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Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing what their states are requiring and keeping their families safe. I’ve been doing online google classes and my mom has been working with Pres with assignments. My area is still looking into whether or not we can complete the year. It’s messed up. I get it though. One of my best friends had his grandmother go into the hospital and at her age, this could be really bad. We gotta stop this thing from spreading!

I know that people look at this stuff as something to joke about but really, his message is right. Stay the fu… What? I wasn’t gonna actually say it.

That stupid turkey has been keeping my little brother busy. The only time I’ve ever actually liked him. At first, Pres was in my hair, in my room, in my lap, in my way… you get it. Well, I told him Gary needed protective gear and I haven’t seen him for a couple of days. That dumb turkey looks like he’s ready to go clean up a toxic spill now, and he keeps adding stuff. LOL! Priceless!

I did ask my mom if I could have a cat finally. Of course she gave me the speech about cats and responsibility and turkeys…whatever. So after showing her my first choice for a cat, a cute little baby tiger… She wasn’t sold on the idea. Like, at all! But, it reminded her of a project my uncle was working on. It’s the prototype for a virtual assistant he’s developing. She had me call him and ask about “Fluffy”, so I did. Turns out this is a huge project. The assistant doesn’t install bunch of new calendars and planners and organizers. It simply interacts with apps you already use like people normally would. So you don’t need to get used to new software, just gotta get used to your assistant always being there so: Meet Fluffy!

Isn’t he cute <3

From what my uncle says, the longer he watches what I do, how I do what I do, and when, the smarter he will get and will start doing the stuff for me. Sweet, right? Right now he’s only on my iPhone but soon I will be able to have him on my iPad and even my desktop. I can’t wait to see how much he will help with the magazine! Not a real cat but, so far he’s really cool!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

MFournier Writes: Are you into politics?

Matt’s Reply: Well, I’m not a fanatic but, you gotta look out for the future, right? I try to pay attention to what’s going on and right now, what we need to do in the future. I think if this pandemic doesn’t make a ton of changes for the future then, people are just blind or lazy. I don’t just mean about how everyone responded after realizing that “Oh, it’s that bad here too…” which was stupid. I mean look at what “The World” shutting down has done to the atmosphere. In about two weeks, NO smog in L.A… If that isn’t a sign that the planet can heal if we let it then I don’t know what is. Maybe I’ll try to do activism work when I get older.


Mathias Writes: Hey Matt, Im gay like you and wondered if you could tell me if you have figured out how to tell when others are safe to talk to about it so you could ask them out

Matt’s Reply: Have you ever heard of “Gaydar” Mathias? If you have, trust me: It’s a total myth! Sure some guys may come across as maybe a little feminine or you get lucky and catch them checking out the same butt you are but that isn’t always 100%. Be yourself, get to know people. You know, put yourself out there. If you find someone that you are interested in, find a way to bring it up. I started saying stuff like “Gun to your head, would you kiss him/her?” when passing someone else in the hall, like I was playing a game. Sometimes you can see a flash of the truth in their expression before they answer, especially if it’s another boy. If it’s not their thing, no worries, you were just playing. (Remember, I’m single so you may wanna ask around, ok?) Hope this helps a little.


Jax Offalott Writes: Matt…when you go to your modeling gigs and stuff, and you’re around all of those supremely beautiful boys all day long, do you ever get a crush? Or maybe, like…ask them out?

Matt’s Reply: OMG… First of all, your nickname gets you my highlighted “last Position” bro, I just hope Jeff doesn’t see it before it goes live. <giggle> I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that there is some SERIOUS eye candy out there trying out for these gigs. Honestly, I’m amazed when I actually get a job because come on; I was up against Mr. silky hair with the perfect complexion and the butt you just wanna bite… ahem… and all of his other aesthetically perfect counterparts. I learned something sad though the first time I got the courage up to talk to Mr. Beautiful and a couple of times afterward with other’s of the untouchable union. Something I have learned all my life and should not have let surprise me: You can NOT judge a book by its cover! Most of these guys are hot. Beyond hot. They are just absolutely perfect. The flaw: Most know it and are dicks about it. There have been a few times I just wanted to say something nice, maybe get one of those amazing dimpled smiles with the perfect white teeth and the sparkling blue eyes all for myself, just to be looked down on like “How dare you speak to me…” Not all but, enough to make me realize that I gotta lower my expectations.

After having it happen a few times, I still try to be friendly to everyone but don’t expect anything. The ONLY one I ever kinda asked out turned out to be straight but, I only asked if he’d like to hang out anyway. The funny thing, he wasn’t the most beautiful in the room. He looked like me, a real boy, average and horrified to be trying for a job that so should be going to one of the elite few in the room. (We both got hired for that shoot, by the way! Take that mister spank bank candidate!!! They wanted real guys, not Ken dolls :P) Now that I’m thinking of him, I should call and see how he and his family are doing.

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