Author’s Note:

A photograph by Diana Colleran inspired this story, they titled the photo Shea’s Birthday Food Fight. After seeing the photo, I just knew that I had to capture the image in words. I can only hope that I did her photograph justice. You will see the photo at the appropriate spot in the story.

Yvonne was viewing the upcoming weekend with a great feeling of trepidation, it was her nine-year-old triplets’ birthday and they were hosting their own party. It wasn’t the fact that her sons were hosting the party; it was the fact that they wanted to bake their own Birthday Cake. They told her that they wanted it to be extra special and not the sugary cardboard cakes that the Super Groceries R Us sells. Although she loved her triplets dearly sometimes, she thought that they would be the death of her. There were days when she thought that the only time they were behaving was when they were asleep; and even then, she wasn’t sure, as they could be plotting to take over the world while they were in dreamland. After what seemed like hours and hours of “Please Mommy please, we won’t make a mess,” and endless chocolate brown puppy dog eyes she finally caved in. Her only saving thought was the fact that although they could be mischievous imps, one moment, and angels the next, they were actually very well behaved and careful in the kitchen. She was actually very appreciative of their help most times.

The morning of the party her three fraternal triplets, Jamie, Jeff, and John, woke her up by serving her breakfast in bed, they topped off the breakfast with a Dark Chocolate Mocha. They had even made Chocolate Whipped Cream, the Mocha, and the Whipped Cream set off alarm bells in her head, ‘What are they planning now?’ However, she just smiled warmly and dug in to her Stuffed French Toast and Sausage Patties Sausage Patties (“<sup>&#169; ACFan and CSU Productions<\/sup>. &#160;”). Yvonne could tell that Jamie had made the Sausage Patties as they were falling apart. As she was finishing her Mocha and Jamie and Jeff took away the dishes, John began to speak,


‘Uh oh, what is wrong, or what do they have planned, they only call me ‘Mother’ when they want something big, or never mind I am not going there.’Yvonne turned off her thoughts and then concentrated on what her son was saying.

“… we decided that we wanted to make Dark Chocolate Mousse Pie with Whipped Cream Rosey Things. But we can’t make the Rosey Things, will you help us? Pretty Please? If you say yes, we will keep our rooms clean for a week and do all of the dishes for you.”  John was literally begging and pleading by the time he was finished and flashing great big puppy dog eyes at her.

Just as he finished his two brothers returned with the same pathetic whining looks on their faces.

“Why do you want to make Rosettes instead of just covering the Mousse with Whipped Cream?”

“‘Cause mommy we saw them in a magazine, and they looked really cool and they looked professorial,” were the words that came flying out of her three angels’ mouths, not quite simultaneously so, they sounded like a mini-choir.

“I think you mean ‘professional’ not ‘professorial.'”

Her three sons just stood there staring at her as if she had grown horns or something.

Deciding that it was too late to change her mind and back out Yvonne answered her three sons,

“Okay guys I will do it, but there are a few conditions, first the kitchen must be perfectly clean, and second, you have to get all the ingredients out and ready. Deal?”

Yvonne had to almost bite her tongue not to laugh at the looks on her three ‘angels’ faces as they heard the word ‘conditions’; when she had finished speaking though they were all smiles. She did start laughing when they gave each other high fives and then vanished through the doorway without saying thank you. ‘Now I can shower in peace for at least ten minutes.’ That was her thought as she headed for a much-needed shower to prepare her for the day.

Thirty wonderful minutes later when Yvonne strolled into the kitchen, Jeff handed her another perfectly made Mocha. She stood there taking everything in for a few seconds, the island in the center of the kitchen was almost totally covered by ingredients and cookware. The funny thing was that it wasn’t a mess, it was perfectly neat as if someone had used a blueprint and a straightedge to lay everything out. Right off the bat, she noticed that the boys had decided on a Chocolate Graham Cracker Crust. ‘Hmm they are even using my recipe, as I see a bag of Dark Chocolate Chips next to the Chocolate Graham Crackers.’

“Okay, boys where did the rest of the ingredients come from? I know we didn’t have all of these ingredients in the cupboard?” Yvonne asked with as serious a look as she could.

“Silly Mommy, we just called Uncle Dave at Grocery Deliveries R Us, and he delivered them while you were in the shower. Here is your credit card receipt, John signed it for you since you were in the shower.” Three cheerful voices responded.

‘Hmm, something still isn’t right, they told me the truth, but not the whole truth! I smell a rat.’ Yvonne was thinking while Jeff, gave her the receipt that John had signed. She also noticed that Jamie kept looking back and forth at his brothers.

“That’s alright this time I think, however, I want to know when you ordered these because it takes Uncle Dave over thirty minutes to make a delivery?”

Suddenly three boys were looking everywhere but at her.

“Wait a minute, you sneaky devils ordered this before I said yes! What were you going to do if I said no?”

“But Mommy we knew that you were going to say yes, ’cause you love us and we’re your angels. You always tell us that, and if you said no, we were going to pay you back with our allowance.” The three answered her, while giving her smiles and puppy dog eyes.

