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The blush that rushed up into my face was almost hot and furious enough to make me dizzy! Hehehe! Omigod, I never felt so…so NAKED before!!!

And my eyes kept looking down at Alex’s tight little ass as he led me into the showers! I didn’t want to feel rude, or overly ‘raunchy’ about the whole predicament…but his butt was REALLY hot to me! Look at it! Wow! It was so pale in comparison to the rest of him. Hehehe, I don’t think I ever noticed the sensual hint of gold in his skin tone until I saw it in contrast to the porcelain white bubbles of his finely sculpted mounds. It was absolutely breathtaking. And the way that it moved as he walked in front of me. A slow motion bounce that highlighted each pillow-soft globe, and the depth of the moist cleft that divided them. Athletic thighs, holding his taut cheeks up and swaying them with a subtle arrogance that let you know that you were bearing witness to something worthy of praise and worship. A glorious gift that caused my heart to race to the point of being short of breath.

Hehehe, it was difficult…trying to walk while I was so HARD for him!

As Alex and I entered the shower room, I was surprised that nobody else really paid us any attention. I mean, I would have thought that two naked teenage boys, holding hands, giggling and smiling at one another…both sporting a pair of erections that could put somebody’s EYE out if they got too close to us…would raise a couple of red flags. I half expected looks of disgust and disapproval. Or at least a few looks of confusion.

But no. None of that.

Maybe it’s because the showers were mostly full of adults at the time. Everybody our age had been dragged out of bed early and subjected to hours of horrendous check ups by our military ‘handlers’ this morning. So I can’t really say that we were surrounded by our peers at the moment. But I still found myself tensing up at the idea of getting caught looking at another boy and having him look back at me in such an open and brazen way. I can’t say that I’ve ever felt anything like it before. And…as I began to relax…Alex turning around to give me a flirtatious smile, threading his fingers between mine…the tension began to leave me. Almost immediately. It just felt…comfortable.

I had to fight through the remaining flutters of nervous butterfly wings, going absolutely WILD in my stomach at the time…but I managed to lean forward and give Alex a quick kiss on the lips. Hehehe, the look on his face was one of shock, but he didn’t pull away from me. He just got red in the face and looked down at my naked body again before snickering to himself and turning to walk towards one of the open shower nozzles on the wall.

YES! I KNEW he’d love that kiss! Hehehe! He’s in love too! I can totally tell!

He turned the water on and stood back while he waited for the spray to warm up a bit. I took the nozzle next to his and did the same, but just as the water started coming down, Alex tried to push me under the shower, a cascade of cold water falling down on my neck and shoulders, causing me to shiver and squeal as I fought to get out of the way! “DUDE!!! What the…???” I shrieked.

Alex laughed out loud at me. “It’s not THAT cold, is it?”

“Why don’t YOU try it and see?” I said, taking a hold of his arm and trying to pull him under the spray as well before it got heated up enough to be comfortable. He pulled back and we wrestled for a moment or two before one of the adults in the shower frowned his face up and told us to quit horsing around in the showers.

Sighhhh…do adults seriously get a thrill out of RUINING everything, or what?

Alex managed to pull his hand free from my grip, but he never lost his smile…or his sexy blush. The few short seconds of eye contact that we shared just before stepping into the warmth of our shower seemed to last an eternity. It spoke sonnets of silent poetry that only two young hearts could understand, with a rocket fuel boost of naughty thoughts and an abundance of adolescent pheromones that all the hot showers in the world couldn’t wash away.

My heart is so helpless when it comes to him. It’s just not fair, you know?

We did, eventually, start to clean ourselves up, but the longer that we stood naked next to one another, the more brazen my looks at his amazing body became. He was just so perfect. His entire form looked as though it was crafted by an expert team of angels for the sole purpose of enticing and exciting every set of eyes that dared to look upon it for longer than a second or two. I was mesmerized by it. It was so hard to not reach out and just…slide my hand down the sensual curve of his glistening wet backside…or to wrap my fingers around the hard shaft poking out in front of him at a sharp, upright, angle. Just watching him smear soap suds over his erect nipples was enough to make me feel faint, and I knew that merely being close to Alex, holding his hand, or even making out with him in a dark room…simply wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy my intense cravings for him anymore. I needed more. So much more.

