What Is Love?

Love is the feeling of waking up in your arms.

Love is watching the sunrise in your arms.

Love is the smile you give me whenever you see me,

Love is the smile I give you whenever I  see you.

Love is running my fingers through your hair,

Love is holding you in my arms,

Love is you holding me in your arms.

Love is Dark Chocolate.

Love is watching you hold our child in your arms,

Love is holding our child in my arms while you are watching.

Love is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup.

Love is the twinkle in your when I smile at you,

Love is the twinkle in my eye when you smile at me.

Love is a glass of Red Wine.

Love is saying I am sorry when I hurt you,

Love is me saying Thank You when you say I am sorry.

Love is watching the sunset in your arms.

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