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Hi Everyone!

It’s Valentine’s Day! Or.. Um… It was. You know! Hope you spent it with someone you really like or at least is super cute. <giggle> I got a few cards from some of the girls in some of my classes. They try so hard sometimes. None from any of the guys I like :/ which is a total let down. I mean, come on. Could I be any more obvious? Actually, I was a little embarrassed to give any cards to the guys in my classes. I’m pretty sure everyone knows I’m gay but to be realistic the girls are STILL trying so, I don’t think the message is being received by everyone. Gonna have to start wearing my “Gay and Available” shirt to school I guess 😀

As you can see, I decided to tell ACFan what I was (or more accurately “WAS NOT”) wearing for the February issue this year. I am a HUGE fan of Comicality’s “Gone From Daylight” story and that whole world he created in darkness. For those of you who don’t know, every year The Shack Outback features all things “GFD” with a “30 Days of Night” celebration where a ton of new chapters are added to GFD and fans of the story participate and stay up all night reading and become insomniacs and fall asleep in algebra… Ahem, that last one was just me 😉 Anyway, no CUPID this year! I’m putting my foot down!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

P.S. – This month, the “Last Article” spot I normally put my letters in is reserved for a boy who was a little younger than I am but is no longer with us. For a brief moment in time, he followed his dreams and won all of our hearts. Please take a moment to read his article and help to spread its message. My spot this month is yours, Jack.

Letters from our readers:

“Inquiring minds” Writes: Dear Matt, What is with this ‘Mom’ person does he wear pants or a dress? Inquiring minds what to know.

Matt’s Reply: Wow, you coulda used a name ya know. <giggle> So “Mom” from the article “Mom’s Corner” is a nickname the author we know as “The Story Lover” picked up in one of those public community chats. I was told in chat one night, he was nagging one of the younger members to go to bed or something and got the reply “Yes MOM!” Then everyone in that chat started calling him Mom and it just stuck. So when he offered to do a monthly article sharing recipes and stuff, Mom’s Corner worked and keeps the nickname alive 🙂 


Chris Writes: Matt, I really like a boy in my 3rd period class and I know it’s too late for Valentines day but could you give any suggestions about how I could hint to him that I think he’s cute without being too obvious?

Matt’s Reply: Yeah, like I’m doing so well! Hehehe… Seriously bro, do what you can to get to know him. Hang out, see if you have stuff in common and if you do, maybe let him know that you aren’t into girls. You know, casually. Not in a stalker “Tell me you are gay and I am gonna tackle you to the floor and be gay all over you” kind of way. LOL! Either he’ll be cool with it, or he’ll feel the need to emphasize that he isn’t. Then you’ll have a better idea if you should be friends or if it’s worth saying that you wouldn’t mind tasting his tonsils 😉 Okay, maybe a little more subtle than that but you get what I mean, right? Good Luck!


Qwerty Five Writes: I wanted to write to you to see if it was possible to get a straight answer once and for all. Can you dance?

Matt’s Reply: Points awarded for originality! Yes, I can dance and no, there is nothing “STRAIGHT” about any answer that I will ever give! Bwahahaha!

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