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Hi Everyone!

As you can see on the cover, I’m going out as “Comsie Man” this year! ACFan even did a special shot for the boss himself, maybe he’ll show everyone eventually. So there is a ton of creepy stuff in this issue so, I’m not gonna spoil any of it in here. You get to reading and I’m gonna go raid the candy my mom bought…again. LOL!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Sarah Writes: Hi Matt, I don’t know if you remember me but we shared two classes last year. I had a real crush on you and just learned that you are gay from my older brother who likes to read the magazine. The images here of you are weird cause they look like you but don’t. I was hoping maybe we could hang out sometime.

Matt’s Reply: Of course I remember you! Wow, I didn’t expect anyone I know to find me here of all places. Sweet! I’d love to hang out sometime. I see you in the hall just before lunch usually so I’ll give you my number. Seeya! 


SuperSpookySpiderMan Writes: Yo Matt! Any chance of getting an autographed copy of the magazine?

Matt’s Reply: Sure, email me your address and I’ll come to your house with a sharpie and sign your screen! Hehehe!


Elwyn Writes: Annwyl Matt, roeddwn i eisiau dweud gwaith da ar y Cylchgrawn a daliwch ati gyda’r gwaith da. Mae gen i gwestiwn i chi: beth ydych chi’n mynd i gael eich gwisgo ag ar gyfer Calan Gaeaf eleni? Cymerwch ofal

Matt’s Reply: Helo Elwyn! Diolch yn fawr am eich geiriau caredig. Mae gen i lawer o help gan rai o’r goreuon. O ran fy ngwisg Calan Gaeaf, pan fydd y rhifyn newydd yn cael ei ryddhau, byddwch yn ei weld ar y clawr. Gobeithio y byddwch chi’n dal i ymweld! (Google Translate Rocks!)

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