Every once in a while, you see someone who, despite their young age, just looks like they’re destined for greatness!

There’s a spark. A charisma. A certain x-factor that shines through. To be totally honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if 14 year old Lin Qiunan ended up being an amazing action hero within the next couple of years. With his boyish good looks, martial arts skill, intense acrobatic ability, and comedic timing…we may just have the next Jackie Chan in the works!

Only time will tell!

Coming from Zhejiang, a province of Eastern China, Lin has dedicated a majority of his life to the demanding practice of Taekwondo, becoming an award winning champion by the time he was eight years old. (Geez, I couldn’t even win a ‘perfect attendance’ award at school when I was eight years old! LOL!)

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But he is also a successful actor who seems to bring a certain charismatic charm to the screen whenever you see him in action. Here is Lin bringing all of these amazing elements together in a scene from his movie, “Kung Fu Boys”!

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Honestly, this boy is nothing short of phenomenal! So don’t let his small stature and baby face fool you. Chances are, he’ll totally break you in half if you get him angry. (By the way, at the end of that scene…that’s how I always tell people that I have to pee! LOL! Makes me a hoot at the local bar!)

While he is still being cast in ‘kid roles’ at the moment, and that’s to be expected, I can’t wait to see what he’ll be capable of by his 18th birthday! I think Lin Qiunan is a Grade A martial arts talent that deserves to be recognized. If he decides to follow this path to stardom like he has been so far, there’s no telling what he can accomplish.

As just a taste of what’s to come, here is Lin in a major action scene from the same movie…

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And now, it seems that Lin Qiunan has a role in the movie, “Big Brother”, with Donnie Yen…who is arguably one of the greatest martial arts stars of all time, along with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li! I haven’t seen the movie yet, nor do I know how big his role is in the movie, but I do know that he performed for Donnie Yen in person and that seemed to have made a great impression on the actor immediately. Donnie Yen is known for such movies as “Ip Man”, “Iron Monkey”, “Hero”, “Shanghai Knights”, and a small role in “Blade II” (SO underused in that movie! Ugh!!!). He also played the blind man in “Star Wars: Rogue One”. But seeing him and Lin together would be awesome! I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one!

In the meantime…keep an eye out for Lin in his vlogs online, his movies, a few music videos, and more. I swear, if I ever get a chance to make a “Gone From Daylight” movie, I’m going to need a KICK ASS ‘Jun’ for the part! So keep your schedule clear, dude! Did I mention that he’s also a professional Go-Kart racer? Yep! He does that too! Hehehe! He’s definitely on his way to the top. And once he hits the mainstream…watch out! Because he’s literally coming out swinging!

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And he’s been training himself pretty hard since he was just a tiny tyke! So just IMAGINE what he’s going to be like a year or two from now! And when I say that he was training hard…I mean REALLY hard!

Then again…I guess it takes dedication and hard work to do anything big in this life. So…I wish you all the luck in the world, Lin! Keep striving to be the best! And I’ll cheer you on as you work your way up to becoming the next big legend in the industry! Go get ’em, little dragon! 🙂
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