Duncan: Out Of Exile

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Chapter 12

I was awake at five and made my way to the bathroom for the ritual morning pee. I collected my robe and shower stuff and padded across the hall to the shower room.

Cynthia appeared from nowhere and said, “Good morning, Duncan, you’re up early. I hear you’re leaving us today.”

I smiled back at her, “Well, that’s what they tell me. Dan and the attorney will be back with the court papers this morning and I should be on my way to a new life,” I grinned widely.

“Did you see I was moving around on the monitor?”

She looked a bit alarmed but her face softened,” Oh! it was you they were talking about. We had a briefing yesterday that one of our patients had figured out the bracelets and the RFID chips in the clothing and slippers. They said it only took you an hour or so to figure it out.”

I chuckled a bit to know I had caused the hospital managers to have a briefing.

“It wasn’t hard really; the sensors all have the Siemens logo or name on them, same as the bracelet, so if you know what you’re looking at it’s easy, at least for a nerd like myself.”

She smiled her enchanting smile at me and said, “Well, you sure got management stirred up, they keep issuing memos and then a memo to countermand the previous memo. It’s hilarious but it wastes a lot of time and trees.”

I smiled and told her, “I’ll tell Dr. Chandler about the logos so you don’t have to get involved with the circus animals and their games.”

She laughed and said, “Thanks Hon, enjoy your shower. Come say goodbye before my shift ends okay?”

“I will,” I said, and slipped into the shower room. I had a great jerk with the memory of Lyka’s beautiful cock in my hand and the sensation of his cum passing through my fingers. I blasted harder than I had ever managed before.

I headed back to my room and dressed. I started in on Jerry who slept the night through without a peep. He roused slowly, but once he became aware of his bladder, he was up like a shot. When he returned, I asked if he wanted to join me for breakfast but he was meeting another boy at the mini-café for McDonald’s-style bacon biscuits.

I called Lyka’s floor and asked if he was available. A nurse said, “I think so,” and put me through.

We agreed that I would meet him on his floor. I stepped off the elevator and there he was.

“The chair has to stay but I have two crutches so it should be easier to get around.”

I pushed the button and in time the elevator returned and we began our journey to the cafeteria. When we got off,, I suggested a chair since it’s a long hike to the cafeteria from there. There were several lined up outside the elevator so off we went. I picked a table near the buffet but Lyka requested one near the window away from other people, so we sat down. An attendant came and took our drinks order and I told Lyka that I would go with him and bring his food back and then go get my own. He agreed and we went over and filled a tray for him.

As we were filing back to our table, a chunky kid with a tray full of desserts said, “Will you two fags hurry up?” I looked back at him, he appeared to be my age; he was just one of those unpleasant individuals that makes stereotypes possible. “He’s on crutches and he’s going as fast as possible, and if you talk to me like that again you’ll be eating that stuff through a tube, what is all that crap anyway? Are you late for a diabetic coma or something?”

The kid just steamed, but before he could say anything, a man came up behind him and said, “Frank, what’s the problem?”

“These guys are holding me up!” the lump said.

“Well one of them is on crutches, it isn’t easy to get around on those things, have some patience for Christ’s sake! Meanwhile go put all that crap back and get a decent breakfast including some fruit, NOW Frank!” the man ordered. “Sorry boys, Frank’s a little edgy when his blood sugar gets low.”

“No problem,” I allowed.  Lyka and I carried on and reached our fairly secluded table. I helped Lyka sit and for a moment I thought he was sobbing, I couldn’t see his face, but then I heard him start laughing out loud. “Man, you have the gift. Are you late for a diabetic coma? How do you come up with that stuff?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I’ve just always done that, I can’t explain why. My mom called it repartee and with a little acid tongue when called for. She said my dad was like that. I’ve always been sarcastic with the bane of telemarketers and proselytizers. My vocabulary comes from reading everything I could get my hands on. It was one of the worst things about the jail. There was nothing good to read. Let me go get my breakfast and I’ll tell you a couple of stories.”

I went back to the buffet, loaded up half their bacon and scored some freshly served scrambled eggs, plus waffles, cheese, fruit and a sweet roll. I told the guy at the omelet station, “I’ll be bock,” like Arnold and headed back to the table. I met up with an older lady who asked if I could manage all that food. I cradled my tray with one arm and patted my belly which I pushed out as much as I could saying, “Well, I am eating for two.” I hauled ass back to our table, leaving her to wonder. Between bites I told Lyka the following.

“Actually, this would be a good time to get this out of the way and give you a little window into my warped little mind.”

“Two of my encounters with people who would trespass on our time stand out.”

“The first involved a telemarketer. I had been delegated to deal with them and given carte blanche to be as cruel as I was inclined to be at the moment. I answered the phone and gave a tentative, “Hello?” A guy started yapping and wanted to know if I was the head of the house. I held the phone away from me and said, “It’s a telemarketer, what should I do?” Then in a gruff lower voice I said, “Just get rid of him quick, don’t try to tip him off or the kid gets it. When I went back to the phone the guy was gone. Well satisfied with myself, I went back to being bored. I heard a Police helicopter orbiting outside and went out on our balcony that faced the street. There must have been twenty cops out there, and they were there to rescue me. Apparently the telemarketer had called them, alleging that I was being held hostage. I was instructed to refrain from doing anything that might cause the Police to be summoned in the future. Mom agreed it was funny but there has to be a limit. I got a stern talking to from a Captain who had trouble keeping a straight face when he went over the events with me. But still it was a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars.

