Well, HELLO, there, Riley! Hehehe! 🙂

To this day, I still can’t really fathom having a professional career before leaving high school. And, believe me, I definitely gave it a shot when I was in Junior High! Even got on some movie sets and on film back then. But it’s nothing like it is today. Some of these boys are self made millionaires now, and I think that’s AMAZING!!! Wow! GO FOR IT, you guys!

At only thirteen years of age, boy model and actor, Riley D (Riley Dejaegehre) has already carved out a pretty impressive resume for himself! He’s been featured in Bellabambini Magazine, Epicstyle Magazine, Hopscotch Magazine, and Teen Magazine. Not to mention his work and photo shoots for Kipling’s new collection, and acting as the brand new cover model for the B&G hair model book studio, and being a brand rep model for Cs Design!

Yeah…it’s safe to say that he’s done a lot of work in a short amount of time. But…then again, look at that pretty face! Awwww! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Born in Belgium, Riley has been working with a lot of fashion photographers in the Netherlands, and as he gets further into his teen years, he’s only going to get more and more unbelievably GORGEOUS! And with him admitting that it would be his ultimate dream to become a professional fashion model and actor, he seems as though he is already on his way towards making that dream come true.

And yet, he still makes time to be your typical teenager on top of it all. Which is always a good thing. Even posting things like, “Sunday morning…let’s do some workout…or just play ‘Fortnight’!” Hehehe, which, I mean…why not? 😛

Valid question, if you ask me. Makes perfect sense to me! ::Giggles:: Then again, I’ll choose video games over working out any day!

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Riley has also become the cover model for the ‘No Alternative’ album from the band ‘Bliss53’, and enjoys wakeboarding whenever he gets the chance to break away from the rest of his life and just do something else that he really loves. And not just as a random hobby, either. Riley D is actually a part of team that competes regularly. And I haven’t seen any awards or stats concerning his wakeboarding skills, so he may just be competing for fun.

But, if not…

I’m willing to bet that we’ll be seeing Riley dominating in that field too some time soon. Hehehe, it’s all about keeping a positive outlook, and giving it your all, you know? All while looking damn good while you’re doing it?

I’m pretty sure that Riley Dejaegehere can pull that off! Hehehe! This beauty is one of a kind.

As he says…”No one is you and that is your power. Make your own magic.” And he has certainly worked his magic on me. Hopefully, he will for you too!

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Stay beautiful, Riley! Keep chasing that dream, and I’m sure you’ll make it! You’ve already accomplished soooo much! So you’ve come too far to stop now! See ya soon! XD

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DAMN, DUDE!!! Ahem…::Blush::…hi… :O

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