#1 – The Moon is (And always has been) moving away from the Earth at a tiny, although measurable, rate every single year! Researchers’ calculations suggest that 85 million years ago…the Moon was orbiting the Earth at about 35 feet from the planet’s surface! What the??? So if you lived in a four story apartment during that time…chances are the friggin’ Moon would take your roof right off of the top! Hehehe!

#2 – Macauley Culkin’s house in the movie “Home Alone” wasn’t a house at all. It was actually an elaborate set that was built in a nearby school gymnasium. The outside shots were from a real house in the Chicago area, but the inside was too narrow for cameras and lights to shoot. So everything you see is a rebuilt replica inside of a gym.

#3 – The celebration of Cinco De Mayo is often thought of as the day of Mexican Independence. However, this isn’t true. It marks the day of the Battle Of Puebla back in 1862. The Mexican forces were poorly supplied and vastly outnumbered by the French army (At the time, ruled by Napolean III), but decided to stand their ground, regardless. The battle took only one day…May the 5th. And when it was over, the French were led into retreat, and had lost five times the number of soldiers that the Mexican army had. Quite a symbolic victory! But, in reality, Mexican Independence had been achieved nearly 50 years before the Battle Of Puebla ever happened.

#4 – Snakes that respond and seem to be hypnotized in snake charming performances…are responding to the movements of the charmer. Not the music. Moving in tune with the music is merely for the sake of showmanship.

#5 – The movie, “Avengers Endgame”, has a cast that includes actors, James Darcy, Robert Downey Jr, and Benedict Cumberbatch. What is so significant about this fact? It’s the first time that a single movie has featured three actors that have all played the character of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ at one time in their careers!

#6 – May 14th, believe it or not, is actually ‘Dance Like A Chicken Day’! LOL! Did we need a day for that? I dance like a chicken at least twice a week! Doesn’t everybody? ::Giggles::

#7 – Because of the extreme difficulty of trying to keep up with certain days and dates while writing it…there are almost NO ‘holidays’ in “The Secret Life Of Billy Chase” series. A birthday, here and there…but no Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas…never happened. The only ‘time affirming’ section of the series is Billy’s Summer Break.

#8 – REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is a deep state of sleep where your dreams are the most vivid. They happen every ninety to one hundred and twenty minutes every night, and the dreams get longer as they progress. This is why most people have better dream recall on the weekends, during holidays, or on their days off from work. Because you sleep in longer.

#9 – Studies have shown that men are more accepting and appreciative of compliments from other men instead of women. It’s psychological. Sexual preference, apparently, has nothing to do with it.

#10 – It is actually ILLEGAL to sell dildos in the state of Alabama! So you can’t buy one there! Like..at all.

There is a long standing law that bans the sale or purchase of any device that has been designed or marketed as useful, primarily, for the stimulation of human genital organs. (Gee, well worded…) If you’re caught, you could face a maximum fine of $20,000, and the possibility of up to one year in JAIL! And people are protesting having to stay inside during a global pandemic??? I think you’re missing the REAL evil here, people! Hehehe!

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