To this day…I can still remember being a little boy, practicing my usual insomniac habits as I always do…watching old, black and white, re-runs of the Twilight Zone on TV. And one of the episodes that I distinctly remember more than most, was the story of the boy with almost god like powers (Bill Mumy) who had all of the adults terrified of having him magically ‘wish’ them into the cornfield if they didn’t do EXACTLY what he told them to do!

Hehehe, a terrifying concept on the surface, sure. But seeing as I was around the same age at the time…also kind of cool! Sorry, but it’s true. I got some serious chills and a bit of an adrenaline rush at the same time fro watching that. It was both creepy and cool, and it helped to prove something that I guess still rings true when you really think about it today. And that is…

…Little kids can be CREEPY as fuck!!!

Over the years, there has always been an extra element of sinister intent when it came to creepy kids in movies. From ‘The Omen’, to ‘The Bad Seed’, to ‘Children Of The Damned’, to ‘The Shining’. And even in more recent flicks like ‘The Babadook’, ‘Insidious’, ‘Pet Sematary’, or the remake of Stephen King’s ‘IT’. And yet, with that terror filled vibe of murderous kids with severe problems being woven into the movies we watch…or somehow being solely targeted by evil forces to use against us…I have to admit to getting the same thrill from seeing these flicks done well.

This….is the beauty of ‘boy horror’!

Basically, the idea behind boy horror is an exercise in both pleasure and pain. Hehehe! You take an uneasy movie, that you probably wouldn’t want to see because it’s full of nightmare fuel and it’s liable to make you sleep with the lights on afterwards…BUT…you add a cute boy or two into the mix? And now you’ve lured me in to give it a shot. Seriously! LOL!

It was talking to other Shackers in email, mostly me and Turtleboy, hehehe…that finally started trading trailers for good horror movies that just happened to have cute boys in them somewhere. Calling them ‘boy horror’, and giving a shot to movies that we might not have watched if it weren’t for the ‘bait’ they put in the trailers. But, I can honestly say that I have found some really GREAT independent horror flicks because of this! And I try to share them with other people as often as possible!

Drawn in with the beauty…only to find a beast waiting for me. Devious! Hehehe!

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Now, understand…I’ve always thought there was something really bone chilling about the innocence of a child being corrupted to a point where you were blinded by it. There’s a certain psychological horror behind it. When I mention ‘cute boys’ in this sense, it’s more like…awwww, he’s adorable! He can do no wrong, right? How can a kid so lovable be bad?

And I think that’s where the ‘creep factor’ comes in. Because we all have this inner need to nurture and protect the youth. It’s human nature. But what happens when that youth gets tainted and driven to acts of pure evil? What then? How do we balance our need to protect them and our need to defend ourselves from harm and see the truth for what it is?

It’s a theme that stuck with me ever since I first read “Lord Of The Flies” when I was in Junior High. Just the idea that, yeah…kids can be monsters too! And not just brats demanding a new toy…but actual monsters! They operate on a playing field that most adults can’t even understand. A plane with no serious consequences for their actions. A place where ‘what happens next’ doesn’t really exist.

If you sit back and really think about it…children are the most terrifying beings among us. And we refuse to see it coming, because we still want to protect them from harm.

I remember when they brought the Twilight Zone back in the mid 80’s when I was a kid, and this episode really freaked me out! It’s just…the way it ended…those last 90 seconds or so…

I found it hard to sleep that night. I still love it though! And awwwww, look at little Sean Astin!!! LOL! See? ADORABLE!!!

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I think this demonstrates the other side of the equation when you watch it. Seeing young boys in danger is just as disturbing to me as seeing them psychotically slashing other people to bits. So, I think that touches a nerve with me as well…making certain examples of good boy horror a visceral experience for me as well. There’s just something about it that makes my skin crawl.

But that also makes for a more emotional connection when watching these thrillers and horror movies, and you end up investing more of yourself into keeping them safe than you would if they were adults. At least for me, it is. I CRINGE at the idea of this sweet young boy getting hurt or worse! But I’m locked in to see what happens next.

If for no other reason than to make sure he makes it out alive!

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So, YES! ‘Boy Horror’ is a thing around these parts! Hehehe! And I’m always looking for more! Because as much as we cherish the youth of today…their adorability factor can be deceptive! Creepy! Maybe even DEADLY, if we’re not careful!

There’s nothing more disarming than the smile of a cute boy who promises you ‘he doesn’t bite’. And by the time you start bleeding, it’s too late to push him away! So beware of charming grins and bright eyes…they just may be the Devil in disguise!

I don’t know what could make for a better horror movie than that!

The vampire that you willingly invited into your home! Wow…such a sucker! Hehehe!

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