let you go and let you go with them happily. Why I am I going to do this, I am going to do this because as the old saying by Anonymous goes, ‘If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.’ Only in this case, although I don’t expect you to come back to me, I know that as I will always love you, you will always love me. I also can’t wait to meet the two wonderful guys that I am going to be giving you to; even though that is going to be a while and in fact if what Chris has said is true, you have been beating yourself up for nothing. Since by the time you get to physically meet them A’lexii will be almost seventeen I believe, so smile and get on with our life.”

Alex decided it was time for him to sit up and let his feelings be known.

“Now that you two have planned out my life for me, do I get any say in it?”

Chris and Jane answered simultaneously; “NO!”

“Jane darling, I don’t quite understand why you still love me, but I am very glad, and it thrills me to no end that you still want to be the mother of my children. How that is I am not going to ask I am just going to say thank you.” Alex then leaned over gave Jane a very loving kiss on her lips.

Alex then surprisingly grabbed Chris and repeated the action and then said, “Thanks Bro, I love you more than you could ever know.”

Alex suddenly sat up in shock as he remembered something Jane had said.

“Okay, you two if this wasn’t a serious matter what is?”

Chris reached over and smacked his friend upside the head and then told him.

“Doofus, what your loving girlfriend meant to say was ‘a more’ serious matter. You were the only one having a serious problem with this issue. By the way, you don’t have to see Dr. Lisa today, but you still have to pay her for the session.” Chris had to stop speaking as he was trying to stifle his laughter at Alex’s expression.

“But I don’t ever pay her the school pays for my sessions, just like it does for yours…” As the joke began to sink in both Jane and Chris shouted, “Gotcha!”

“Seriously love, we want to know the rest of the reason behind your changing classes. We know it has to do with the ‘dreams’ you have been and by the way we don’t think those are all dreams. We think your off-planet friends are communicating with you. We think we have a plan to help you, but we need more information. So, start at the beginning and go over the ‘dreams’ as they occurred.” Jane instructed her boyfriend.

Alex decided to turn the tables slightly on his friends.

“Only if I can get comfortable and you don’t interrupt until I am finished.” When both Chris and Jane nodded yes, Alex made himself comfortable laying his head in Chris’s lap and then began speaking.

Back On Gemini:

S’ean, A’lexii and the rest of their entourage entered their aircars and headed towards the Hotel Andromeda. A’lexii had been keeping S’ean updated for the most part as to the happenings back at the Hotel. A’lexii had not gone into a lot of detail as he didn’t feel it was necessary and he didn’t want to distract S’ean from the Tribunal and its subsequent events. Barbara had been busy keeping both her husband and A’ndreas informed about the idiot Huxabé and how well Patrick had things in hand. Of course, since no one had bothered to inform S’ean of the fact that the Security Teams had integrated themselves into the Hotel Workforce, he was stunned and instantly went into Alert Mode and stared to snap out orders.

A’lexii put a stop to that very quickly both verbally and mentally.

“S’ean, stop right there and open your eyes! The Security Teams are still in place they are just wearing Hotel Employee Uniforms. Patrick, Captain Baker and Captain Hammer are very good at their jobs and have everything under control. Look at your father and A’ndreas they are perfectly relaxed.” A’lexii’s verbal tongue lashing did part of the job but his mental one did a far better job.

S’ean wake up and use your brain and your senses! Do you think we would have come back here without a larger escort if there were any problems here? Now would we? You know I have been communicating with Patrick, and Mom has been talking to Dad, so wake and get your head out of wherever you stuck it. Now put a smile back on your face you are scaring our sons.’ A’lexii then leaned over and gave S’ean a kiss on his nose.

While this was going on, L’ogen and C’obi had been entertaining Jared as they were bound and determined to make up with Jared for the way they had treated him before. Jared became very agitated when S’ean sat upright so quickly and had such a stern look on his face.

“It’s okay Jared, look at ‘Lexii he is still smiling; he will fix everything don’t you worry,” L’ogen told Jared while leaning into Jared’s chest and smiling up at him.

