I’m often impressed by the fact that, after YEARS and YEARS of playing video games myself, that people are still able to come up with new ideas and concepts in the gaming world. Concepts that not only challenge and entice you as a gamer…but also go that extra mile to inspire you as a human being.

Those games are the best, I think. Hehehehe! How does this keep happening?

Coming to the Playstation 4 console in just a few weeks, is a game called ‘Concrete Genie’…which, honestly, deserves an award on the concept alone, in my opinion. In it, you play the role of a teenage boy named ‘Ash’, who prides himself on being an artist. He spends most of his time drawing sketches in his notebook and painting creative pictures on the sides of buildings around his home, a small fishing town.

However, quiet and withdrawn, Ash is the constant target of bullies in his area, and when they find him sketching next to the docks, they snatch his book away from him and tear it to shreds, scattering the pages all over town. You know…because ‘assholes’!

Unable to fight or punish the bullies yourself, you’re forced to run off and recollect the pages before they’re lost forever. And this is where the magical adventure begins. Because, as you retrieve the pages you lost, you begin to discover that many of your drawings have come to life! Called ‘genies’, these creatures will give you the power to change the world around you, building it up to be better than it was before. Starting with ‘Splotch’, a tiny paint monster that lives in your backpack…you’ll be given a magical paintbrush that will allow you to bring light and color and life to any surface that you touch with your talent. And you, the gamer, will be allowed to create your own pictures, genies, monsters, or anything else that you want as you run from one end of the city to the other, leaving your mark for others to see.

It really is a fascinating idea for a video game! And it’s been a long time coming, so you can bet the the studio put a lot of time into getting it right.

The lucky few who have gotten a chance to play this game at length have been showering it with praise for its freedom and creativity. Even stating that, despite some rather dark themes throughout, the game has a really positive feel to it, and an engaging message that made players experience a sense of euphoria and accomplishment while navigating their way through the game’s narrative. Your goal, being…to simply bring life and brightness to a dark, dreary, and corrupt, town through the beauty of your artwork. Reminding the people of the city just how beautiful and full of color the world can be? I mean…what better concept for a video game is there than that? Hehehe!

Here’s the game trailer to give you a sense of what I’m talking about…
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Obviously, I haven’t had the chance to actually experience this game for myself, since it’s not out and available to the public just yet…but I can say that I am seriously intrigued by the almost limitless potential of a game like this. Exciting and relaxing at the same time. The whole philosophy behind it is compelling, and the open opportunity to be as creative as you want to be, from the paths you take, to the designs of these genie creatures themselves, are enough to give this game some real replay value once you’ve made it to the very end. It’s all up to you.

Concrete Genie is certain to go down as an urban fairy tale that will keep gamers coming back for more in the years to come. After soooo many innovative games that have been released over the years, that’s saying a lot. So get online and check it out! Think about what it would be like to go from corner to corner, wall to wall, open canvas to open canvas…and using your art to better the world around you, and bring these creations to life so they can help you go even further on your journey towards a life of joy and fulfillment.

This game will be released on October 8th! I can’t wait to see what the reviews are like! This might be one worth buying!

You know…for peace of mind! Hehehe!

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