1- More than 40,000 parasites and 250 different types of bacteria can be transmitted through a single kiss.

2- While he may be old and grey, but feasibly still alive…the infamous Zodiac Killer has never been caught, or even identified. He may be living next door to you right now…and you wouldn’t even know it.

3- If you’re over the age of 30…chances are that the photo that will posted beside your coffin at your funeral or used for your obituary has already been taken. And it’s waiting for you… Just think about that for a second. >:)

4- Due to the results of a study released in 1992, if you have a pet in the house, and you were to die unexpectedly or were to have an accident…your pets will EAT you! While most dogs will leave you alone for several days and go hungry, mostly out of love and loyalty for their owner…cats will NOT! In fact, they will only wait for 24 to 36 hours before they begin to dine on your sweet sweet flesh! And…bonus…they will start with your FACE! Sweet dreams, cat lovers!

5- If you decide to get cremated when you die…your skull will burst like a watermelon, and your teeth will explode like popcorn. Just thought you should know.

6- The story, “Babydoll”, from the ebook “Darkness Waits”…was specifically written for someone I love dearly, who loved to read all of my stories…but has a deep phobia of killer dolls! Hehehe!

7- 20% of the world’s population has had, or now has, an infection of pinworms. They are half inch long parasites that crawl out of your anus at night while you’re sleeping and lays eggs all around it. (Got an itch back there?) You may have them right now and not be aware.

8- The last existing photo of legendary singer/songwriter, John Lennon….was taken by his killer. And he murdered the artist just five hours after it was taken.

9- Be careful if you’re traveling by air during the holidays! Due to a poll from the Pilot’s union…nearly 56% of all pilots admitted to falling asleep while flying the plane! And 29% of those pilots…admitted to waking up and finding their co-pilots asleep as well. :O

10- While older Shackers may remember the horror of the mass suicide cult surrounding Heaven’s Gate…what you may not know is that the cult still exists to this day. It is thriving in fact. And you never know when another cosmic event may cause a repeat of what happened in 1997.

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