I attempted to take my eyes off of him so I could get my heartbeat back to normal, but it’s like…you spend your whole adolescent awakening dreaming of the moment when you get to see a boy like that naked…and when it happens, you’re SO unprepared for it! It’s a billion times hotter than any ‘accidental’ wet dream that I’ve ever had. And I almost didn’t want to blink for fear that I’d miss something. You know?

We were both lathered up with soap, and sometimes, Alex would quickly turn his hips to face me and give me an eyeful. Hahaha! The tease! It would only be for a second or two. Just long enough for his stiffy to wag back and forth before turning away to hide it from me again. He’d giggle bashfully, trying to hold back from laughing out loud…but as soon as I saw him peeking back in my direction, I’d show him that I can be quite the perverted ‘flasher’ myself. Just as he did, it would only be for a quick peek, and then I’d make sure that he didn’t get any more goodies until he flashed me again first.

It was an erotic game that we were truly getting a kick out of today.

Attempting to ramp things up to the next level, Alex shampooed his hair, and then let his hands travel down his water slickened body to reach back and spread the suds all over the surface of his round cheeks…his fingers traveling deeply into the cleft in between the perfectly shaped mounds. He turned his back to me slightly, rubbing his ass all over, with bubbles crawling down and sliding down the back of his thighs. Oh my dear sweet God in heaven! I was so turned on that I thought I was going to cum without even touching myself at that moment! Especially when Alex snickered quietly, and gave his butt a sexy little wiggle in my direction, softly moaning in a higher than normal pitch of voice.

My eyes burst wide open, making him laugh, but we had to shut up as we were now drawing some unwanted attention to ourselves from the people around us. Alex attempted to hide his soft whimper with a cough, and I had to turn away to cover my mouth and not start bawling out loud. But, once we felt like we were back in the clear, Alex turned away from me again…and this time, he lightly pried his tight cleft apart for me, and I caught just a hint of the deeply blushed rosebud within.

Ok! Now he’s just not playing fair!!!

So I got a handful of shampoo myself, got the lather nice and soapy and warm…and I waited until he took a peek over at me again before sliding my own hands down to my chest, dipping into my navel for a moment or two…before looking around us to see if anyone was watching. Then I took my left hand down to grip and slowly knead my soapy balls, while using my right hand to take hold of my rigid shaft…and use the slippery surface to gradually slide my fingers down to its base.

Alex’s eyes stared at it, his face turning beet red as I traveled back up to my sensitive tip…and then began to push my hips up into my clutching palm again. I closed my eyes and tossed my head back, my lips parted with a heavy sigh, and I peeked back to see Alex totally losing his fucking MIND at the sight of it! Hahaha! And, yeah…I know it was naughty…but you can’t imagine how hot it was for the both of us. I can, honestly, say that this is as far as I’ve ever gone with another boy before. This was insane! But I didn’t want it to end. Not ever.

And then…it ended.

Alex and I had only made eye contact for a brief moment or two before we heard a grumbly sound, like a warthog trying to cough up mucous after a bad cold. We both stopped in the middle of our little game as we both looked to our left and saw Sheriff Rainey step forward and turn on the shower nozzle right next to us!

Oh God! Oh dear God! My eyes! My fucking EYES!!!

A giant panda bear belly, with lumps and rolls on both sides, and man boobs that would make any lady in the entire shelter envious of their size. And hair. Tons of hair. Hair with no rhyme or reason at all. A few patches here, a few over there, and then these totally meaningless bald spots on his chest…and back…and shoulders. It was like someone had dropped a peanut butter sandwich face down on a dirty barbershop floor. Ewww! And he had a gut that I only wished was slightly bigger so that it could hang lower and fully hide the shriveled up ‘pig in a blanket’ sausage between his legs. Rainey had an ass that reminded me of the times my mom used to shove our old clothes into a giant pillow case in order to donate them to the Salvation Army, and even that was covered in his weird pattern of body hair. Everything about him was disgusting to the point where I could almost taste the ugliness of it in the back of my throat. Talk about losing an erection. Ugh!

