I remember the second I heard that these two female artists were working together on a song, and I was instantly excited! It was an unexpected pairing, but I had no doubts, whatsoever, that their collaboration would be something awesome. Eve has always had a bit of a rough edge to her, but still managed to keep this alluring femininity about her at the same time. And Gwen Stefani always came off as the coolest ‘tomboy’ on the block. The girl all the boys would fall for first when they were younger. And during a period in music were every female artist was being pressured into the whole ‘sex sells’ cookie cutter mode, neither one of them ever allowed themselves to be a part of that game. As undeniably beautiful as they were…they never really had to take their clothes off or peddle their sexuality to sell records. They’ve always broadcasted an aura of strength, independence, and grace, and it just sounded like a match made in heaven to have them work together. Plus…either one of them looks as though they would punch you right in the fucking MOUTH if you ever dared to call them a bitch! Which is kind of sexy in its own way! So, respect, ladies! And love always!


Eve – Hip Hop
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Gwen Stefani – Alternative Pop
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So nice…they had to do it TWICE!!! 🙂

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