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Hi Everyone!

Yup, I was so excited to be doing a back to school thing this month. Like, sooo excited… -_- It’s just a reminder that in a couple of weeks I’ll be back in a classroom. My Mom has already taken me and Pres shopping for school clothes, which is always fun. She’s actually really cool about it as long as we don’t pick out stuff that we know is against our dress code. Making sure everything fits right according to her is easier than she thought it would be now that we are getting older. She says she expected us to pick out stuff that was either way too big or too tight. Not sure why we would pick clothes that don’t fit, and I told her that. Then she showed me pictures of kids in the 90’s… Wow. What were you guys thinking? <giggle>

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

AndyP Writes: Matt, could you tell us about how you came out? To your friends, your parents… I’m about your age and I’m scared to.

Matt’s Reply: Aw man. (Hugs Andy) I was so lucky with my parents. They kinda suspected and had a little talk with me. Not “THE” talk but one that specifically talked about how some people have trouble thinking that their parents won’t understand, and then they started giving examples. So I already knew they would be okay once I figured it out for myself. As for my friends in school, that’s a bit different. I had this really bad crush on this boy in fourth grade. It took me forever to work up the guts to tell him. Then the cute little weasel told everyone! Not even a full day went by and people started in on me. It was tough for a little while but, my real friends realized that it didn’t change anything about me so really quickly I had other people sticking up for me. Ever since it just isn’t an issue. I’d suggest telling your closest friends first so they can have your back. It will be really scary at first but like anything else, it will stop being an issue and the really dumb ones are the only ones who keep it going. They are easy to blow off normally. Good luck and know that we all support you here!


ajohns98 Writes: Who chooses the emails you respond to?

Matt’s Reply: I do. I mean if it turned into a situation where we were getting tons of emails then I’m sure we’d find someone to spend some time to pre-read them and narrow down the best. Unfortunately, we aren’t getting that many emails at all so, I just answer what comes in. I guess people just want to read and stuff. Or they don’t have any questions. I don’t know.


Preston Writes: where is my backpack? you cleaned the table for dinner and i can’t find it.

Matt’s Reply: It’s in your closet dufus. Ma keeps telling you to put it away and I didn’t want you to get in trouble. (…whatever emails come in, Yup. *giggle*)

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