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Jerry didn’t make a peep the whole night; I woke up about one-thirty needing to pee. When I came back I pulled up his covers and tucked them around him.

Around sunrise I had a dream about an impossibly beautiful boy with golden hair and haunting features that I couldn’t describe now on pain of bible meeting.

I also felt a warm wetness emanating from my throbbing dick and I presumed I was having a wet dream. This thought rattled around in my head for a bit and then came back just as I was about to explode and shouldered aside my fantasy and made me wake up just as I shot everything I had into Jerry’s hot wet mouth.

“Shit man! What are you doing?! I demanded in sort of a hoarse whisper and pushed his head back just in time for the last feeble squirt to bounce off his chin.

“What’s wrong?!  He asked “I just wanted to make you feel good. I didn’t mean to make you mad,” He whimpered.

I softened my tone and told him “maybe ask me first okay? I’m not mad just a little surprised okay. Nobody ever did that before.”

Jerry stopped looking like a scolded puppy and asked, “Really? Donny and I have been doing this for like a year. You squirt a lot more than Donny though. I don’t squirt yet but I get a feeling like something in there wants to,” Jerry said.

“Um, are you and Donny like boyfriends?” I asked.

“Not really, Donny’s really smart and I’m just average, sometimes he gets mad because I don’t understand what he’s trying to tell me. I mean I’m not stupid, I get good grades but Donny’s super smart like you. I heard them talking about how smart you are.”

“Wait, Them? Who are them?” I asked.

“The nurses, they like you. They say you’re cute and smart and how they wish they were your age again.” He grinned at me. “Hey, it’s still hard, you want me to do it again?” he asked eagerly.

“Nice of you to ask but no, the nurse will be in to do the morning check,” I reminded him.

“Oh, Okay I guess you’re right; it’s okay you know, the stuff that comes out, semen is all proteins and sugars nothing that will hurt you if you swallow it.” he stated.

“I know, I was just caught off guard okay. It was very nice but you know what? You should probably ask a guy before you just, you know,” I counseled gently.

I hopped off the bed and tucked my dick into my pants and walked to the bathroom. I had just finished emptying my bladder when I heard Jerry scream.

I charged out the door ready to do battle only to find Cynthia standing there, face to face with a still naked Jerry with just is hands over his little hard doodle.

“I think I told you this might happen Jerry,” I reminded from the bathroom door. “You really ought to consider wearing pajamas like me.” I suggested trying to suppress a giggle.

“Cynthia’s eye’s twinkled with mirth when she said; “I’ll be back in a few minutes, why don’t you take that time to get dressed and presentable. Okay honey?” She said.

“Okay”, pouted Jerry with his lower lip pooched out.

When she returned Jerry was suitably attired and I had piqued his interest in breakfast. Cynthia took our temps and blood pressure. She gave us both a kiss on the top of the head and went off to finish her wake up rounds.

Jerry and I were sitting in the cafeteria consuming mass quantities of scrambled eggs and bacon and the best pecan rolls I ever ate. (Yes I’m a Cone heads freak and for that matter SNL in general. I have most of it on DVD) I know it’s ancient but I really like it.

Of course my love of the Cone heads didn’t stop me from a rather good Sméagol the Golem from the Hobbit and, well you get the idea. “Eggses good, much better than nasty Goblinses,” causing Jerry to spray me with bits of egg.

As we were both giggling a lady walked up with a portable handset and said, “Duncan? You have a phone call.”

I looked at the phone and then my wrist and shook my head. I pushed the talk button and said hello. A lady’s voice said, “just a moment please?”

A man’s voice asked, “Hello is this Duncan Seward?”

“Um, Yes I’m Duncan. Who is this?”

Hi Duncan, this is Ken Bayard. I was your Mom’s attorney and now I represent you and the trust she set up on your behalf. I’m just getting in but I’ve spoken to your Uncle Dan and He’s on his way over to pick me up. So I will see you once we meet up and get to the hospital. I’m letting you know because I work for you now, and my clients receive direct communication from me.” He said at length. I couldn’t think of what to say for a moment and then “Um, okay. I’ll see you here sir.” I managed to stammer.

“You can call me Ken, son. Your Mom was a friend and a very nice person to boot. I’ll see you soon,” he said and then disconnected.

I sat there shaking my head and noticed a small hand snaking across the table and snitching a slice of very carefully selected bacon. “My Precious!” I Sméagoled perhaps a bit too loud, as Jerry collapsed in a giggling heap.

A teenager at a nearby table said, “Great Golem dude!” He chuckled.

“Thanks I said, Are you from the laughing academy too?”

