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Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year 2020!!!

I know, I know! I’m not on the cover this month. It’s just that I didn’t have time to do the photoshoot with ACFan. See, last month Jeff had some bad things happen, both at work and at home. The saddest is that he had to put his cat Angel to sleep right before Christmas, which totally sucks. She was so cool too. I remember when he was showing me how to create a new page for the site and she decided of all the places in the house, she needed to be on his keyboard, in his face, on his lap. By the end of my stay, she was doing it to me too. I went home covered in cat fur and decided I needed a cat too. (One that would beat up turkeys maybe…) She was soo cool. I’m sad I won’t get to visit her again 🙁

Angel “helping” work on Imagine Magazine

Anyway, I told Jeff to take a break and that I’d take care of the New Years issue. I mean he had the cover done already so all I needed to do was format and put the articles together, and create the issue page and link everything, and the main page, and the all issues page, and… OMG! What was I thinking!?!

There won’t be any letters this month and once I stop panicking, hopefully there won’t be a ton of mistakes and forgotten stuff. Rest up Jeff and Rest in Peace Angel. The magazine is gonna miss its quality control cat!

~ Matty

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