It is with a sad and heavy heart that I post this here.

But I felt that it was important to do so.

At an early age, an inspired dancer by the name of Jack Higgins began to follow his passion and throw himself into what he really loved. He just wanted to dance. By the age of fourteen, Jack had become a member of the Elite Academy Of Dance to practice ballet and truly feel free, expressing himself through the grace and beauty of his natural talent.

He then became a contestant on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, auditioning from his home of Liverpool, and impressing the judges to the point of giving him four ‘yes’ votes to compete on the show, where the teen phenom made it to the semi finals.

He had also experimented with acting for a while, appearing in shows like “Plain Sight” and “Retribution” on the BBC. A bright and beautiful boy, with a bright and beautiful future ahead of him. It was the passing of a family member that inspired him to go out for that big audition on BGT, saying, “Me and my choreographer chose that song, ‘Say Something’, because we’ve both lost people in our family, and that song says something about people passing. I felt it was about my grandad and my nan. I lost my grandad a couple of years ago and I lost my nan at the beginning of the year. I was really close to them.” Adding, “My nan knew I had an audition for Britain’s Got Talent but she died in January and I didn’t do the judges’ audition until February. She was very proud though and I know she would be really proud if she was still here. She did tap dancing when she was younger so she used to say I took after her. So it meant a lot for me to do that dance for her in her memory.” Wow…

Here is Jack’s dance audition…

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An amazing performance, and one that he should be proud of. Followed by many more that got him a great deal of praise, applause, and respect as a dancer. But…sometimes the negative voices in your life have a greater impact. And it becomes a lot for someone to carry. Especially when you’re just a teenager and trying to figure things out for the first time.

This past December…Jack Higgins was found dead in his home. And while details are sketchy at best, it appears that he hung himself. Another victim of teen suicide. Because of childish bullying and ridicule…the world has lost another true angel. And it forces us all to ask ourselves what we can do, as a society, to finally put a stop to this. It’s so senseless. 🙁

It breaks my heart to know that someone so beautiful was forced to surrender to the darkness surrounding him. And I can only hope and pray that people will get better, and evolve beyond using someone else’s pain and humiliation to feel good about themselves. It’s disgusting. Truly loathsome. And I just want it to stop.

He was fourteen, for God’s sake! Leave him alone…

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The Elite School Of Dance made this public statement, saying, “Jack was an inspiration to everyone at Elite and touched the hearts of everyone who had the pleasure of working and dancing with him since 2012. We and all of Jack’s family and friends are naturally completely devastated and at a loss for words and answers.”

He leaves behind his mother, Karen, his proud father, Robert, and younger brother, Rory…who is also an actor. My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends, and I wish that there was more that I could say and do to ease their pain during such a tragic time.

But…for what it’s worth…

Jack got to experience a moment that most people never had the courage to experience for themselves. He got to pursue what he loved. He got the opportunity to dance for a captivated audience, and have them shower him with all of the love and praise that he deserved. He worked hard for his moment in the spotlight…and he got it. With roaring applause and a standing ovation.

Jack Higgins may no longer be with us, and we may never see what he could have been, had he been able to get past the judgement of a world that wasn’t willing to accept him for who he was…but for that ONE moment…he got to be free. And I applaud him for that.

Rest in peace, Jack.

And for any of our teen readers…if you need help our counseling to assist you with depression, bullying, abuse at home, or anything else that you might be going through…PLEASE talk to somebody! Ok? There are better solutions out there for you. Don’t give up. You have something to offer the rest of the world. Don’t let the rest of us down. K?

Find your strength. Ask for help. And always remember that life gets better if you just give it time.

This is me, personally wishing you well. All of you. Take care. And never forget…as long as I’m breathing, there is always SOMEBODY out there who loves you for who you are. No questions asked.


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