He looked a little puzzled at first and then grinned and said “Oh, No. Orthopedics, I broke my leg skiing. I’m not very good at it obviously.” He said sticking a lower leg with a cast out from the table. He had piercing blue eyes and golden hair to go with his fine features and a radiant smile.

“Hello? Anybody home? I heard him say.

I jumped and said. “What? Sorry man my mind went on a little excursion and forgot to take me along. What were you saying?”

“I said my name is Michael but my friends call me Lyka.” He said.

“Lyka? I asked, like the Russian space dog?”.

“Nope; although you’re the first to bring that up. No it’s because of my middle name, it’s W…”

“Wolfgang!”  I almost shouted interrupting him. He looked at me dumfounded.

“Yeah, but how the hell did you come up with it?” He asked looking a bit suspicious.

“Okay bear with me. If it wasn’t for the space dog then the only other word that fits is Lycanthrope which means Werewolf, and Wolfgang is the only proper name I know that fits the category.” I said.

“Huh, well shit dude that saves me a half hour of telling the same tired ass story. Um, what’s your name? He said.

“My name’s Duncan and this bacon thief is Jerry,” I said.

Lyka nodded and Jerry waved munching the purloined pork.

Lyka grinned back at him and asked if he could beg a favor. “Sure man, what can I do?” I asked.

Can you help me to the bathroom and hang around while I pee? I don’t see the orderly or I wouldn’t ask.”

“Sure, let me move your food to our table so they don’t take it and reset the table. Of course asking Jerry to watch our food is like asking a wolverine to protect your henhouse.”

“Please!” Lyka begged, no more laughter until after I pee. I kind of waited too long you know?”

“I’m ready man, let’s go.” And I stuck out my hand. We made the short distance through the obstacle course of tables and I held the door for him as he stepped on to the tile where his crutch tip promptly skidded sideways. I was able to catch him and keep him upright.

Between us we managed to get him parked in front of a urinal. I held his waist so he could use both hands to pull out a very nice looking penis. A bit larger than mine it was nestled in a nest of sparse wavy blond hair. I forced myself to look at the wall.

“It’s okay dude, everybody looks,” Lyka said.

“I’m sorry but…huh?”

“I said everybody looks, all guys want to know what the other guy has. It’s just that most guys don’t admit it,” Lyka expanded.

I must have been blushing pretty bad, because he told me to chill out again.

“I haven’t seen a lot of other guys; our urinals have partitions and my grade level doesn’t dress out for P.E. and I don’t have anyone my age anywhere near where I live. So no, I don’t see many other um…”

“Dicks? asked Lyka.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Um can you support yourself while I go?” I asked. “Sure,” he said as he tugged his hospital scrubs up. He shifted off to the side and I made sure he didn’t slip. I told him to hang on to my shoulder and I went to work on eroding the porcelain.

“Whoa Dude, how old did you say you were?” Lyka asked. “I’m twelve why?” I said.

“Cause’ it looks like your gonna pass me up pretty soon. I wonder what it looks like angry?” He muttered. “Shit, did I just say that out loud? I’m sorry dude I run my mouth too much.”

“Uh thanks I think,” I conceded. “It’s not that impressive believe me, and I was kind of wondering the same thing about yours, so there’s that.”

We shambled over to the sink and washed up and returned to the table. Jerry had finished his food and another kid his age was asking if he wanted to go play some online game in the playroom. I told him to have fun and they tore out of the cafeteria like freshly fueled race cars zooming down pit row. Lyka and I talked for almost an hour. It was mostly Nerd stuff, Star Wars, Tolkien, computer stuff. We discussed A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and I discovered that Lyka had never read it. I was amazed, he had seen the movie but never read the books.

Around eight-thirty a lady in a very smart pants suit walked up and put a hand on Lyka’s shoulder, “Hi sweetie, did you make a new friend?” The woman inquired.

Lyka rolled his eyes and I knew it had to be his Mom.

“Hi Mom, yes this is Duncan he’s here for … what are you here for anyway?” he asked.

“Baby eating,” I said with a straight face. “But I’m making progress. I’m down to one a week. They’re very high in cholesterol you know, and not the good kind.”

“Oh dear god, has my son corrupted you already or were you already this depraved? She asked as she grinned at me.

“Oh I like her Lyka, she’s cool,” I offered.

“She can be at times, not bad as Mom’s go. Just don’t play Trivial Pursuit with her, she’s deadly,” he looked up at his Mom. Are you here to check on me or torture the Doctors some more?”

