There are some really special and unique talents that only a select few of us have as human beings. Some are amazing…some are absolute genius…and then you have that select few that surpass everything else and can do things that almost go BEYOND being human! Hehehe! I mean…what the hell? Seriously?

Atlanta’s Dylan Beato is only 12 years old…and he has apparently been blessed with the incredible gift of listening to notes in perfect pitch. Now…take a moment and really think about this. Dylan can hear ANY note, in ANY song, at ANY time…and he can call the notes out without much effort at all. Escalating or descending…he can sing the notes back to you and describe them, flawlessly, while you stand back and drop your jaw in complete shock and awe. Not only that, but he can describe the notes with the knowledge and efficiency of a veteran musician…AND write the notes out for you on a board as he’s decoding them from memory!

When his father, Rick, put him on Youtube for the first time, many people couldn’t believe that someone so young could possibly be able to do this. But…there is video of him doing this, pretty much, since birth! And there’s no doubt that he is a rare talent that can’t be denied.

I mean…WOW! This kid is absolutely phenomenal!

Take a look at this…

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How does he DO that???

Seriously…that seems like an almost superhuman ability to recognize, recite, and relay all of those notes at once. That’s just insane! But Dylan Beato appears to do it without much effort at all. Even though he’s never expressed any desire to be a musician or a musical artist in any capacity, whatsoever…the fact that he has access to an amazing ability like this is jaw dropping.

Perhaps this talent was passed down from his father, Rick Beato, who has an extensive series of videos on Youtube that teach musical notes and breakdown the appeal and effectiveness of some of the greatest rock songs of all time. An extensive exercise that, now, includes a tutorial on how develop near perfect pitch through training and aural exercises.

However, it is clear that Dylan never needed any training outside of being able to ‘name’ the chords accurately as they are played for him. And for a boy so incredibly young…I can’t even fathom the idea of being able to call out those chords as they were being played for me. Much less trying to mimic those chords with my voice in whatever order I was instructed to recall them.

But Dylan does it all! And it’s awesome!

Dylan’s incredible talent for detecting and replicating individual notes as they were played for him was featured on the show, “Outrageous Acts Of Science” on the Science Channel. An honor that Dylan seems to take with a grain of salt. It all seems normal to him. How cool is that?

“My dad showed me (the TV segment) on his computer,” Dylan said, “One of my friends also saw it, which was cool.” I mean…he’s twelve! Hehehe, what else did you expect him to say?

Perfect pitch is just another average day to him, right?

Father, Rick, believes that it was his practice of playing complex music for his unborn son while he was still in the womb was a major factor in Dylan’s accelerated mental development when it came to music. Saying, “I was just curious to see what would happen if you expose a baby, instead of playing baby songs that you would typically hear…what if you played babies really advanced classical and jazz music that has all these unexpected changes to it and dissonances. Would it sound normal to them?”

He first realized that there was something special about his young son while driving around with him in the car, and playing John Williams’ score to “Star Wars” and “Superman”. (CLASSICS!!!)

He noticed Dylan, still a toddler at the time, singing along with the notes in the right key. So he went home and got on his piano, playing a few notes and trying to figure out if Dylan could guess what they were, with NO previous training at all.

“I go to the piano and hit the note B-flat. I’d say, ‘What note is this Dylan?’ And he says, ‘That’s ‘Star Wars.’ Well, ‘Star Wars’ starts in a B-flat major chord. And then I hit the G, and I said, ‘What’s that?’ And he says, ‘Superman.’”

From then on, Rick continued to test his son’s miraculous abilities, all while teaching him advanced musical tones and pitches so he would be able to associate the right tones with the right terminology. Not only can Dylan Beato recognize and replicate any single note that his father plays for him…but he can pick out multiple notes all played together at once, calling them out one at a time if necessary. And the effect of watching this is…mind-blowing, to say the least!

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“I don’t really think about it. It just comes to me.” Dylan says. His perfect pitch is only a part of his baffling talents. He also has a near photographic memory, allowing him to easily memorize all of his musical notes and keys, and more. In fact, his father claims that he was able to recite the entire periodic table of elements and complex mathematical properties with hardly any effort at all. So…yeah…there’s that!

Did I mention that he’s now fluent in Chinese??? Jesus!

And, make no mistake, folks! He was BORN this way!

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So…this is usually the part where I wish Dylan Beato luck on his success and his bright future in being one of the greatest minds of our time! But…he seems to just want to be a regular kid. And I applaud him for that. Go be a kid, have fun, and laugh and love and live as much as you can, dude! Just know that you’ve got a gift in you! And we’re honored to have you share a bit of it with us! Love you lots! And stay beautiful!
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