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Hi Everyone!

Woohoo! Saint Patrick’s Day again! Yeah, I pulled out the kilt again and this time didn’t wear much more than that! Yup! No shirt… Hahaha! (Yes I was playing air guitar. Don’t know why ACFan chose that shot. He’s kinda weird. <giggle>)

Anyway, in school we turned everything green. Even colored some of the lunch food green which was, well, not all that unusual actually. <barf> I love school lunch. It gives me a reason to buy junk food on my way home. A couple of my close friends know that I have this job now which is really sweet. I didn’t plan to let anyone know but evidently someone saw the magazine cover for last June and realized that the kid that looked like me had the same shirt… Well, the secret was out at that point and I’m actually kinda relieved. I didn’t think anyone would figure it out but I also thought I was the only one in the world reading on these sites aaaaaannnnnd, as it turns out, I’m not 🙂 They’ve been sworn to secrecy though but, now that I know they’re reading… ::WAVE::

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

DerpAlert Writes: I’ve been wondering if you’ve been doing other work or is the magazine and school taking up all of your time?

Matt’s Reply: Hey Derp! I love the name btw! Over the last year, I did take a couple of small advertising gigs. Nothing major, one was for a name brand of sneakers that I can’t mention but you’d only see my feet anyway. The other was for a party supplies mailer. Even if you knew who to look for, I had a mask on so, didn’t show my face there either. My mom picks out the jobs that fit into my schedule and I pick the ones that I want to go for. She does a ton of work for each of us so Preston and I joke that she’s got like 10 clones. We’ve said it to her and even joke that we’re looking for the cool one that likes going to the ice cream shop 🙂 Well, we thought it was funny. Still waiting for that ice cream too!


Etiraseth Writes: Mac or PC?

Matt’s Reply: Oh wow, well I used to use a cheap laptop with Windows to play games and chat and blog and stuff. But since I started doing work with graphics and site design, the guys got me hooked up with a Mac and even though it isn’t new or the most powerful, it has been the best to work with. I gave my little brother my old laptop and he’s happy too now 🙂


AbeddaTheMan Writes: Are there any dirty pics of you out there?

Matt’s Reply: Yup. A whole bunch of em. I used to ride a dirt bike competitively and man did I get dirty! My little brother took most of them too. I love posing for dirty pictures! (Yeah, I know what he meant -_-)

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