“A little of both, I think” she grinned with a bit of malevolent twinkle in her eyes. They were the same color as Lyka’s. “How does your leg feel this morning sweetie?”

“Not bad really, it has improved quite bit with a little exercise. I’m planning on finding the library a little later just to get away from Weezer for a little.”

“Now Michael, he can’t help how he sounds.” She warned. “It’s not that Mom, he’s just dumber than a box of rocks. He’s nice and all but it’s like talking to mud.”

“I understand dear but we can’t all have your intellect, although it sounds like Duncan might give you a run for your money.”

“Thanks Ma’am,” I interjected.

“Please call me Gabe; it’s short for Gabrielle,”

“I knew a Gabrielle at school but she went by Gabby.”

“That would be more of a description than a name for my Mom,” joked Lyka.

“Now dear don’t make me trot out the potty training stories,” She said with an evil wink.

“Okay, shutting up.” He yelped with mock terror.

“There’s a good little boy.I don’t know what your fencing instructor is going to say,” She continued.

“Probably something like “Oy, wots wif da gummy leg. ‘ow am I meant to teach you a proper Balestra if you got a buggered up leg” or words to that effect,” Lyka said in a pretty decent Jason Statham impression.”

I gave him an actual “golf clap” which he appreciated.

“You boys are incorrigible”, grimaced Gabe, with mock disgust.

“I’m off to annoy the chief of Orthopedics and get my dear little boy back to Genoa,” she grinned and blew kisses in our direction.

“Wow! Not a woman to mess with at all is she?”

“Man, you have no freaking idea how true that is. She is a killer in a court room,” He uttered with genuine reverence.

“Is your Dad a lawyer too?” I asked.

“Uh no man, he died when I was about three. He was a lot older than my Mom and he just died one Sunday afternoon in a chair five feet from my crib. He retired when I was born so he could be involved in raising me. He went through fifteen Au pairs before he found Gretta. She’s more of a house manager now but mostly a companion for Mom, a very sweet and genteel lady,” Lyka mused with affection.

I’m sorry about your Dad; I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”

“Bad? He dedicated the last years of his life to me, I think of him a lot. It doesn’t make me sad it makes me feel loved y’know, so don’t worry about it, but thanks for caring,” Lyka reflected.

“What about your parents?”

I looked down and gathered my thoughts and then told him about Dad and Afghanistan and what had just happened to my Mom. I left out the strange stuff but I did tell him about pegging out at Detention and waking up here, and then contacting my Uncle.

“Dude!; That is seriously fucked up! You need to tell my Mom this story,” Lyka insisted.

“Well I have an attorney” I started to say. But I was cut off midsentence by “There he is.”

It wasn’t the sort of “There he is” that goes with “release the hounds” It was more of a lost car keys exclamation. I spun around when I heard that voice.

It was Uncle Dan, Max and I presumed Ken Bayard the attorney. From Lyka’s stand point it must have looked like a bunch of cops there to make an arrest.

“Man I thought you were kidding about the baby thing,” Lyka coughed.

Then the most surreal thing I could imagine happened.

Before I could tell him who it was he said, “Mr. McCann!? What are you doing here!?” and then he looked at me with the most amazed look I had ever seen.

“I might ask you the same thing Michael,” Dan said in good humor as he hugged Lyka around the chest.

“I was skiing up at Ogden and I had an accident,” Lyka related.

“Why are you here?” He asked Dan, genuinely puzzled. Then the penny dropped. (Yes I know it’s an archaic reference; I’m a major Nerd, let it go.)

“You’re his Uncle!?”

“Well sort of, I’ll have to explain later. Is your Mom here too?” Dan asked.

“Yup she’s here; I think she’s up on the fourth floor abusing the doctors,” Lyka replied.

“Great I’ll give her a call,” Dan said. “You’ll like her Ken.”

“Duncan this is Ken Bayard, he’s here to help with our problem.” He continued. “Hi Ken, nice to meet you sir,” I said. I felt tears welling up but I fought them off.

“I promised to show Lyka the library, do you mind if he comes?” I asked.

“Not at all, but let’s get him a chair, walking on one crutch is a bear,” suggested Dan.

So our motley parade ambled off in the direction of the library, I took the opportunity to introduce Max to Lyka and vice versa. After a while listening to us banter Max said. “Good grief! How do you people find each other?”

“What do you mean by “You People”? Asked Lyka as his eyes narrowed with what I was pretty sure was anger.

Max missed the visual clue and said “You guys. He said. The one’s with the huge brains.”

“Oh, Lyka nodded as his face turned back to normal. “It’s a secret, we have a handshake and everything.”


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