It was quite a few years ago when I began writing an erotic teen story on the site called “Left Without Words”, about a teen boy named Shane who went out to a local, authentic, Greek restaurant that he loved to get take out from…only to one day run into one of the most beautiful boys that he had ever laid eyes on. Dimitry (‘Deme’ for short) was the grandson of the owner, and the character quickly became one of the biggest heartthrobs on the Shack website! Hell, I even admitted to developing a crush on him myself. Hehehe!

The funny thing is…the SECOND that I saw a few photos of Kick Ciske for the first time, it was almost as if that character had suddenly been brought to life! It was like, “Omigod! That’s HIM!!! Right there, in the flesh!” If I could cast a movie or TV series for “Left Without Words” tomorrow, I wouldn’t want anybody else. He’s perfect!

Kick Ciske is a young model and actor from the Netherlands who is nabbing more projects than you can imagine as his name is growing in popularity. And that should come as no surprise to anybody who gets stuck staring at his pictures for longer than a few seconds. He is truly beautiful! Truly!

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Only 14 years old, Kick has already filled his modeling resume with such big names as Calvin Klein, Nike, Footlocker, Adidas, Tomy Hilfiger, America Today, and Tumble. Not to mention some big successes with CKS, Phillips, Cracker Barrel, and Disney. So, there is definitely no shortage of work for this aspiring star, and I’m guessing that he’s only going to get prettier from here on out. So keep your eyes on this one, you guys! He’s sure to be making a big splash soon!

I haven’t seen anything concerning his acting ability yet, but he has already showed a great deal of interest in having a presence on social media sites like Youtube and Instagram, and I’m thinking that it won’t be long before he jumps on that bandwagon to maybe show the world some of those skills as he get more practice with it all. But, for now, I think he’s got enough modeling gigs and high profile projects booked to keep him pretty busy these days. And then there’s school on top of it. So give him a chance. He’ll get there!

And we’ll have all the Kick we can handle!

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Wishing you the best, Kick! You unnaturally beautiful boy, you! Hehehe! And remember…if that “Left Without Words” project ever gets made…the part is yours! No audition! 😛

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