An Ode To The Sun

Where are you O’ Glorious Yellow Light in the Sky?

Why have you forsaken me in the forlorn days of gray skies and gray clouds?

Just because I may have cursed you out this last summer because your rays of golden warmth may have fried my brain and the landscape as well?

I counted on and need you to not only light my way in these dark and gloomy days of winter but to provide warmth as well.

Please come back for just one day, so I may see the glorious winter landscape of blinding snow-covered fields and mountains.

If you decide to share your mighty presence with us lowly creatures below you, I will reward you with riches beyond compare.

I will give you not only my glorious ruby-hued Shiraz, and my aromatic Sumatran Coffee, but the food of the gods my prized collection of Dark Chocolate.

So please grace us with the warmth of your magnificent golden rays.

Without your golden presence life is gloomy, dark, and dreary.

So please put some light and warmth in our lives and let us rejoice in your glorious presence and offer joy and exultation.

For you and only you can provide the light and warmth to make life all it can be.

O’ Glorious Golden Orb in the Sky I beseech you to return to your rightful place in the cerulean skies.

All things will be right then until eternity has passed and come again. For only, you can banish the darkness and make life liveable.

O’ Golden Orb of light and warmth, you have returned to light my path,

For only you can warm my way.

I will set this day apart for you to forever offer a paean of joy and welcome,

I will also offer alms and the gladness of my heart. I have poured your glass of Shiraz,

And set it out for you with some glorious Dark Chocolate.

On the morrow when your golden presence appears above the horizon,

I will toast you with a mug of aromatic Sumatran Coffee,

So that you will always grace us with your wondrous presence,

Until you lower your Golden Majesty below the horizon,

for your nightly repose.

O’ Glorious Golden Orb in the Sky, thank you for returning to your rightful place in the cerulean skies.

Author’s Note:

I wrote this on the first day of sunshine, after almost ten days of grim gray skies. The sun did tease us a few times by glowing through the clouds but providing no warmth.

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