A teen model and an active Youtuber (Or…’influencer’ as they call it these days, hehehe!), and now moving forward into an acting career, Walker Bryant is no stranger to online drama.

For those of you who might remember another one of Imagine’s ‘Gallery Boys’, Gavin Magnus, there’s supposedly some kind of conflict going on between the two of them, as Gavin’s ex-girlfriend is now dating Walker Bryant instead. Slightly awkward. Right?

Now…am I really buying it? Nah. But it’s cool for show! Hehehe! It is the ‘reality TV’ generation, after all. And how long do Junior High/High School relationships last anyway? But, whatever. That’s not the point.

Neither is the fact that he’s gorgeous…

You know…because…he’s, like…he’s kinda gorgeous. Just saying…

Ahem! Focus, Comsie…

Born in Columbus, Ohio, this beauty became an internet sensation around 2015 on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. His social media outlets have gathered at least three hundred thousand fans worldwide, and I’m sure that it has climbed to even bigger numbers by the time you read this. And while he has many short films to his credit, he has now moved to California to fully pursue an acting career in the near future. And where will that go? Only time will tell. But he’s definitely going for the gold on this. Always a good thing!

Plus…he’s still kinda…gorgeous…

Sorry, lost my train of thought again. Hehehe!

A fan of skating, swimming, biking, riding his scooter, and drawing sketches, the social media star was able to nab his first acting role in California after hearing about an audition on the radio. It was his mother that told him to try his luck, and after a few call backs, he got the part. And now that that he’s officially been bitten by the acting bug, who knows where he’ll end up next?

And yet, with millions of views on his videos, Walker is still dedicated to his fans! And him and his friends, as well as his favorite girl, post new material regularly for their entertainment. Which I’m sure they appreciate, because…

…He’s, you know, kinda goregeous…

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Some of Walker’s acting credits include the short films, ‘Lauren Park’, ‘The Plastic Man’, ‘8 1/2’, ‘Innocence’, ‘Body Of Levi’, and ‘Jack’. And as he gets older, and acting roles become more available to him, he’ll skyrocket to teen star status, and he’ll be bringing his social media army with him.

Stay beautiful, Walker! And leave the internet drama thing alone. It’s never worth it! K?

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