It looks like we’ve just had a THREE WAY!!! (Hehehe, wait…that came out wrong!) Last month, we had you guys vote n your favorite ‘gallery boys’ from the last year in Imagine Magazine! The results are in…and we have a THREE WAY tie at 14%!!!

The winners are…

Will Franklyn Miller

Artur Elenski

and Noah Schnapp

So, congrats to our lovely boy models, and thanks for your votes! Enjoying beauty is always a good thing! Especially in their case! Hehehe!


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Due to a last minute vote…newcomer, Indy Minkoff, has just joined our threesome! (Seriously…I’ve got to stop saying this stuff out loud! LOL!)

So we have a FOUR WAY tie for prettiest Imagine boy! Awesome! And look for even more cuties in the future! Because they are definitely on their way!


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