Hehehe, you know…it may still be the greatest con of all time! In fact, it’s timeless…moving from generation to generation, catching parents by surprise each and every time. “What??? You mean my little boy/girl isn’t an innocent little angel anymore?”

::Snickers:: No, Mom…not for a WHILE now! LOL!

While I can completely understand all parents and guardians and even older siblings wanting to view the youth as delicate and pure and keep them safe from the…let’s say the ‘complications’ of the world at large…we can all agree that this isn’t really possible, right? I mean…by the time I was ten years old, I had a LOT to hide from my parents! Hahaha! How effective I was at doing so is a mystery to me, and probably always will be. But to say that I was an ‘angel’ when I was a kid would be a laughable lie!

So, the question this time around is…when did the innocent little angel in you take flight, and when did the devil start whispering in your ear? Giggles! And I’m not just talking about hormones and sex here. We’re talking deception, shoplifting, fist fights, gossip, secrets, masturbation…it’s human nature. It slips in eventually, and often much sooner than you think. How old were you when you adopted dishonest or secretive behaviors? And how did you hide it? Did your parents find out about it? Looking back…do you think they knew? Or were they oblivious to the actions of a Christmas angel with dirty wings? 🙂

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“To be honest I don’t know but I can recall a time when trying to be clever covering up dishonesty.

In the UK we learn to drive at 17. My Dad after I passed put me on the family insurance so I could drive the car (basically so I could take him to and from the train station each day!!)

Anyway one weekend the rents went away and as they were going with friends, the friends picked them up in their car and left our “family car” (which really means my Dad’s car) at home.

As they were away I had a couple of friends over myself. We realized there wasn’t much food in the house for all of us so I decided to take the car to the shops… No big deal you may think but my dear old Dad could get very upset if even a scratch was on the car.

So anyway got in the car and was about to reverse out the garage but accidentally had put in 1st gear not reverse… car lurches forward and into the back wall of the garage… not a hard tap but enough…

I get out and look to find that the front bumper now has a crack in it and paint scrape marks….

Suffice it to say I didn’t want him finding out so immediately took it down the road to the local repair/service garage who were able to fix it.. costing me £250! (most of my currently saved up allowance)

But the car was fixed, back in our garage all was good and Dad would never know….

Then comes the Monday… I come down for breakfast and Dad casually asks how my weekend was, anything exciting happen etc… I play it cool and say no just a couple of mates round on Saturday nothing special, and leave it at that…

Just as I’m leaving the kitchen, without looking up from his newspaper he casually pipes up… “Oh Dom, by the way it was sweet of you to get the car fixed …. I broke the front bumper last Friday and was going to take it in to be fixed today but you have saved me the trouble!”

So I was out of pocket £250 and the moral of the story… if your going to use something make sure you note what state it’s in before hand!” – Dom

“Well…I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve known I was gay since I had a crush on Jeremy Sumpter when I was 10. But I never came out until I was about 13. I’ve hid a lot from my family and friends since then; some of it harmless, other bits not-so-nice. Looking at porn, trying sex with other kids, sneaking out to go to a friend’s house….who hasn’t done those kinds of things when they were a kid? I think I was about 12 when I first snuck out of the house to have a secret sleepover with a boy who lived down the road from my parents’ house. Nothing naughty happened between us, but I loved spending time with him after his parents went to bed. I’d set an alarm on my watch, and sneak out of their house in the morning, so I could get home before my parents woke up to realize I was missing. I don’t know if my ‘rents ever noticed my absence, but a few times, my friend’s mom got up super-early and made me oatmeal for breakfast. With hot chocolate to drink. So, I think he must have told his parents about our nightly visits, or maybe she was just a light sleeper. I won’t mention everything I ever did, but it started to degenerate from there. Some stuff I did get into trouble for; other things, I received a free pass. If they didn’t know about it, then it was never mentioned, but if they DID know, you can bet they at least commented on it. So, I assume there WERE some things that went unnoticed by my family.” – Page Scrawler

“Yeah, I think my angel wings were clipped pretty early in life. LOL!

I was an extremely inquisitive youngster growing up. And I can remember going on scavenger hunts whenever I had the house to myself. Cupboards or closets or drawers that I had never looked in before…I would investigate. And…hehehe, that led me to some interesting places.

