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Hi Everyone!

Before I say ANYTHING else, I am so sorry if your email got skipped in the last issue. Wait, if I was going to use your Email you wouldn’t know, would you. <giggle> Anyway, that stupid Turkey has been after me since we did the photoshoot for November’s issue. And what’s worse? My little brother likes him! Pres and that stupid bird have been hanging out and my parents think it’s soooo cute. Guess what he asked for this Christmas… The ONLY thing he asked for actually. Yup, he wants to keep that rotten bird! This month is Preston’s birthday actually. Maybe I’ll get him a pet too. Anyone know what the natural enemy of the turkey is (Fox? Badger? Coyote?)  and can it be housebroken? Don’t tell Pres I said that. 😉

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Optimistic Prime Writes: Matt! How did you get into modeling? I’m in my 20’s now but have always wanted to get into it. Any tips?

Matt’s Reply: Hey OP! I’m actually not the best person to ask about how to break in. I mean, I just sorta fell into the gig I got. In the very beginning, I went with a cousin who did work his way into it to a shoot to see what he did. It was an underwear shoot for a big name brand that I actually wore. When I learned what he was advertising I said “Sweet, I wear those!” in front of his handler and the photographer. One thing led to another and I was taking my pants off. (That sounds so bad… LOL!) They took a couple of shots in the boxer briefs I wore there, then they gave me like 8 other pairs of briefs and bikini briefs in my size to wear and after they huddled up or whatever they do, they had me join the actual shoot and even get paid. Not to mention I got to keep all the stuff I wore! So for me, being in the right place at the right time and be willing to pretty much be a mannequin or a prop for a couple of hours was the key. It helps a lot to know people in the business but even that is no guarantee that you will land work. I just got really lucky. – Good Luck Bro!


TrueFan Writes: Hey Matt: It’s been a while since I had anything in Imagine Magazine… like way back in Issue 24… My name was on the cover, my story was in the table of contents, but without a by-line… I’m glad to see you have your S*%t together better than whoever it was that was putting the magazine together in the past. It’s been a hell of year for me, but that’s neither here nor there. I should have something for you to take a look at at some time in the future.

Now, as I remember, you have a birthday coming up… I’ll have to talk to ACFan about an ‘appropriate’ gift for you. If you believe that, you don’t know me too well… yet.

So, you never said what (if anything) you were wearing under the kilt when you played MacDuff… I wonder if you had the balls to be authentic… but if you were, everyone in the front row would know it.

Good job so far with the Magazine…


Matt’s Reply: Oh yeah! Hi True Fan! I just looked back at that issue, where’ve you been? I agree by the way, so much as changed since back then. You should see Comicality talk about how much has changed and how proud of it all he is. I try not to say it in front of Jeff but, he really puts in the maximum effort right before release day. Lazy the rest of the month tho. <giggle>

Oh yeah, my birthday… and I haven’t even said anything yet. 😀 January 15th!!! I’m not even sure what the plans are. For the Magazine, I guess I’ll always be 15 and Pres will always be 11. That’s how the CGI thing was worked out. I decided I wanted to keep being involved as long as ACFan keeps me from changing too much and since we needed to CGI up my likeness anyway, that’s pretty easy to do. That hasn’t affected anything yet but photoshoots will probably get weirder the older I get. Who cares tho, right? I can’t imagine this all not being fun.

Oh yeah, the kilt. Funny story actually. I had always planned to wear a pair of dark boxer briefs under the kilt but, after it was brought up in the magazine and a few of my friends started talking about it, I planned to wear nothing. I was all set to go, costume wise, and the first dress rehearsal with no one really watching; commando! All the way! It was actually kinda fun and when I learned that I wasn’t the only one who decided to be that authentic, it was so hot! Anyway… We had four nights scheduled and yeah that first night, I went out there for my first scene and spent the entire time worrying if the front row could see big Matt and the twins. <giggle> That’d be just great on the front page of the local newspaper; “Local Boy shows off his Macduff during performance…” So I put my boxer briefs back on after that first opening scene. I did find out that the boy playing Fleance was swinging free all four shows! How do I know this? He flashed me backstage! Just before each of my scenes! It was awesome! No, nothing happened, he has a girlfriend 🙁

Anyway, it was great hearing from you! I’ll talk to Jeff about getting something from you to put in the issue, cool?


Yodaho Writes: Matt, you are stranded on an island and can choose one person to be stranded with. Who would it be?

Matt’s Reply: Aw man, that’s tough. I mean instantly I try to think of the hottest boys I know, celebrities I drool over, fantasies of people I have no shot with or ever will…and I might even quickly come up with a name without thought. But if I had real time to consider my answer, like I do for this response I’d choose my best friend. I can’t use his name here but he knows who he is and I know he reads these so yeah, you 🙂 I mean I can choose someone I hardly know because they are hot but, my best friend is the person I chill with, talk to, argue with, plan stuff that probably would get us into trouble, and stuff like that. If I was to spend the rest of my life with anyone, it would be with the only person I can imagine could tolerate me for that long 🙂


…or Maxwell Jenkins. <giggle> Comicality talks about him all the time and he’s super hot and soooo talented! Hehehe!

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