“You guys know that I only call you ‘my angels’ when I think that you are asleep. I will let you get away with it this time. And John, you know that that credit card is only for emergencies…” Yvonne paused for a moment as she could see that John was beginning to tear up. “However, this time I agree it was an emergency, but from now on only real emergencies when I am stuck at work! Agreed?” She then looked at each of her boys, and smiled as they were all doing their best imitations of angels.

“Okay, guys who is going to do what? We need to get a move on the party starts in three hours and you three still need to shower and change into your new clothes that Uncle Robert bought you for the party.”

Jeff spoke up,

I am going to make the crusts, Jamie is making the Mousse and you and John can make the Whipped Creams and then you can do the Rosettes…”

“Whipped Creams?”

Yvonne asked Jeff while looking John in the eye, who was beginning to blush at being caught out.

“Yes Mom, plain and Chocolate Whipped Cream, we used the last of the Chocolate Whipped Cream on your Mocha.”

All righty then let’s get started, and they did. Everything was going along perfectly until the landline rang. Jamie being the closest and the only one with clean hands, and only because he had just washed them answered the phone.

“Storylover’s residence Jamie speaking, how may I help you?”

Jamie was only being polite as the only people that called the landline was his Mom’s work. She worked for GreenGeeks Realty and she was their top salesperson as well as the designated Signing Officer when the other Signatory Agents weren’t available.

Mom, it’s Uncle Art, and he has a problem. Jamie then gave his mom the cordless phone.

“Yes Art, how can I help you, and you do remember today is the triplets’ birthday? Uncle Art says Happy Birthday kids. What you mean that if we can’t sign the paperwork this morning the Castellano’s are going to walk away from the deal and lose their earnest money. I understand that, I know it is a five-million-dollar deal and that my commissions will be between thirty and sixty thousand since I get my commission plus yours. However, you know that it states in my contract that the triplets come first… Okay, I will meet them at the office and it better only take the half-hour that you promise. Otherwise, I will quit and just work out of my home.”

At first, while the conversation was going on the boys kept on working, that is until they heard the amount of money being discussed. When they heard their Mom threaten to quit because of them they swelled up with pride. That is until they realized that they might not have their party. The started working again, but much slower.

Yvonne, seeing the scared look on her sons’ faces said,

“Just a minute Art, I need to speak to my sons’ for a sec.”

She then turned to the boys and gave them a big smile and flashed the OK sign.

“All right Art, I am leaving now. Goodbye.”

“Okay boys you heard, I need to go to the office for only a little bit, I will be back in time to make the Rosettes, please try not to destroy the kitchen while I am gone. Jamie, you are in charge since you are the oldest, Jeff, John stop right now! I know it is only a minute, BUT, that does make him the oldest. Now give me a kiss and I am gone.”

Yvonne got her kisses and a one-armed hug from her boys and she headed off to make several months’ salary for a few minutes of work and a signature or three.

As the old saying goes “While the cat’s away the mice will play,” was certainly true in this case. As soon as Yvonne’s car had backed out of the driveway, the three boys took out their swimming goggles from their pockets. They had learned over the years that no matter how careful they were that they were boys and that some ingredients would end up flying through the air, unintentionally or not.

Jeff very carefully melted the Dark Chocolate Chips in the microwave as he didn’t trust their electric range, Jamie was working on the Mousse and John had decided for some reason to practice making the Rosettes with the cans of Reddi-wip® that they had bought just-in-case. Well, I guess now was just-in-case. Everything was fine until both Jeff and Jamie turned their mixers on too high too fast and chocolate went flying through the air. Jeff’s chocolate which had cooled as it flew through the air hit Jamie and Jamie’s Mousse hit Jeff, the first time was accidental, the second and third time wasn’t.

John decided that he had to get involved with what he thought was fun, so a can of Reddi-wip in each hand and he joined the battle. The Great Birthday Food Fight was on, and it was a Battle Royale. While the fight only lasted a few minutes until the three boys ran out of ingredients, that didn’t stop them from getting almost every square inch of bare skin covered in goop. Luckily for the three, they had taken their shirts off before they started as another precaution. Since they did their own laundry, they wanted to save themselves some work. This was the scene when their mother returned


Yvonne stood there in complete and utter shock, she couldn’t believe her eyes, the island was totally destroyed yet the rest of the kitchen was absotively posilutely spotless. However, she couldn’t tell where the countertop of the island began and where her sons were. As she tried to say something parental, her sons turned their angelic smiles on her, and she melted.



Author’s Note:

I saw this picture, and I just had to write about it. I hope that you enjoyed this little piece of whimsy from my quirky, creative mind.



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Art’s Notes:

I think TSL is finally confessing something that happened in his past!! I took one look at this picture and just knew there was a story behind it, Thanks TSL for sharing this adorable story.

Art   (By the way, it is beautifully written) aw


Darryl’s Notes:

I loved this little tale. I do, however, suggest you send this to Str8mayb for his comments. You may remember he has a similar story about a similar situation involving some mashed potatoes, I believe it was, and a dare between him and his sister. Just ask him.  He didn’t provide a picture, though


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