“My first music teacher at school said I was the most enthusiastic and committed pupil he had ever taught and that gave me the inspiration to continue.”

That was a quote from a new up and coming artist named Daniel Porter…and it definitely fits. One gleaming smile from this boy, shiny braces and all, will scream enthusiasm from the highest rooftops before he even plays a single note! And with that level of true passion and hard work, along with his bashful, yet highly charismatic, charm…he’s undoubtedly on his way to making a big splash in the music industry very soon!

Usually decked out in all black, this 14 year old musician from overseas has become a pleasant breath of fresh air in a business that tends to get extremely stale from time to time. Highly talented, Daniel is able to play both acoustic and electric guitar, as well as the drums, and the piano. He’s also a skilled singer/songwriter, who has the ability to put his own thoughts and feelings into words and set them to music. Music that he can arrange and play himself. So his entire ‘being’ is embedded in his music, and it shows. You can hear it. You can feel it. How cool is that?

Daniel says that he has always wanted to be a famous guitarist for as long as he can remember. “I was born in London but shortly afterwards moved to Leicestershire where my mother’s family is originally from. I live with just my mum and older brother, Corin, who is 17, and it has always been just the three of us. My father is a singer/songwriter/guitarist, and my mother is an artist.” It seems that Daniel is a guaranteed ‘win’ then, even on a genetic level. Hehehe!

Now a proud member of Torchlight Entertainment, this young teen heartthrob is bringing his particular brand of indie flavored rock to audiences around the globe through his Youtube channel and his social media…where he is quickly gathering quite an impressive following after only a year or two of having it active. He claims artists like The Dandy Warhols, Nirvana, Ariana Grande, Kiss, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Arctic Monkeys, are some of his biggest influences, but his eclectic tastes don’t stop there. Daniel is also fond of classic rock and roll, rap music, opera, and jazz. That is quite a variety of music! But it’s always awesome to have a full spectrum of sources to draw from! So why not?

That may be why he was able to win the ‘Music Development Award’ at the Bedford Teen Star singing competition in April of 2018. His talent is undeniable, and his personality is as sweet and engaging as you would expect it to be from the first moment you find yourself being blinded by that million dollar smile.

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Hehehe, see what I mean? Isn’t he lovely? 😛

Outside of his natural talent, Daniel also makes it a point to show his heart in everything that he does, and is determined to give something back to the world. A devout vegetarian with a deep love for animals, Daniel Porter often goes busking when he gets the chance. I had never heard it called that before (Must be a UK thing, hehehe), but it basically means performing in the streets for the public passing by, and collecting money from people who wish to give a little donation for the entertainment. These donations are all going to environmental charities and business that are dedicated to solving the problems of climate change and to removing plastic and refuse from the oceans to save marine life and seabirds. Beautiful, talented, ambitious, and socially conscious!

This one is a keeper, you guys! Be sure to treat him like the prince that he is.

With his new band trio, ‘The Tyne’, (With band mates, Cooper Stout and Ryan Lofthouse)…Daniel can gain an even bigger following both on and offline. And if it ends up doing the rest of the world some good at the same time, then we’re all better off for it!

“I have always loved performing in assemblies at school and at home.” Daniel says. “We would often organize impromptu concerts for people in the village, posting tickets through doors on the street, inviting the neighbors over. Entry was 20p! These events were always great fun, with lots of clapping, singing, and foot stomping. The music would vary from Chopin (my brother on the piano) to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen. It made me realize that music is a way of instantly connecting with people from all different walks of life and that it takes away barriers in a way that nothing else can.”

So, with his music career now entering into a new, professional, phase…you can expect to be hearing more from Daniel Porter and The Tyne in the coming year. He is also taking acting classes with Talent1st, and may be showing off his acting chops as well soon. Here is the band’s newest music video, “She Looks Like A Dream”…

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My very best wishes for a bright and prosperous future go out to Daniel Porter and The Tyne! Drive them WILD, you guys! Something tells me that you are exactly the kind of music that many other young hopefuls and fans of good music have been waiting to hear! Best of luck!

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