“Founded by Vincent Weishaus in 2017, Vincent’s Hair Art is the industry-leading Hair Salon in Bloomfield Hills. We guarantee quality in all of our products and services, and are driven by our long withstanding commitment to our customers’ needs. Stop by today and get the personalized attention you deserve!”
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That’s the promotional plaque that you’ll find hanging up in a little, but increasingly successful, hair salon in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It is owned by Vincent Weishaus, who uses the professional name of ‘Vincent Charles’ for his business, sharing his art with his many clients and fans. Everything from hair braiding, to coloring, to celebrity quality cuts…Vincent does it all. And business is booming!

Oh…did I mention that Vincent Weishaus is ELEVEN YEARS OLD???

Yeah. He’s eleven. ALMOST twelve, if that makes you feel better. Hehehe, life goals, right?

This youngster found his love for creating his ‘hair art’ when he was still a toddler, believe it or not. I’m guessing his terrible twos weren’t all that terrible after all. He started off playing with his older sister’s dolls, constantly fussing with their hair in one way or another, and it didn’t take long for Vincent’s mother to realize that there was something rather obsessive about it. In a good way, of course

“He watched me do a braid, and then he undid the braid and redid it without me ever showing him how to do it…” Emily Weishaus says. And by the time he was five years old, he was cutting his grandmother’s hair. Wow. “Because we supported him at such an early age and didn’t veer him away from styling hair, I feel like that’s what gave him the confidence to be who he is.”

He was only nine when a close neighbor of the family realized Vincent’s talent and his passion for hair styling, and when she moved away, she decided to leave her hair tools and equipment behind for him to have for his very own. His family kept it a secret for his birthday by hiding it in a storage room in the basement of their house. When they finally did bring him downstairs, Vincent’s mother said that he immediately burst into tears.

Thinking back on that day, Vincent says, “I saw the whole salon and I was screaming. I was so happy about it.” And once the word got out…he began getting national attention right away. Which must feel awesome when you’re only eleven. Hehehe!

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Now, considering the fact that Vincent is too young to be an actual licensed professional hairstylist, he isn’t allowed to charge for his services. At least not yet. So all of his cuts are free for the time being, and he gives them mostly to close friends and family. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have big aspirations for the future.

“Well…in 3 years, like, in around three years, I hope to be apprenticing. Like…you can either do an apprenticeship or go to beauty school to get your license.” He says, and wants to be celebrity hairstylist someday. Which is money in the BANK if you can get your foot in the door. And he’s already off to an amazing start.

He still watches tutorials on Youtube and gets help from other hair stylists who are all banding together to see this young talent go on to do big things. “Everyone is really nice and supportive.” Vincent said in an interview. “A bunch of salons help me by teaching me stuff.” So now Vincent has a steady job of coloring hair, braiding for prom, family parties, etcetera. All in the hours after school, of course. He continues to amaze with his natural ability, and his customers just keep coming back for more.

Vincent Weishaus is living his dream, and has an entire salon just for his growing clientele. He admits that he enjoys being a stylist because he enjoys making people feel happy. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that the best reason ever to do…well…anything? Hehehe!

I wish you all the best in your future, Vincent! Keep doing what you love! Keep loving what you do! And you can’t ever go wrong!
“You can do anything. And you’re never too young to start.” – Vincent Weishaus

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