#1 – In Northwestern Venezuela, just above Lake Maracaibo, there is an almost endless storm of thunder and lightning that rages on over 300 days a year! And during peak seasons, lightning can strike over 28 times per minute. So…not just April showers…but always!

#2 – Actor, Robert Downey Jr, now holds the cinematic record for spending the longest time playing a superhero character, beating the previous reigning champion…Hugh Jackman as “X-Men’s” Wolverine.

#3 – Seahorses are one of the few animals that are ‘monogamous’. They find love, and they mate with one another, and only one another, for life.

#4 – The movie “Outbreak” (With Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, and Donald Southerland) was released in March of 1995…exactly 25 years from the current pandemic here in the US.

#5 – There is a brand NEW kind of chocolate! Called ‘ruby chocolate’, it is made from a completely different source called the Ruby Cocoa Bean. The new treat has a unique and creamy taste all its own, is pink in color, and has a slightly ‘fruity’ flavor. The Ruby Cocoa Bean is only grown in Ecuador, Brazil, and parts of the Ivory Coast in Africa.

#6 – Baby giraffes can stand on their own feet within a half hour aftert they’re first born.

#7 – The game Chinese Checkers is neither Chinese…or based at all on the game of Checkers.

#8 – ‘Anatidaephobia’ is the intense fear that a DUCK may be watching you! Hahaha! What? What’s a duck gonna do? Weirdness.

#9 – Soon, you will be able to buy edible water pods. No more plastic water bottles! You just pop the whole thing in your mouth like a giant grape, digestible ‘pod’ and all, and you can get hydrated while helping out the environment.

#10 – Benjamin Franklin once published a list of over two hundred synonyms…for ‘getting drunk’! Now that’s my kinda forefather!

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