“The Paperboy” By JeffsFort

I was lying on the couch in front of the TV watching some crappy show that I didn’t even like. I was so bored but with my brother sleeping over at his best friends house and both of my parents away on a second honeymoon, I had the house to myself and I fought hard to keep it that way. My mother wanted to ship me to an uncle’s house or hire a babysiter. A BABY sitter for a 15 year old, seriously!

I just didn’t expect to be so frickin bored.

The droning sounds of some guy telling some other guy what a loser he was in front of an audience was all I could come up with for entertainment? Then it dawned on me, I have the house to myself. ALL to myself!

You guessed it, I kicked off my sneakers, pulled my shirt over my head, and yanked down my shorts and underwear in one swift motion and then started surfing the channels for some cutie to fuel a fantasy. It took a while, being early on a week day but my search ended on a family show with a main character that deserved some attention. A boy about my age, soft dark brown hair, nice build but most important, he was wearing a pair of shorts like mine. Nylon basketball shorts that sometimes reveal a few details of what they are supposed to be concealing. “SCORE!!!”

I got right to work hand cranking my engine while my hottie teased me with his goodies. Just as I was really starting to get a rhythm going, a knock on the door intruded on my concentration of my imaginary lover as that bulge of his threatened to make an on screen appearance in my mind. I ignored the banging at first and continued trying to mentally coach the boy on screen to “sit like THAT again” when another knock and a poorly timed commercial just ruined my little on screen affair.


In a huff I pulled my shorts back on, leaving my boxer briefs on the floor. I just shrugged my shoulders as I tried to tuck my business into my waste-band to hide it, pulling on my shirt and pulling it down to cover the rest. Then I kicked my sneakers out of the way and stormed to the door.

Throwing the door open, I gasped not just at the cold air that blasted in but at the pair of brilliant blue eyes that were staring back at me from beneath the stocking hat and above the scarf. I didn’t need to see more as I knew it was our paperboy who was absolutely hot when not cocooned in his winter gear. “CJ! What’s up?” I asked, regretting my decision to not put my shoes on.

“I’m locked out of my house and my Mother already left for work. Can I come in?”

He didn’t need to ask twice. Besides, he was soaked and looked half frozen. “Yeah dude, get that wet stuff off and get warmed up. Is your mother still working overnights?” I asked as he closed the door and began to strip his frozen clothes off.

“Yeah, I’m so screwed. The alarm is set too so I can’t even jimmy a window or something without having to worry about getting arrested again.” Yeah, it happened a few months ago. He’s right not to try that again.

By the time he got all of his wet clothes off, I realized that the sight of him in just his boxer briefs and tee shirt was enough to remind me that I still had some unfinished business tucked in my waist band. In trying to help him hang his stuff up to dry out, the sight of his bulge being so exposed got mine extra excited, which made hanging CJ’s stuff up impossible without having to hold it in place.

“Oh man, did I interrupt you at the wrong time or something?” He grinned as I looked down and realized that my shirt decided to get all caught up and obscenely outline everything I owned.

“Don’t worry about it.” I grinned as I led him to the livingroom. “You want some hot chocolate or something to warm you up?”

Sitting down on the couch, CJ reached down and grabbed the underwear that I left on the floor, looked at the cute teen on TV, and smiled as he saw the look of panic I must have had. “No, that’s okay.” He smiled. “I don’t know if it’s your thing or not but, I’d like to help you with that problem of yours. That should warm me up plenty.” He smiled as he put my underwear on the arm of the couch, and then removed his own and placed them along side of mine. Nope, no more hints needed!

We had the whole house to ourselves and once his feet weren’t so cold, it got hot in my livingroom. Very hot. And in the kitchen, the bathroom, my bedroom, my brother’s room… We even got to take a nap before the sun came up.

After that day, the paperboy always saved my house for last, and when my parents got home from their trip and my brother came home, we spent most nights at his house getting it very hot there as well. Hehehe! I have my own key for his house now BTW, just incase, you know. Hot paperboy!

…and now apparently, he’s recruiting 😛

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