Now, looking back on it, I’m a bit disturbed by my dad’s porn collection! Hahaha! And this was back on betamax (Young kids say, ‘beta-WHAT???’). But I found some videos that changed my life. And some playboy magazines too. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old, and I was immediately fascinated. And…believe it or not…(I can’t believe I did this!!!) I made a MAGAZINE with naked women in it!!! It was just dirty pictures stapled to notebook paper! And I took it to school and showed it to other kids! Omigod, I’m blushing just SAYING that! LMAO!!! What’s worse is, I actually got caught, and the teacher had to talk to my parents about it. Yeah….I caught a nasty beating over that one! But I did it, and that was my introduction to porn. I don’t even think I recognized it as porn at the time. It was just…exciting, you know? At least to me, it was.

I’ve definitely had my shoplifting moments too. G.I. Joe figures! I was obsessed with them for some reason. And Garbage Pail Kids! (Google it, youngsters!) And then there was the whole ‘explicit content’ labels they started putting on music at the time. Fuck you! I want to buy the NWA album with “Fuck The Police” on it! Hahaha, if you won’t sell me the cassette…oh, lookee here, it fits right into my backpack!

Am I proud of some of the stuff that I’ve done…ummm, yeah. I don’t suggest it, or want to influence anybody to do the same…but my darker side is a part of who I am. So be it.

But DON’T follow my example, kids! It’s bad stuff! LOL! Seriously, k?

At the end of the day, I had a good run for about 7 years as my mommy’s little angel. After that, it was a downhill slide into the degenerate monster that I am now! And to think…I didn’t even have the internet back then! Giggles!” – Comicality

“My angel wings began to change when I was 8…. I know. Tsk tsk Julian. Some of you might know my first history. Hmm. And yeah, stealing money saying I found it when I was 11, etc. Were just all standard acts of behavior I followed with after that. The end. Oh! I used to watch the Bow flex workout commercials and stare at them ha.” – Black Paper

“It’s hard to say really, cause I never really rebelled a whole lot. At the same time, I’ve always had an open and honest relationship with my mum. Because of the way she talked to me when something was bothering me, or I had done something wrong, I felt confident to go to talk to her. Had she screamed and yelled, or reacted physically, I probably wouldn’t have been able to go to her like I did, so I’ve always valued that about her. If I ever have kids, which is unlikely, I want them to feel the same way, that they can come to me with anything.

How do you rebel when your parents are pretty relaxed and lenient about most issues? Now, one of my close friend’s parents were the opposite. They even locked the kitchen door between meals, and their time for playing out with friends were seriously restricted. They even tried to stop him from listening to rock music. Which they failed to do. But succeeded in preventing him from attending festivals and concerts with the rest of us, which made him miserable.

The only trouble I ever really got into during my childhood were with fights at school. But it’s really just the area I grew up in. Kids were always fighting, and I refused to be pushed around. I was a big kid who knew how to handle himself. I never started a fight, I don’t think, but I never backed down either. I saw what happened when other kids did. It got worse for them.

So yeah, apart from scuffs at school, and I guess I also skipped lessons a lot (from about age 10 to age 14). My mother wasn’t happy about that, but there was little she could do. I hated school at the time, and would often skip classes, a morning here, and an afternoon there, whole days sometimes, damn the consequences.

That was the case until I got to year 10 (9th grade,) that’s when I started knuckling down more at school. I was always interested in learning, but the way they tried to educate us at school wasn’t very effective. It wasn’t the best of schools. And I hear it’s even worse now.

There’s some irony in the fact that I used to skip lessons and go somewhere to read books (usually on science and philosophy, etc) I had borrowed from the library. I was a curious kid (still am), I just hated the school. The teachers. The students. The environment. It didn’t work for me.

The only time I remember my mum being seriously angry with me, was when I was about ten years old. I had just had a huge fight with one of my best friends (or at least what constitutes as “huge” for two ten year olds), and he had driven home on his bicycle, trying to balance while carrying two large hammers (weighing several lbs each) we had been using to build a fort.

Anyway, he was hit by a car on his way home. Fortunately he wasn’t seriously hurt. But he broke his arm and had a few cuts and bruises.

My mum came to find me to tell me my friend Daniel had been hurt. I think I was still angry after the fight, and also in shock after hearing about the accident, and I reacted badly (pretending I didn’t care that he was hurt, which wasn’t true), I was also with another friend, so I was probably putting on a tough act in front of him. Anyway, mum got angry with me, and made me come home and stay in my room for the rest of the day. Which I thought was unfair at the time. I thought I was entitled to my feelings, even if they were not nice ones. I spent the rest of the evening sulking in my room, conflicted over sadness about my friend being hurt, and feeling like I had been treated unfairly.

It’s funny looking back on it now, it was nothing major really. I’ve probably been in worse trouble, than skipping school, fist fights and the thing with my friend, but nothing comes to mind. I wasn’t a bad kid, but I was a stubborn one sometimes.” – Mike

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