Jared had just started to relax when A’lexii began his verbal dressing down of his Bond. Without even thinking about what they were doing, L’ogen and C’obi began sending as much love and calming thoughts to Jared as they could, without entering his mind. Jared looked over at D’avid and A’ndreas and they were leaning back in their seats watching the fireworks up front and smiling as if they had no cares in the world. When Jared saw that A’ndreas and D’avid weren’t concerned at all, he relaxed and just basked in all of the love he was receiving. ‘I never dreamed that life could be like this. Here I am basically a criminal and I am being treated like a long-lost son or brother.’ Jared’s thoughts were interrupted by D’avid’s voice bringing him back to the present.

“Jared, you aren’t a criminal you are a victim! You need our love and care to recover from what was done to you so you can recover and rejoin society. You had better not let Barbara hear you put yourself down as she will give you several pieces of her mind. And do you think I would let you near my two new grandsons’ if I thought you had anything to do with the corruption we found? Remember, you helped us find out a lot about this problem that is going to help us save a lot of youngsters from going through what you did. And don’t forget we have undeniable proof straight from those monsters’ mouths and brains that you were mentally coerced into doing the things you did. With Ambrosius’s and Barbara’s help, you will recover and eventually forget all that you were forced to do. Yes, it will be a long process and take a lot of work on your part, but we know you can do it. How did I know what you were thinking? Well, your shielding is a little weak right now and A’ndreas was easily able to ‘send’ your broadcasted thoughts to me. That is one of the first things Ambrosius is going to help you with. Now put a smile on your face and let’s go inside and don’t worry about anything your two leeches; I mean bodyguards will protect you from S’ean.” D’avid’s last words caused S’ean to say ‘what’ and L’ogen and C’obi to say;

“Grandpa, you’re a meany!”

Before anything else could be said Captain Baker, and another Bellboy opened the doors to the aircar and announced,

“Gentlemen your rooms are all ready for you; so, if you would follow me, please. And Masters L’ogen and C’obi your grandmother is waiting for you so you can be measured for your new clothes.”

Needless to say, those words brought cries of dismay from the ‘imps’ and A’lexii started to chuckle slightly.

“Master A’lexii, I wouldn’t laugh too much if I were you, she is waiting for you as well.” With Captain Baker’s last words A’ndreas, S’ean and D’avid decided it was time for them to exit the aircar before they started laughing out loud at the looks on the three youngsters’ faces.

As they exited the aircar, S’ean looked around and spotted several of the Castellano Security Team both outside and inside the Hotel. Upon seeing that everything did look under control he began to fully relax; that is until he received two sendings that had him reeling in surprise.

‘SMACK!’ A’lexii used their link to smack S’ean for doubting him.

Seanie that isn’t the way to get along with your Bond you are definitely your father’s son alright. You need to let him do his job and forget about his age! He is very capable and very well trained. Now straighten up and fly right before your mother finds out; I don’t want to go through that again.’ A’ndreas used his link to S’ean to cuff him upside the head as well.

Before S’ean could recover, Michael got out of the other aircar walked up to S’ean and to Jared and the ‘two imps’ shock smacked S’ean upside the head and then walked inside the Hotel.

Tommy walked over to the trio and whispered;

“Don’t worry, S’ean just needed an attitude adjustment; he isn’t used to relying on A’lexii to run interference for him yet. And while A’lexii is doing his part very well, S’ean is a little behind the curve. Don’t worry too much we will straighten him out very shortly and just so you know we the ‘Companion’s’ are very glad to have A’lexii, now we can just worry about our own jobs and protecting S’ean, and not have to remind him of all the things he forgets.”

Tommy then reached down grabbed L’ogen and threw him over his shoulder and then said;

“C’mon folks we need to get a move on trust me we don’t want to keep Mom waiting very long.” With that, Tommy headed into the Hotel with a squirming and squealing imp on his shoulder.

