#1- The word, ‘Testify’, often used in matters of the law and sometimes in churches…is actually based in an ancient Roman practice, where men would swear on their own testicles when making a statement to prove it was true! Hehehe, don’t giggle! It’s true! 😛

#2- “Game Of Thrones” writer, George R R Martin, purchased the very first ticket for the first ever Comicon event in New York in 1964! It’s said that only 30 people showed up! Comicon has come a long way!

#3- The head special effects guy for the movie “Friday The 13th 3 (In 3-D)” just happened to be coming from a hockey game one day when he showed up on the set. And thus, Jason’s iconic hockey mask was born! Directors were looking for a new look, replacing the one eyed ‘sack’ that Jason wore in the second movie…a look originally made to pay homage to the look of “The Elephant Man”.

#4- Did you think that American eagles had a ‘bad moral character’? Hehehe, apparently, founding father Benjamin Franklin did! In a letter to his daughter, he talked about he would much rather recognize the turkey as a representation of the country. Saying, “…For in truth, the turkey is in comparison a much more respectable bird.”

#5- In the Code of Federal Regulations here in the US (Title 14, Section 1211 – July 16, 1969)…it has been made illegal for US citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles! Ummm…but aliens aren’t supposed to be real, right? I mean…right?

#6- The flag flown during the Olympics bears the colors red, blue, black, green, yellow, and white. This was meant to be a global representation of everyone competing as at least one of those colors exists on the flag of every nation on the planet.

#7- Hehehe, the word ‘swagger’ came long before Justin Bieber was singing about it. It was actually invented by William Shakespeare. Because randomly making up words that are still around centuries later is awesome!

#8- In the state of Massachusetts, the legal age for consensual marriage is only 14 for boys and only 12 for girls.

#9- Americans alone eat over 690 POUNDS of turkey every year during the Thanksgiving holiday! That is equal to the weight of the entire population (every man, woman, and child) of Singapore! Jesus!

#10- The most difficult phrases to craft in the English language is called a ‘palindrome’. These are full sentences that can be spelled both forwards and backwards. Below are a few examples:

He lived as a devil, eh?

A man, a plan, a canal – Panama.

Ma is as selfless as I am.

Nurse, I spy gypsies. Run!

Red rum, sir, is murder.

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