Seriously…where is the mandatory mistletoe when you need it? Hehehe!

Coming from Central Germany, Arno G. has been making a name for himself as one of the prettiest new models in the modeling game these days! And who could argue? With that super light blond hair and those deep blue eyes, he has quickly become a hypnotically beautiful distraction from whatever fashion he chooses to showcase in his career.

“What was he wearing again? I forget…” Hehehe!

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What??? Come on now…Arno could be wearing a heavily padded HAZMAT suit and he’d make it look like a skimpy speedo! Just saying! 😛

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Unfortunately, as cute as Arno is, he’s had his Instagram account erased on more than one occasion. And I’m thinking that it has something to do with his age. He’s a bit older now, and they seem to be leaving his account alone, so that’s my guess. As a practiced fashion model, Arno is doing all he can to go out there and gain the following that he rightly deserves. Who knows what kind of jobs he’ll be able to get once people really get a chance to notice him?

The sky is the limit, right?

I’m just taking a moment to wish Arno all the best in his blossoming career! Even if he seems to have a love of nature…bugs, in particular! LOL!

Pics of him with big spiders and praying mantis’ are common, as well as a few pics where he has snakes wrapped around his neck and face! Ummmm, NOPE!!! LOL! I love ya lots, man…but you’ve got to leave them outside! I don’t do the creepy crawlies unless I absolutely HAVE to!

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Don’t give me that big, blue eyed, stare! OUTSIDE! Unh unh! Discussion over!

Do good things, Arno! We wish you well!

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