Don’t worry! Hehehe, this cutie isn’t coming from Australia this time! LOL!

I know! Weird, right?

Hailing from Russia’s capital, Moscow…16 year old model, Tivodar Danil (Or is it Danil Tivodar? I’m not sure. I’ve seen it both ways) has spent the last few years solidifying a comfortable space on the list of some of the cutest boy models in the industry. Starting when he was only 12 years old, Tivodar has also been expanding his skill set into professional acting, and is also enrolled in film school. I assume with aspirations to one day work behind the camera as well.

Hehehe, but why? He’s too adorable to sit behind the camera! 😛

But, between posing for professional photo shoots and cuddling up with the acting bug, Tivodar has also begun singing competitively in recent months. Including an international contest full of pop singers called, “Pirogovskiy Rassvet 2016-2017”, of which he claims to have many fond memories.

He says, “I’ve been into pop vocal for three years, the voice suddenly appeared, and I started developing it. I received many awards and prizes for junior performances.” And while I’ve never heard him sing personally, I’m willing to bet that he gave it his all. And if he plans to attack his singing the way he does his other passions…there’s no way that he won’t come out on top.

Did I mention that he can sing in three different languages? Russian, English, and Italian! Damn, I wish I could do that!

Until then, however, he’s definitely keeping himself busy with his fashion model career. Representing brands such as Sweet Berry, Faberlic, Wild Berries, Gulliver, and Shaluny, with photo shoots and advertising…he’s already proven himself to be a hard worker and an ambitious boy with a bright future ahead of him.

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“My very first ad was for a school uniform brand which was published in the magazine. It was very exciting and amazing at the same time.” And he seems to really enjoy what he’s doing, so keep at it! The sky is the limit when you shoot for the stars, right? Go for it, dude!

On top of everything else, Tivodar seems to have a real sense of heart about him. Along with a touch of charm, and a hint of goofiness, as some of his sillier pics would imply. Hehehe, which is also cute beyond belief! He uses his list of boyish talents to help raise money for charities, one of them being concerts to help children who grow up in orphanages. Awwww, he’s such a sweetheart! Good for you!

Tivodar says that he’s waiting for a Russian version of “The Voice” so that he can compete on stage. I would love to see that, personally! Let’s see what he’s got to offer. Along with a few years worth of theater acting and fashion shows, Tivodar could end up becoming the kind of triple threat that you don’t often see in boys his age. And if he finds a way to crossover to the US in the process, even bigger opportunities are waiting for him here, across the pond.

“I like being in front of the camera and I want to do it every day. I love beautiful clothes and shoes that need to be advertised. I like flashes of cameras, I feel famous. Working in modeling helps me feel independent. I myself earn money to buy a phone and a computer and make gifts for my mother.” Tivodar says, also adding, “It is also important to be kind and friendly. When you have a good heart, many people want to cooperate with you, rejoice for you. It makes me smile, showing my dimples.” Awwwwww! ::Melts:: Well, we’re all thankful for that! Hehehe!

But this charming boy made sure to put the rest of the world on notice by saying, “I know that my main successes are yet to come.” And I, for one…believe him.

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So…to Tivodar Danil, I say, “Stay dedicated! Stay focused! And, as always, stay away from the bad stuff! We’re wishing you all the best! So shoot for the stars, and stay beautiful!

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