Hehehe, you know (To be honest) I didn’t think that Christopher Convery could actually speak at first. Which…was fine, because, sighhhhh….he’s pretty, regardless! But when I first saw his character in the TV show, “Gotham”, he was completely silent in his role. Never spoke a word. Christopher was a sidekick for the ‘Penguin’ character on the show…and he communicated by writing his words out on a small notebook. And he’s had some other roles since then, but I didn’t see any of them until the trailer was released for “Brahms: The Boy II”. And, in the original trailer…again…he was completely silent, and writing his words out on a notepad. So, I figured, “Oh…maybe he’s deaf, or mute, or whatever.” Which is fine, because I think he’s a really good actor for being so young.

But…it turns out that he can speak just fine! Hehehe! It was awesome to finally hear his voice. He seems really cheerful and cute and I look forward to seeing more from him in the future!

When asked about his movie and television performances, while not being able to speak on camera, Chris said, “I guess it’s, like, it’s definitely more of a challenge for an actor, and it’s definitely more emotionally challenging, because not only do you have to express your emotion on the paper but also on your face, so….I thought it was pretty cool. Because, you know…I don’t use my voice, but I feel like it really gives me the opportunity to use my facial expressions for the emotions, so i thought it was really cool.”

Indeed! I can only imagine what it must be like to express yourself on screen without being able to talk. But Chris seems to easily pull it off without struggling with it at all. Like…he really conveys a lot of emotion on his face without saying a single word, both on ‘Gotham’ and in his first major feature film role. I’m impressed. Here is the trailer for “Brahms: The Boy II”, in case you haven’t seen it yet!

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Now, you guys all know what a big fan I am, personally, of horror! Especially ‘Boy Horror’, hehehe! There’s just something cool about the darker side of life, I suppose. Christopher seems to share that interest as well. When asked if he likes horror flicks in real life, he says, “Yes! I am the biggest fan of horror movies! Like, I love them so much! You know, you go, like…you make a plan with your friends, you go to the movie theater, or at home even…you can, like, you got popcorn you can get ready…and I think what the best part is when you’re with your friends and everyone’s screaming, like everyone gets ‘jump scared’ with your friends. I think it’s just…it’s just so fun.” Claiming that one of his all time favorites is the original ‘Halloween’! “No matter how many times you see it, you will get freaked out.”

Now, that’s a TRUE horror fan right there! Hehehe!

However, being an extremely talented young actor is not Christopher Convery’s only claim to fame. Not only has he been a big hit on the big and the small screens, but also on the Broadway stage. He starting singing around the house when he was only four or five years old, and by the time he was seven, he had landed a part in the stage version of “Kinky Boots” in New York. Since then, he has also had roles on TV shows like ‘Macgyver’, ‘The Blacklist’, and ‘Chicago Med’…as well as films and Netflix shows like “The Girl In The Spider’s Web” and a small part in Season Three of “Stranger Things” as a young ‘Billy’. So he just keeps climbing up to the next level of his career, and it won’t be long before Christopher Convery becomes a household name.

Not only THAT, but he’s also an accomplished archer, takes Karate, is a talented singer, AND a pianist! Jesus…how do kids fit all of this stuff into a single day? Baffling!


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After watching a video with Chris playing a classical favorite of his on the piano, she talked to the director of “Brahms: The Boy 2” and arranged it so there would be an added scene of him doing so. He’s actually really good, too! Hehehe! With both of his parents being long time performers of Cirque Du Soliel, I guess they passed down the superb entertain gene. And now he’s taking off like gang busters!

Christopher also attends the Prestigious Professional Performing Arts School in New York City, and has been the winner of the 39th and the 40th annual Young Artist Awards. So don’t think that his talent has flown under the radar or has gone unnoticed.

Yeah…we noticed. 😛

And I hope that he’s enjoying his newfound fame, and will keep coming back to entertain us with whatever activity he decides to pursue. For now, he says that he prefers film and TV acting to the stage, because he gets to play different roles and do different things, even if he’s playing a single character. So it looks like he’s looking forward to having a diverse array of characters to come, and I would love to see what he does next.

And awwwww…he’s so darn CUTE! LOL! He is! Adorable!

The girls (and boys) will be chasing him around by next Summer! Just you watch and see!

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Best of luck on your bright future, Christopher! You’re on your way to being one of the next greats! So keep your head on straight, remain dedicated to your many crafts, and…as always…stay away from the bad stuff! K? ((Hugz))
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