1. Memories Part 1: The Gathering – Chapter 3 (By ACFan)
  2. Brandon Smiling: Chapter 31 (By MrM)
  3. Ferdia Shaw: Fowl Play
  4. Duncan: Out Of Exile – Chapter 12 (By Juju)
  5. Com Doms Advertisement
  6. Milo: Chapter Five (By Talo Segura)
  7. Comsie Fun Facts
  8. A Penny on the Train Tracks – Chapter 7 (By Jeff P. aka JeffsFort)
  9. Shelter – Chapter 20: Cracks In The Glass Wall (By Comicality)
  10. Kiss or Miss – Chapter 11: Maybe, I’m Good Maybe, I’m Bad (By Julian Taylor)
  11. Matt Ox – The New Breed
  12. The Legends of Blood – Volume 1: Chapter 2, Mourning (By Myke D)
  13. Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected – 21, Gabriel (By Lindon Weztser)
  14. Music Mash Up
  15. Souvenir Chapter 9 (By: MrM)
  16. Purple Rain – Chapter 4 (By Hai Tran)
  17. Comsie Talks – Mary/Gary Sue
  18. Daydream Short – Special Delivery
  19. In Chandler’s Hands – Chapter 3: Racketball (By MrM)
  20. The Bully And The Bullied – Chapter 13 (By Sean E.)
  21. Societal Commentaries – I Let the Light In, and I Am Glad! (By The Story Lover)
  22. Daydream Short – Give It To Me Straight (Part 5)
  23. Waiting Outside The Lines Soundtrack (By MrM)
  24. The 14th Annual – Random Cake Holiday Celebration – May 28
  25. Snowflake – Act V: Auburn Ski Camp: Pain (By MrM)
  26. Letters to the Editor
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