You know…there are a lot of good singing voices out there. Even GREAT voices. People with perfect pitch, with wide ranges, with incredible skill and control. BUT…the raw talent of actually being able to emote through your music? To move people and truly have them feel something through the honesty and genuine nature of your voice alone? That is a very special talent indeed! It’s more rare than you might think. And it’s what separates the typical singers/songwriters from the legends that we’ve all come to know and love throughout our lifetime.

I can honestly say that this is what I felt when I heard Benicio ‘Beni’ Bryant’s voice for the first time. He’s definitely got that hidden spark to everything that he does…and it always makes you hungry for more…even while you’re still reeling from whatever performance you just heard from him. This kid is phenomenal! And I full expect him to be a superstar in the next year or two to come! Wow!

At only 14 years old, Benicio has been seducing audiences with his emotional delivery for over half his life already! The Maple Valley native was originally too young to try out for America’s Got Talent when he first began raising eyebrows with his talent…BUT…he wasn’t too young to be picked up by “The Voice Kids” in Germany! Seeing some of his Youtube videos and hearing that smooth voice from someone so young, the producers were quick to reach out to him and his family to see if he would be interested in competing for the current season.

Only 13 at the time, and unable to even speak the language, Benicio and his father both thought that the constant phone calls were some sort of prank. But as the calls persisted, they decided to give this weirdness a second look…and after a few long talks, and a personal audition over Skype (I’m guessing to verify that it was really him singing like that!)…Benicio and his family were given the nod, and they spent the next four months traveling back and forth to Germany to be a part of the popular show!

And young Benicio did not disappoint! Coming in 2nd place his very first time out there.

But that’s not really surprising. I mean, listen to this boy’s voice! On top of everything else, he’s SO sweet, and SO bashful, and SO beautiful…how can you not just melt when you’re watching him? It’s almost hypnotic!

This is Benicio at 14, walking out on that stage now that he was able to meet the age requirement for AGT! Take a look!

Ugh! My heart! Hehehe!

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It’s really cool to see someone so young and so talented still maintain such a humble and ego-free personality at the same time. I think it makes him really endearing to anybody who gets to experience his genius for themselves. Don’t EVER lose that, dude! Seriously. It’s adorable!

It didn’t take long for this young prodigy to gain a LOT of popularity in Germany, where he was the only American competing among the other contestants, and now that fame and support is growing like a wildfire here in the US as well! There’s no question that he is well on his way to becoming a household name, his fanbase growing more and more by the day.

Benicio Bryant not only has a soothing voice and skilled control over it, but he also plays guitar, and is writing his own music as well. Songs with lyrics that touch both the heart and the soul. You can just tell that he really puts a piece of himself and his real feelings into every word, and it’s refreshing to hear a song that actually ‘comes from somewhere’ these days, you know?

If this is the kind of music that we can expect from him in the future…then we are truly witnessing a certified star in the making.

Hell, I felt a little misty eyed myself after this…

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It’s hard to believe that just 18 months ago, he was performing locally at coffee shops and farmer’s markets for much smaller crowds in Washington state. But he’s definitely in the limelight now, and I’m anxious to hear what an official Benicio Bryant album or EP will sound like! Don’t make us wait too long, dude!

“I just want to play music for the world, it hasn’t really been a hobby, it’s just been something like a passion that i really want to pursue. And I think that…I just want to keep doing this for everybody.” He says. I believe him. Keep that passion going, stay true to your heart, and let’s see what you’ve got!

I’ll be first in line to grab the music when it’s ready! Keep being awesome, Beni! Comsie is rooting for ya, cutie!

More from him…just in case you weren’t convinced yet! Psh! 😛

Ths kid is NOT a fluke! Believe me!

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