Alex and I couldn’t wash the soap and shampoo off our bodies FAST enough, both of us going limp as we fought the impulse to rub the suds in our eyes with the hopes of blinding us until we could forget seeing such a terrible terrible thing!

Of all the horrors we’ve seen in the streets full of ravenous undead cannibals…the vision of Sheriff Rainey naked tops them all. I swear to God.

Alex and I were giggling madly as we hurried out of that public shower and went running to the point where our feet were almost slipping on the wet tile floor. We both grabbed towels and laughed at one another as we were still cringing from the memory of what had just happened.

“Omigod, dude…what the fuck?” Alex said. “What was that???”

Breathing hard, I said, “I swear…he was, like…twelve ass hairs away from being a literal fucking sasquatch!!!”

“Hahahaha!!!” Jake dropped his towel from laughing so hard, but was quick to pick it up again. Then, he looked me in the eye…and I looked back at him…and our breathless laughter died down a bit. All of a sudden, he lunged forward and kissed me on the lips. He didn’t let it linger for too long, but I could tell that it was a bit more intense than the sweet smooches that we had been sharing before today. There was something ‘extra’ in it. I could feel it.

We had seen each other naked now. We’ve teased one another to the point of really testing our self control and restraint. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was getting more difficult by the second.

We didn’t rush to get dressed. We drank in the sight of one another in our purest form. And when we were done, Alex actually used his towel to help me dry my hair for me. He lovingly caressed the side of my face with the palm of his hand. He gazed into my eyes so deeply that I had to reach up and hold on to his hips to keep my wobbly knees from collapsing beneath me. He smiled. “We should do this more often.”

“Yeah.” I whispered.

“You mean everything to me, Jake.”

“You too, Alex.”

We held on to the intimate moment for as long as we could, but had to step back from one another eventually. I don’t know why. It’s not like people don’t have more important things to worry about right now…but it was probably for the best. We didn’t have any need to show off for anybody. Nor did we see a need to inspire questions, make excuses, or even give random strangers the golden opportunity to see what the blossoming of true love looks like when we’re together. I kind of like the idea of it being our private little piece of reality itself. Our special space in the world. You know…

…Just us.

I thought about taking a hold of Alex’s hand again as we exited the showers and walked back out into the high school hallway, but there seemed to be a bit of commotion going on around us at the moment. Nothing that would indicate some kind of emergency or anything, but the soldiers were definitely walking the halls in full force all of a sudden. Many of them carrying boxes and materials and, what looked like, an extra surplus of medical supplies. Alex and I had to press our backs up against the lockers to stay out of their way as they seemed to be moving back and forth through the halls like a squad of agitated army ants.

We couldn’t do much more than wait for them to pass, but that’s when I noticed Cooper walking among them, and tried to get his attention. “Cooper? Hey, Cooper!”

Recognizing me and Alex right away, he walked over to stand in front of us. “Hey, what’s up, guys?” He said, also trying to stay out of everybody else’s way. “Where’s Walker? You’re still keeping an eye on him, right?”

I told him, “Yeah. He’s fine. Just getting some sleep. Our friend Donovan is watching out for him in the cafeteria. Spencer too.” Then I looked at all the heavy traffic around us and asked, “What’s going on? What’s everybody doing?”

Cooper leaned in so he could lower his voice and still be heard. “It looks like the last two caravans of survivors are approaching the compound. We’ve got about two hours to get the facility ready, get medical in working order, and check rations to make sure we’ve got enough food for them all. We need to get everything in order, asap. Because after these two…we’re not letting in any more.”

Hopeful, Alex asked, “Did any of the caravan trucks come from the downtown area? My parents were held up in a shelter somewhere in the middle of that mess.”

“Can’t tell for sure, kid.” Cooper said. “But they’ve been finding some real fighters out there. People who were smart enough to get to a safe place and keep an eye out for the rescue teams. So, I can’t make you any guarantees, but keep the hope alive. If your parents are out there, chances are our troops have found them. K?”

That made Alex smile. He began to almost glow from the relief that he felt at that moment. And with Cooper’s words being so positive and reassuring…I began to feel the same way. Who knows? Maybe they’re bringing my parents back to me too. And if that’s the case..maybe we can stay here. Maybe I can get Mom and Dad to talk Cain out of this crazy plan to take off and give up the safety of the only sanctuary that we’ve got access to in all this chaos.

