Duncan: Out Of Exile

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Chapter 9

I went in search of Lyka and found him sitting in the music area wearing headphones; I could hear the last few strains of Elgar’s Nimrod escaping through the gaps.

He sat facing me with his eyes closed; his lush dark lashes were in full view. It gave him the appearance of a sleeping child. His eyes opened lazily exposing those brilliant blue irises. A look of peace was on his beautiful face, man I had it bad.

“Oh hi, how long have you been standing there?” He looked a bit embarrassed at having been surprised.

“Only a minute,” I replied. “Are you fond of Elgar?”

A gentle smile crossed his lips “You know Elgar? I’m impressed.” His smile widened.

“Well not personally,” I returned, “but I am familiar with his music” I grinned. “It’s really nice and quite soothing.”

I sat in an adjoining chair and we chatted. I remembered what he had said earlier about never having read The Hitch Hikers Guide and I ran off and found a copy and thrust it into his hands. I saw him grimace a bit, “are you okay?” The grimace faded, “Just a twinge in my leg and I need to pee, I hate to ask but would you help again?”

“It’s nice to be needed. Oh your Mom and Ken went to see a judge; she said she’d see you when they got back.” I told him and I put my right foot against his left and extended my hand to hoist him up, he winced a bit but was able to get his crutch under his arm. The restroom wasn’t far and he kept a hand on my shoulder so as not to slip on the tile again.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this, people will start to talk,” I suggested.

He erupted in giggles,

“Please don’t make me piss my pants.”

I got him positioned in front of the urinal and he looked at me with a bashful expression. “Do you need me to leave so you can go?” I asked.

“No, actually I’m a little wobbly, I can’t let go of you or I’ll fall. Would you please help me get it out, I’m about to piss myself.”

I didn’t say anything more, I kept my left arm around his chest and slid my right down his belly to his waist band and slipped my fingers under it. They ran straight into his silky pubes and struck the base of his very urgently erecting penis. I untangled his scrubs and freed his beautiful nearly member dick and pointed it at the urinal and said, “fire away.”

I thought I had to keep holding it or he would have caught his own stream in the face and the sensation of the torrent flowing through my hand was so exciting I felt my own dick straining at the fabric of my scrubs. His flow slowed to a trickle and ceased but I kept my hand right where it was. The sensation of liquid passing through it was replaced by throbs increasing in intensity each time, as he became fully erect his penis began to curve a bit forward at the upper half. Lyka began gently moving his hips and when I looked his eyelids were at half-mast. I began to move my hand in an all too familiar pattern and slid my left hand down to his perfect and now bare ass. I passed my hand over his cheeks and he stiffened and I felt another torrent exploding from him. It was glorious; he shot several strong squirts against the porcelain the last just a dribble across my fingers. As his erection sagged I released my grip and raised my hand to examine the pearly fluid. I sniffed it and then to my own surprise I tasted it. It tasted the same as my own.

Apparently this surprised Lyka as well; a barely audible “whoa,” escaped his lips. I reached back down and did a base to tip squeeze of his dick to get the dregs out before I tucked him back in to his undies and scrubs.

“Thanks Duncan,” he sighed. ”I haven’t been able to take care of that since I’ve been here. There’s always an orderly right outside the stall so I get zero privacy. Could I do something for you?”

I looked at him quizzically, “Are you kidding, you can barely stand. Let’s get you to a chair and I’ll go get a wheelchair, I bet you’re past due for your pain meds.” He nodded and I sat him back down where he had been before and went back to the entrance to get a wheelchair. I told Max what I was doing and asked Sarah about bringing the chair in.

I found one just outside the door and rolled it back to Lyka who was really starting to feel the pain in his leg. I man handled him into the wheelchair as gently as possible and hooked his single crutch on the back and made for the elevator. I pushed his button and told him that I probably wouldn’t be allowed to hang out on his floor and I would be surprised if some sort of subtle alarm didn’t go off when I stepped off the elevator.

As I pushed his chair off the elevator three gentle chimes sounded to alert the staff. A nurse appeared promptly and I cut her off before she could order me back on the elevator.

“Michael needs his pain Meds; he’s hurting quite a bit.”

To Lyka I admonished, “Take your pills and get some zee’s and I’ll catch you later.” I smiled at the nurse and stepped back aboard the waiting elevator. Lyka waved weakly as the doors closed.

I leaned on the wall and savored the moment we had in the restroom. It didn’t seem bad at all and the sense of intimacy with Lyka was overwhelming. I pushed the button for my own floor and walked to the rest room to drain my own bladder. I decided to wait for my shower to give my own dick some attention although I knew I would be semi-hard all day.

That was okay; it made my dick look awesome as I checked it in the mirror.


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