You know…sometimes it just baffles me to look at boys like this and thing, “Wow…that’s a real person!” Like, he’s out there right now just walking around like it’s normal to be that stunningly beautiful! I mean, can you imagine him walking into your high school classroom on day, like…”Hi! Don’t mind me! I’m just here to sit across from you and study…math…or biology, whatever. Pay me no mind, even though I’m mercilessly distracting!”

That’s so crazy to me! Because if he had walked into my class in high school…I doubt I would have been able to concentrate on much of anything! Hehehe!

Well…other than those eyes, that is!

Coming from the New York City area, model and teen actor, Indy Minkoff, seems to be getting more and more stunning by the day. The oldest of four brothers (Indy, Navy, and a set of twins named Asher and Sawyer), modeling should come naturally to him, considering what his father and aunt put together and built from the ground up.

Yes, if the name ‘Rebecca Minkoff’ sounds familiar, it’s because she is a much sought after designer of handbags, purses, and accessories. Her work is distributed in nearly one thousand high priced shops all over the globe, with Indy’s father, Uri Minkoff, being the CEO of the company. She’s won several awards since she’s started, including the ‘Breakthrough Designer Award’. The fashion line is always expanding and exploring new territory, and with Indy’s own modeling career taking off…this might grow into quite a powerful family indeed.

No WONDER they all look like super models!

Not to mention, have you seen what Rebecca Minkoff has done with her fashion store and the futuristic mirrors and dressing rooms? Whoah! And this was a few YEARS ago! God knows what she’s got going on in those stores now! Check this out…

Handled by the TERI B Talent And Model Management agency, and with an ever increasing presence online over the past year, Indy Minkoff is certain to have a very bright future ahead of him. I haven’t seen his acting ability yet, outside of his modeling photo shoot videos…but if looks could thrill (And they can!) I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from Indy in the future!

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So…I suggest you guys get yourself a helmet or some headgear…because the angels seem to be flying awfully low these days! XD

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