The other involves the bane of the Sunday late sleeper.

I speak of none other than the Jehovah’s Witness’ door-to-door crew.

On Sundays, I stuffed a towel in the doorbell chime so it just went thunk, it allowed my Mom to get some much-needed rest and she always woke up in a wonderful mood.

The good cartoons were over so I looked out from the balcony and saw them coming. Two large black ladies dressed in dark colors on a hot Sunday morning in the Valley. I’m sure they were perfectly nice ladies setting aside their penchant for disturbing people who just want to sleep a bit later in the day.

This was my chance, I had devised something special for their next visit and this was it. I raced to my room and put on the rattiest old sleeveless undershirt I could find. I had some badly stained white Chinos that were perfect. I used a little stage blood on the corners of my mouth and grabbed a lifelike plush kitten of my dresser. (Yes, I had a plush kitten, you want to make something of it?)

When I met the two ladies at the door after the chime thunked their arrival, I adopted a single-wide trailer park accent and began to chew an imaginary wad of gum or something.

“Good morning dear, where’s your Momma?” they asked. “Sleepin’,” I said.

“Well, we would really like to talk to your momma, do you think you could wake her for us?” one asked.

“Nope, I cain’t, she needs her rest.”

As I continued to chew, one of them finally took the bait.

“Honey, what’s that you’re eating there?” she asked.

I held out the plush kitten, “Ya’ll want some? Our cat just had a fresh litter.”

“I had never seen two women that large move so fast.”

“Now this occurred just before we moved to Utah and Mom heard from our former neighbor that CPS had been by asking questions about me. Mom made me tell her what I did and she laughed her ass off.

“CPS is not the Police, so technically I was still within my charter. That was amended from Police to authorities of any sort. Moot point really, in the entire time I had been in Utah we never saw a Jehovah’s ‘Witless’ or got a call from a telemarketer.”

When he was able to stop howling with laughter, Lyka stared at me in disbelief. “That’s exactly what I’m talking about, I consider myself to be pretty smart and witty but I look like a chump next to you. You should write that stuff down, it’s gold.”

He has such a great smile I was completely at a loss for what he might be saying.

“Earth to Duncan, Duncan come in,” he said into an imaginary microphone.

“Oh sorry, I must have drifted away,” I reassured, and then out of the blue, “Lyka, do you like me? I mean are you um, I’m not doing this well.” I could feel my face getting hot.

“Yes I do and yes, I am,” he said plainly. “Why else would I kiss you on the mouth? So what about you, do you, are you?” This was it, commit or run away.

“Yes,” I said, in fact I’m pretty sure I love you.” I looked around and no one was within view so I leaned forward and kissed his beautiful lips.

“That was nice,” he whispered, and I’m pretty sure I love you, too.” Now he leaned in and kissed me back. It was longer than the first one, and much sexier.

“I do love you,” I announced.

“I love you, too. I can’t understand it, I hardly know you but I do. I’m probably not making a lot of sense right now,” Lyka concurred.

We stared at each other for a while and I took his hand.

“I don’t think love is supposed to make sense or it would be something else. It’s probably the least sensible thing that humans do,” I speculated.

Suddenly I was ravenously hungry. I picked up a piece of bacon and munched it. Lyka dove into his plate, as well and pretty soon I was thinking about the omelet station. I asked Lyka if he wanted one or anything else. He opted for a Denver style and some cinnamon or pecan rolls or anything like that. I returned a few minutes later for our second round of breakfast. Lyka’s phone rang and it was obviously his mother. Eventually he said, “Love you” and hung up. “Mom just reminded me that I have an appointment back on four to have this cast removed and a walking cast put on. It’ll be a few hours before they’re done with me. But then they should turn me loose tomorrow,” he reported. “They’re at the courthouse getting your papers.”

I must have grinned pretty wide because Lyka said, “Wow, that’s the happiest face I’ve seen on you since we met.”

I told him I was very, very happy, I was going to go home with Dan and I had just acquired my first ever boyfriend. “Why shouldn’t I be happy?”

Lyka continued to smile at me. But then I had a thought, “What is Trevor going to think, and I have to tell Uncle Dan I can’t go with him if he doesn’t know. It would be… dishonest, do you think he’ll be mad?” I was starting to spin out a little and Lyka grabbed my hand.

“Trev won’t have a problem with it, he knows I’m gay and Dan knows, too. Look, Trevor should probably tell you this but you need to know now; Trev is gay too, he has a boyfriend and everything. Dan is one of the coolest people I know of on the planet. So don’t worry.” I sat there for a minute and absorbed what he said. Finally I muttered, “Okay, but I still have to talk to Dan about it.” I’ll go up to your floor with you and then I need to see Cynthia before her shift is done.

I found Cynthia talking to her relief who turned out to be Clara.

“Well hello, Duncan, we were just talking about you. I hear you’re getting out of here today.” Clara remarked.

I smiled at both of them, “Good morning, ladies,” I offered.

“Yes, I am supposed to get sprung today, my attorney is heading to the courthouse to get the paperwork and then my uncle and I are out of your hair.”

Both ladies had me blushing with their praise of what a great and entertaining patient I had been.

I told Cynthia goodbye one last time and promised to check out with Clara before I left. I asked if they could tell me where Jerry was and I was informed he was in his bed.

I found Jerry reading a comic book and told him I would be leaving. He was sad to see me go but he was happy that I got to go home. He said Dr. Chandler told him he would probably get to leave at the end of the week.

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