My First Segment!!! “Matt’s – Lost & Found”

Hi everyone! I learned a real important lesson last month: “If you find a mistake in a humungous site while it is being worked on, don’t bring it up to your boss unless you are ready to fix it yourself!”

So, you all know that Imagine Magazine has changed over the years and that in that time, things were tried, didn’t work out, got changed, didn’t work out, got changed… You know. Well, one of those things that got changed was the ability to post stuff as a user. So, I was going through the archives and found something that answered one question I had, with a whole ton of orphaned stuff along with it: Full chapters of stories! I only noticed it because I found “Chapter 1” of one of my favorites which I realized isn’t in an older issue of IM!!!

Naturally, I got excited and started digging through the orphaned posts and found short stories and other stuff that no one can see anymore but when I showed Jeff, he folded his arms in a “Dad” kinda way and asked “Well, how would you fix it?”

Took me a while but I wrote down an idea and showed it to him. He nodded his head and smiled and even patted me on the back. “That’s not a bad idea.” He said. “Get Comicality to approve it, format a template and work with ACFan if you need a render and you have your very own article.”

He’s so lazy!!!

With that said, I decided that since I don’t know how many stories are actually in there, I may get to post for a year or I may be way old like the rest of…um…just old when I finally can stop. (What!?! I didn’t actually say it!) The first one will be for the first story that I noticed isn’t in any of the previous issues! “Shelter: Chapter 1 by our boss, Comicality”!

To read it as it was originally posted,  look for it in the table of contents or, just click here!



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