Everyone else decided to follow Tommy’s example and when they arrived inside, they were all trying to figure out why there was a strong ozone smell and a burnt leather aroma in the air. Upon seeing all of the wrinkling noses and raised eyebrows Barbara, who was waiting for her new son and her new grandsons, decided to clear the air so to speak.

“Don’t worry about that, Patrick had to get some idiot’s attention is all; he will fill everyone in later. First, I need to get my family clothing needs taken care of and Jared, for the near future that means you too. After that we are going to have Dinner in the Private Dining Room, Patrick and Brandon will be joining us as will Captain Hammer and Captain Baker. And Captains, you can’t refuse, your families are on their way.” Barbara then took Jared’s hand while Tommy grabbed C’obi’s and followed Barbara to the elevator.

While Barbara was taking care of her family’s clothing needs D’avid, A’ndreas and S’ean were being brought up to date on everything that had happened while they were at the Archonate. When A’lexii tried to join them, S’ean told him;

“Not so fast, ‘Short Stuff,’ you need to go get your new clothes also; I don’t want to deal with my mother if I keep you here. I will keep the link open, so you won’t miss anything; that reminds me I just remembered something I need to take care of. Go ahead love and get your new clothes and I will join you as soon as I can.” S’ean then gave A’lexii a very loving hug and kiss and then turned him towards the elevator and gave him a slight push to get him started.

S’ean then turned to A’ndreas and started to ask him a question, however, A’ndreas had stepped off to the side and was speaking rapidly into his wristcom.

“Okay Tommy, as soon as you get the sizes send them to the comm address I gave you A’ndi out.”

“S’ean the Mark VII’s for your sons and your Bond will be here tomorrow morning or a certain quartermaster on Lysander will be here to explain why not.”

“Thanks, A’ndi but how did you know what I was going to ask you for? I don’t think I was broadcasting, was I?” A confused S’ean asked his mentor and friend.

“No S’ean, you weren’t broadcasting per se, but your facial expression gave it away; plus, it makes perfect sense. They will be protected better and it will make communication a whole lot easier.” A’ndreas responded smiling.

Captains Baker and Hammer quickly brought the three up to date and then took them over to the counter to introduce them to the new Hotel Manager Obama.

While the introductions were going on, Patrick made a brief appearance and said that he and Brandon should have a full report by Dinner.

As soon as Patrick had left, Manager Obama spoke up;

“I know that Mistress Castellano said that he had the authority to do everything he has done, and Captain Baker and Captain Hammer supported him and her; but can he really appoint me as Manager of this Hotel and Brandon as my Assistant?”

D’avid decided he should answer those questions himself.

“Mr. Obama, you and Brandon have nothing to worry about; Patrick, as he said, was acting for my son, and my wife was acting for me. Also, I was informed of everything as it happened and so were several other Archons. So yes, this Hotel is under the direction of the Archonate and Patrick directly for now. To put you at ease, A’ndreas and I both stand behind Patrick’s choice of you and Brandon. Together you have the right mix of skill and talent to run this magnificent Hotel as it should be run.”

While D’avid was busy assuring Mr. Obama that everything was okay, S’ean had decided to go see what Patrick and Brandon had turned up.

Patrick took one look at S’ean and said;

“Get out of here boss, you look beat; go freshen up and then after Dinner we can meet and go over everything Brandon and I have found. But whatever you do, DON”T go rescue your Bond; he and your sons need bonding time with her especially your sons. Now go get your Dad and A’ndi and go relax in the mineral baths upstairs in your and ‘Lexi’s Ambassadorial Suite. Yes, you two and your sons have that suite. In fact, we have the whole floor and the one below it for security as well. Now get! Brandon and I have work to do if we want to eat with everyone.”

S’ean was so exhausted he hadn’t noticed Brandon until Patrick mentioned him the second time.

“Sorry Brandon, I guess I am more tired than I thought I was. So, hello and thanks for all of your help; I will get the rest of the story after dinner I guess since the slave driver over there isn’t talking.” S’ean then made a very quick exit and headed to get his Dad and A’ndi.

