1. Hearts Across Space – Chapter Eight: The Fight Begins (By The Story Lover)
  2. Kiss or Miss – Chapter 2: The Ace of Spades (By Julian Taylor)
  3. Comsie Q & A – Pretty Privilege
  4. A TSL Story Review – The Castaway Hotel: Book 1 (By Bill W.)
  5. Gabriel Bateman – Bate And Switch
  6. Duncan: Out Of Exile – Chapter 6 (By Juju)
  7. Four Nights in St. Bartholomew – Epilogue (By Ruwen Rouhs)
  8. Comsie Talks – Loopholes
  9. Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected – 12, Battles (By Lindon Weztser)
  10. Payton Moormeier – Boy Next Door
  11. Comsie Fun Facts
  12. Com-Doms Advertisement
  13. Golden Bridge Chronicle – 9, Damaged Goods (By Beldro Mercier)
  14. Beholders: The Winner’s Circle
  15. Benicio Bryant – A Song For You
  16. Music Mash Up
  17. Letters to the Editor
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