“So, you said…in just a few hours?” I asked.

“Two or three. Four hours, tops.” He replied. “The streets are pretty torn up out there, and there may still be a few stragglers out there that need help too. All we can do for now is keep our fingers crossed and hope that they get here without too much of a glitch in the game plan.” We saw some more people come through with what looked like boxes of canned food and a few giant laundry hampers full of blankets and bed sheets. “All personnel has cleared out as much as the material as we could get away with from the third floor, and now we’re all working on the second. With everybody pulling together like this, we should have things up and running in no time flat.”

“My mom…my dad…” Alex whispered to himself. “…They might actually be able to get here now.”

Cooper looked at us and said, “Keep vigilant, you two. I’m gonna need you as my eyes and ears around this place. You read me?”

“You’ve got it.” I said. “Thanks, Cooper.”

He put a hand on both of our shoulders as he gave us a sly grin. “Cheer up, boys. Things are starting to look up already. We’re all gonna find our way back to normal somehow. Just wait and see.” He said, and he walked off to enmesh himself back in the mass of scampering soldiers as they began making arrangements for the newest refugees to come join the rest of us from the area.

I could see Alex smiling as he leaned back against the lockers, almost teary eyed. “I hope they made it. I really just…I hope the trucks bring them here soon.”

Feeling a little choked up myself, I leaned back right beside him, taking a hold of his hand. “I’m sure they’re ok. If we made it, they probably made it too.”

Alex leaned his head over on mine for a moment, and then he popped back up and said, “Wow…that means that you’ll get to meet my parents!”

“Hehehe! Oh yeah. I guess so.” I giggled. “And maybe you’ll get to meet mine too? Heck, they’re probably on the same truck and don’t even know it yet.” Our eyes sparkled at one another, and I asked, “Do your parents, ummmm….know? About you, I mean?”

I don’t think Alex had really put much thought into it before. He wrinkled his brow for a moment, and he said, “No, actually. At least, I don’t think so.” But then he shrugged, and he said, “I guess they’re gonna find out then, won’t they? Because I’m not giving you up for anything!”

“Same here!” I said, and we made our way back into the cafeteria to drop off our dirty clothes and damp towels next to our little sleeping sections along the wall. The strange thing is…now that I knew what Alex looked like stark naked…I found it hard to picture him any other way. The utter audacity a piece fabric must have to hide such an angelic form from the eyes that may be forever changed with a single glance at his beauty. Or booty. Or BOTH!

Hehehe! Beauty booty!

We kept taking these little looks at one another, both of us obviously thinking the same thing. I couldn’t stop blushing. And every time our eyes made the slightest bit of contact, we’d burst out into a flurry of giggles that made us weak with joy…and maybe a hint of embarrassment. It was something that simply wouldn’t leave us alone…and it sort of got my wheels spinning as a rather naughty idea entered my head.

I moved over a bit and sat down right next to Alex, speaking just above a whisper as I leaned in close enough to inhale the lingering scent of soap on the nape of his neck. “You know…we’ve still got a few hours before those last caravans arrive.”

Alex snickered to himself in the cutest way imaginable, and he said, “And…?”

And…Cooper said all of the soldiers were done cleaning the stuff out of the rooms on the third floor. They’re all on the ‘second’ floor now.”

“You think the third floor is completely empty right now?” He asked.

“Hehehe, well, maybe not empty. I’m sure they’ve got one or two patrols watching the hallways and stuff. But it won’t be enough to keep a couple of naughty teenagers from slipping by them and finding some privacy for a little while.” I said with a wicked smirk. “That is…if you want to.”

“I DO!” He whispered loudly, and we both giggled as I reminded him to hush. “Dude, let’s go.”


“Yeah…” He said, lightly touching my leg. “…Right now.”

“M’kay. I know a slick way to get up there. There’s an older staircase that leads to the little theater. I’m sure that we can get to it pretty easy, and then…it’ll just be us. You and me.”

“I’d like that.” He smiled at me seductively, and as his hand lightly slid further up my leg…slow, but daring…I felt myself getting extremely hard in my pants.

I may have to carry something extra with me to hide this thing.

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