The Castaway Hotel: Book 1

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The Castaway Hotel: Book 1 is the story of a widowed middle-aged Middle School Principal and how his empty rambling farmhouse became a haven for at risk gay and bi boys. Again,this is one of the first stories I read on the Net.

When Josh Currie’s wife died, he was left an empty nester, as their children had all grown, and left home. The farmhouse that he called home was fairly large, it had twelve rooms in total and six to seven of those were bedrooms. After several months of being bored wandering around his huge home, he came to a decision. After mulling over, renting out rooms, or opening up a Bed & Breakfast; he decided to become a Foster Parent.

The story covers not only the problems of a single male, living alone becoming a Foster Parent, but also the trials and tribulations of adjusting to having someone else, invading his private space. The story goes on about the lives of the boys he helps, and how they all had to adapt whenever a boy left, or when a new boy joined house.

He chose to help that particular group because he had seen the trouble they had in life while working as a Principal at the Middle School. However, there was another hidden reason that he thought that he could help them. That reason was because he was finally becoming true to himself and admitting something that he known for years. He was determined to help some kids not go through life torturing themselves on the inside. He wanted to help them live their life as who they really were, and not hide that person inside them.

The story is well written, and easy to read, the characters come alive, and you will just want to take some of them home to care for.

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I hope that you enjoy this story as much as I did,


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