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…I’m not even going to pretend that I know how competitive surfing works, or what kind of skill and intense athletic ability goes into the graceful ballet that is expert, professional, surfing…

…But whatever it takes to make someone a true champion at this sport…Kai Williams has got it! The things this boy can do with a surfboard have definitely raised a few eyebrows in the many competitions that he’s been a part of. And with Kai only being thirteen years of age…the title of ‘surfing prodigy’ has been added to his name whenever he comes out to play.

Born in Carlsbad, California…this stunning beauty discovered his love of surfing at a very young age. His older sister was actually a former WSA surfer herself, and Kai claims to have picked it up while traveling from his California roots to Playa Avellas, Costa Rica…where he and his family resides today. He gets up early every morning and goes out to the waves to practice his personal surfing technique, and apparently is still able to maintain a 4.0 GPA in school!

I can’t relate. I will never be a morning person, hehehe! I used to shovel snow in the Winter before school, and it ruined my whole day, grades and all. I guess California doesn’t have that problem though.

Kai definitely has an incentive to keep himself dedicated to his art, however, as his surprising level of natural talent on the waves has caught the eye of sponsors in the are who are more than willing to support his career and fund his potential race to the top by providing all the materials that Kai needs to become a superstar.

His boarding group, Sun Diego, and Blackbird Surfboards, give him all the tools required to improve on his craft, and compete with some of the best surfers under the age of 16. And in a few years, he’ll be competing with some of the best surfers…period.

Now THAT will be something to see!

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Not only is Kai an expert surfer, but he’s also an avid skater boy as well. (Naturally) And has even been snowboarding. So if you get him on a board in any environment at all, he’s sure to excel at it. All competitors, beware! Hehehe!

Kai also shows his heart by working to give something back to the community, helping his parents with a non-profit organization called ‘The Shine Project Foundation’ (https://theshineprojectfoundation.org/), which helps to provide free services for kids with special needs, year round.

Their mission statement says…

“These events help to connect families with local resources, spread awareness and outreach in the community, and promote a healthy, active, creative life and well being for all with special needs. All of our events are free special needs families and are made possible only with community support, donations, sponsorships, and volunteers.”

So…Kai is super beautiful, super talented, and has a heart on top of it! Like the title says…he’s a perfect 10!

Please understand…under any normal circumstances…no matter WHAT you happen to be talking about…if you show me an extremely cute boy in a skin tight lycra fiber swimsuit and get him all wet and slippery…you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose my focus immediately! LOL! But Kai Williams really does seem like a good guy, and he’s trying to do good things. So give him a look, send him some love and support, and check out The Shine Project Foundation too. It’s good to see kids his age with a decent world view. You know?

I hope he keeps up with the surfing through his high school years. And when he inevitably gets himself a girlfriend (Or…God bless it…a boyfriend??? LUCKY boy who catches his eye!!!) I hope he keeps his passion for surfing going strong! Only time will tell!

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