1- In a 2008 survey…it was discovered that while 58% of British teens believed Sherlock Holmes to be a real person…20% thought that Winston Churchill was not.

2- In the movie, “Batman Returns”, the Catwoman suit was soooo tight that actress, Michelle Pfieffer, was nearly suffocated by it. If you watch the movie, she’s only able to speak a few short lines of dialogue per scene, only a few words, to keep from passing out from lack of oxygen.

3- In a room full of just 23 people, there’s a 50% chance that two of them will share the same birthday.

4- The yellow M&M character from the candy commercials was, and still is, voiced by Oscar Award winning actor, J.K. Simmons! (“J Jonah Jameson” from the Spiderman movies)

5- The unborn embryos of the female tiger shark go through a process of ‘Intrauterine Cannibalism’, also known as ‘adelphophagy’…which literally means to ‘eat one’s own brother’. While the mother carries up to 50 eggs at once, the strongest embryos begin to devour the other eggs. This continues until there is only one baby shark left…and that’s the one that gets born. Yikes!

6- The number 33 is considered a very significant ‘master number’ in the belief of Scientology. It symbolizes truth, altruism, and true love. Strangely enough, actor, Tom Cruise (A devout Scientologist) separated from all three of his former wives…when they turned 33 years old.

7- The reason that many European countries drive on the left side of the street goes back as far as the time of knights. When riding horses and carrying swords, if the need ever came up where one had to defend themselves, it was preferable to be able to grab your sword with your dominant hand. (For most…the right hand.) So they stayed on the left side of the road.

8- While Christopher Walken was the first Oscar winning actor that ever played a villain in a James Bond movie, he was not the studio’s first choice for the character of ‘Max Zorin’ in the movie “A View To A Kill”. Their first pick? Singer, David Bowie!

9- Studies show that, statistically speaking, any person that you follow on your social media will almost always have more friends than you do. It’s called the ‘Friendship Paradox’.

10- The seal that you may see on certain products, mostly mechanical devices, that say ‘Warranty Void If Seal Is Broken’? They are actually illegal in the United States, and haven’t carried any weight at all since 1975. Due to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, no company is allowed to threaten you with losing your warranty on a product that was sold to you in good faith. So if you break the seal, and the product doesn’t work, go get your money back! The foreboding seal is an empty threat at best.

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