S’ean arrived just as his Dad was finished and Manager Obama was saying the same thing that Patrick had told S’ean only in a much nicer tone. S’ean decided that the Mgr. had enough to deal with already, so he rescued him.

“Dad, A’ndi, Patrick has suggested I mean ordered me to share the mineral baths in my and A’lexii’s suite with the two of you, He said we need to relax and refresh before dinner and then he will brief us after that. And According to him, we need to steer clear of Mom!” D’avid interrupted his son politely.

“Son, I believe that is a wonderful idea she is in full-blown mothering mode and unless you want to spend the next few hours trying on lots of clothes, I concur with Patrick. Shall we?” D’avid asked.

“Sounds like a plan Dad; Manager Obama could you have someone direct us to my suite?”

“In just one moment, Archon; first I would like to introduce myself and at the same time thank you for the honor you and your family have bestowed upon myself and my family. My name is Marty Obama and until a short time ago, I was the Bell Captain here. I am still not sure how I ended up in this position, but your father has assured me that the position is mine and I have his backing. I do want to tell you though that Patrick is a whirlwind in a teenage body. He moves and thinks faster than anyone I have ever known and doesn’t suffer idiots at all. I would like to tell you how I was picked but all I know is Brandon brought me in here and a few ‘mics’ later Patrick announced I was the new Manager and Brandon was my Assistant. I will have someone take you to your suite now.” Marty then signaled for a Bellboy who just happened to be Corporal Fisher.

Corporal Fisher signaled for a few more bellboys to grab the rest of the luggage and then headed towards the Private Elevator reserved for the Castellano’s private use. Marty quickly showed D’avid and A’ndreas which suites were theirs and then took S’ean to his and A’lexii’s Suite. While Corporal Fisher with the help of one of the real bellboys were putting away S’ean’s clothes, S’ean quickly undressed and then put one of the Hotel Robes on and then headed to the ensuite bathing chamber. S’ean quickly figured out the controls and had just settled in and was starting to relax when he was joined by his Dad and A’ndi as they hurried inside the chamber with huge smirks on their faces.

“The elevator was arriving as we were entering your suite, so we ducked inside and closed the door quickly. I know your Bond and your sons will be here as soon as they can think of an excuse.” D’avid informed his son as he and A’ndi shed their robes and entered the therapeutic waters.

“Son, I can’t tell you how proud I am of the way you have performed today and of your Bond. A’lexii is going to be a wonderful addition to our family. I also can’t wait to hear the rest of what happened while your Patrick and your Mom were cleaning house here. But for now, I am going to lean back and let this wonderful water take all my cares away.” D’avid then leaned back closed his eyes and relaxed.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the shops, poor L’ogen and C’obi didn’t know what had hit them. Their Grandmother has taken over the shop that sold children’s clothes and had them trying on almost everything in sight; some poor salesperson had tried to be helpful and mentioned that the Hotel’s Tailor could help with any alterations needed and Barbara showed that she could be as Upper Crust as the next SNOB when she needed to be.

“My grandsons will have a REAL TAILOR alter their clothing and he will create their dress clothing these clothes are just until their real clothing is finished.” Barbara then turned around and said to A’lexii.

“Grab your sons it’s time to head up to my suite and get them measured correctly and have these clothes altered for Dinner and our Tailor and my Seamstress can start on the rest of your clothing. Jared, that goes for you too. And ‘Lexi dear once your fitting is done you can go hide with S’ean and those two older reprobates with him in your suite.”

A’lexii was stunned at Barbara’s pronouncement and looked at her curiously wondering how she knew what was going on. Barbara just pointed to her head and then headed out the door; A’lexii took the ‘two imps’ hand and then followed her, shaking his head.

‘S’ean, how does your mother know what is going on she doesn’t have a wristcomm or a subvocal does she?’ A’lexii sent to his Bond.

