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Hi Everyone!

So, just before I had my photoshoot with ACFan, my drama class had a full-blown dress rehearsal for our on-stage portrayal of Macbeth. I got the part of Macduff so I got to work with swords and wear a kilt and speak with an accent. It was awesome! Anyway, when I got to AC’s house, he saw my costume and asked me to put it back on. It was sweet! It has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of the issue but, meh. <giggle> Oh, and before you ask; I’m not telling you what I’m going to wear beneath the kilt on stage. Yes, people have been asking and I did Google it to find out what was accurate and stuff sooooo…. I’ll just let your imagination run wild. 😉

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Anthony Writes: Dear Matt, I was hoping someday that you would actually pose for a full cover. Like, not a CGI representation but actually you. I’d really like to see your real face. Your friend Tony.

Matt’s Reply: Hi Tony! That’s really sweet dude and I’d love to be featured on a cover in the flesh but, there are two reasons why I just can’t. One would be the fact that I have an active contract with the agency I do my modeling through. It’s actually a deal I would have never expected and probably wouldn’t be lucky enough to get again if I ever bought out of it. The other is for privacy reasons. See as a model, I’m a face and a body which is just used to sell stuff like clothes and some really cool stuff. It’s gonna pay for my college tuition after I get out of the Navy. (Yeah, I decided :D) Imagine Magazine is all about my friends and some family and you but, it’s very public and a little personal. The images ACFan creates do look kinda like me while protecting my me, me. Hehehe! The funny thing, you might know me and not even know it. Cool right? 


Shawn Writes: Hey Matt! Were you upset about being cut from issue 50?

Matt’s Reply: Cut from it? Seriously, I was all over it in the past covers background. I actually thought it was pretty sweet how that cover came together. Comicality keeps telling Jeff how cool these covers have been coming out and I think that one really showed how creative he could be with them. One more me on it would have been too much I think. Oh yeah, duh! Almost didn’t think about having this section as well in every issue so, there’s that too! 


JeffsFort Writes: Hey Matt, can I write you a letter to be posted someday?

Matt’s Reply: No way! Get back to work on the cover! Slacker!!! <3 Muah!

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