#1 – If you were to spell out every number while counting, you would you have to go all the way until the number One THOUSAND before you had to use the letter ‘A’!

#2 – The movie “Avengers: Endgame” actually broke 144 cinematic records after its release! Including the most trailer views within the first 24 hours, the longest comic book film ever made, the most pre-sale tickets ever sold, the fastest movie to earn 1 billion dollars, and it is the largest grossing movie of all time.

#3 – In the original “Matrix” movie, Keanu Reeve’s character, Neo, has a passport ID that expires, precisely, on September 11th, 2001. And….that’s not weird at all, right?

#4 – 2019 Marked the event of the second HIV+ patient in human history to have the disease suddenly go into remission, where medication and extra care were no longer needed. Science is studying this new phenomenon, and is hoping to finally get a few steps closer to finding a cure.

#5 – The youngest Pope in history…was only 11 years old! :O

#6 – Missy Elliott was the first, and only, female rapper to ever be inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame.

#7 – In the movie, “Fight Club”, with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton…the director sneaked in a Starbucks coffee cup into every single shot of the movie! Weird!

#8 – ‘Comicality’ once started collecting a team of ‘X-Men’! Hehehe! It’s true! When I started writing years ago, I wanted to create a website with other writers that I really loved and thought were massively talented. But my email always put all of my email contacts in alphabetical order, and it was difficult to make sure that I had contacted everybody because everything was scattered all over my email inbox. My solution? I put the letter ‘X’ in front of my fellow writer’s name in my email, so they would all be grouped together. These were ‘Comsie’s X-Men’, and it included authors like Dean Lidster, Isaac Ashdown, Drew Greyfox, IOMfAtS, Eggy, Maria, Char Primrose, GAYTEENSTORIES, and many more. If I had the tech knowledge to put a website like that together back then, it would have been one of the first. Hehehe! But, que sera sera! 😛

#9 – On January 3rd of 2019, the Chinese probe, ‘Chang’e 4’, became the very first man made object to ever land on the far side of the Moon.

#10 – While many people know of Mountain Dew as a popular soft drink…the term ‘mountain dew’ was originally a different way of saying ‘moonshine’. Drink up, kids!

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