‘Don’t worry love it is just Motherly or Feminine Intuition and if there really was a problem, she wouldn’t be letting you go so soon. Leave Jared with her when you come, she will be good for him and he will keep our sons occupied for a bit while we relax and get to know each other more. Dad and A’ndi send their love.’ S’ean sent a kiss and lots of warm feelings through their link.

“Okay boy’s I am going to go powder my nose while you change into the swimsuits I bought for you and then Maurice is going to take your measurements and then we will see which outfits you want to wear to dinner tonight to celebrate.” Barbara then left the room to give the boys some privacy to change.

“Okay, guys let’s change into the swimsuits your grandmother bought us so we can get this fitting stuff over with so we can have some fun.” A’lexii told his ‘brothers’, now his sons.

“But ‘Lexi, why do we have to get all of these new clothes and why do we have to get measured? Our old clothes are good enough and we have our uniforms from the Collegium!” L’ogen asked and then C’obi emphatically stated.

“Because guys we can’t wear our uniforms all of the times and we are going to be going to some really nice places. Plus, we need to dress like S’ean and the rest, so we don’t make them look bad. We want to look good for our new family, don’t we?” A’lexii dragged his sons into a hug and gave them a kiss on the top of their heads.

A’lexii helped his sons get changed into the swimwear that Barbara had purchased to try and spare them some embarrassment. L’ogen and C’obi were surprisingly very well behaved during the next hour and a half of measuring and trying on lots of different clothes. The Tailor and Seamstress had brought some of S’ean’s old clothes with them to show the boys some of what they were going to get. L’ogen and C’obi couldn’t believe that they were getting the same clothes as S’ean did. The Seamstress who had several kids and grandkids of her own figured out what the ‘imps’ questioning looks were all about.

“Boy’s what is your last name?”

“Ahhh, Castellano.” L’ogen was so stunned by the question he blurted out the answer.

The seamstress then asked another question of the boys;

“What is your grandmother’s last name?”

A’lexii was trying very hard not to burst out laughing because the ‘imps’ had the strangest looks on their faces as they couldn’t understand why this nice lady was asking them such stupid questions. Suddenly the answer hit them, and they answered the question together in that strange blended voice of theirs.

“We are Castellano’s just like grandmother and Daddy S’ean so we have to, we mean get to dress like Castellano’s cause we are” The ‘imps’ then ran over and hugged the seamstress just as Barbara came back into the room with Maurice with some more fabric pieces Barbara was determined to have the best-dressed grandson’s in the Geminiian Confederacy. She was trying to find the right colour of fabric to bring out each of their eyes and hair colour.

As soon as C’obi and L’ogen saw Barbara they stopped hugging the seamstress and ran over to their grandmother nearly bowling her over in their excitement.

“Granma, Granma you really do love us you are giving us clothes so we can be Castellano’s like you.”

Barbara stood there hugging her new grandsons with no idea what they were babbling about.

“Mom, thanks to your seamstress they finally figured out that they really are your grandsons and that it isn’t in name only,” A’lexii explained to Barbara.

“Silly boys, of course, you are really Castellano’s didn’t S’ean explain that to you when he and A’lexii adopted you?” Barbara asked while still hugging the ‘imps’.

C’obi answered this time; “But… but that was just politi…”

Barbara took the ‘imps’ hands and led them over to a sedan where she sat down so she could look the boys right in the eyes and A’lexii walked over behind them and put a hand on their shoulder.

“Boys, you are very wrong; that was only part of the reason a very small part and your Grandfather said this about you two before S’ean even thought about adopting you; ‘I love them as if they were my natural-born grandchildren!’ so see we really do love you.” Barbara then kissed each of them on the cheek.

‘Love, our sons think we adopted them just for political reasons and not cause we wanted to.’ A’lexii sent to S’ean.

Meanwhile, back at the Ambassadorial Suite:

S’ean suddenly jerked upright in the spa and startled his Dad and A’ndreas. Rather than trying to explain verbally S’ean reached out his hands and D’avid and A’ndreas each took one.


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